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Physics has an heliocentric bias

Michelson-Morley experiment showed that Earth did not move through aether. This was considered as a proof that aether does not exist. May be they should have decided that after running MiMo experments on other planets.

Relativity was invented to keep the earth moving around the Sun, by restricting analysis of motion to Reference Frames.

Effects like Sagnar effect was explained using more talk about reference frames. GPS systems were coded with math similar to the one used to explain the Sagnar effect to hide the evidence of aether.

Red shift of all galaxies discovered by Edwin Hubble was explained away using math that looks like raisins on the surface of a cake without a center/middle. A geocentrist would say omni-directional red-shift of galaxies is because we are stationary in the middle. But we can’t allow 5 sextillion stars revolving around us at greater than light speed.

Dark matter was necessary because to explain away explanations in above explaining aways.

Differences in the temperature of cosmic microwave background radiation, seem to be aligned with the ecliptic plane and the equatorial plane of the Earth. So geocentrism is coming to bite us back again.

Neutrinos going faster than light as per GPS measurements of the distances traveled, was explained away by saying GPS is using relativity to work so it cannot be used to disprove relativity.

Gravitational waves affect the LIGO detectors but not the light that flows in them. But gravity can affect light enough not to let it escape event horizons.

Large Hadron Collider tried to look for dark matter and failed.

Seems like we are trying to hard to explain away the explaining away of geocentrism.

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Physics has an heliocentric bias


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