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Merits of Islam

The Foundation of Faith
The Religion of Islam is built on the principles of the Faith as mentioned in the Statement of Allah: "Say:We believe in Allah and in what has been revealed to us, and what was sent down to Ibrahim(Abraham) ,Ismael(Ishmael) ,Ishaq(Isaac), Ya'qub(Jacob)and the offspring  of the twelve sons ofYa'qub(Jacob) and what was given to Musa (Moses), Isa (Jesus) and the prophets from their Lord.We make no distinction  between one another among them and to Him(Allah we submitted."[2:136]


These most important fundamentals which Allah has commanded for His servants , are the same fundamentals brought by all of the Prophets and Messengers.They consist of the most important ideas and beliefs which result from the faith in all that Allah described Himself with upon the tongue of His Messengers, and striving to do what pleases Allah.

The root of religion is the belief in Allah.Its fruit is hastening to do all that Allah loves and is pleased with ,doing so sincerely for Him alone.Is it possible to imagine that any religion could be better than this?

This religion commands having faith in all of what the Prophets brought,trusting their messages,acknowledging the truth of what they came with from their Lord,not making distinctions between them in that,and that all of them are truthful Messengers of Allah,sincerely faithful to Him.Therefore, it is impossible to have any suspicion or objection towards this religion.

It commands every truth and recognizes every fact,its religious realities are determined by what Allah revealed to His Messengers, which are all in accordance with realities that are reasonable,natural and beneficial.It neither rejects any truths in any way, nor confirms any lies,nor propagates any falsehood.Therefore ,it stands out as the most believable over all of the other religions.

It orders good deeds and noble character,as well as the welfare of humanity.Islam encourages justice,virtue,mercy and generosity.It prevents injustice,oppression and all traits that spoil morality.There is not one thing that the Prophets and Messengers approved of but Islam affirms it;there is not one thing beneficial (religiously or in the matters of life) which their legislative systems invited to,except that Islam stresses its importance ,nor is there anything harmful except that it prohibits it or orders that it be avoided.

In summary, the beliefs of this religion are those that purify the hearts,strengthen the spirits,and result is the most Honorable manners and good deeds.

The Pillars of Islam

The greatest of Islamic practises,after faith,are performing the obligatory prayers,giving the Zak'at, fasting the month of Ramadan, and Hajj(pilgrimage) to the sacred House.

Contemplate about these great practices and their tremendous benefit.Consider how they encourage one to seek Allah's pleasure and to win the rich rewards from Allah in this life and the Hereafter.Think about the ritual prayer which includes sincerity to Allah, focusing one's attention on Him Alone.Think about the gratitude expressed in it, the supplication, and the humility.It is the tree of the faith holding the position equal to that of the Gardner to the garden. Without repeated prayers ,day and night,the tree of the faith and its branches would wither.However, it flourishes and rejuvenates through the devotion of the prayer.

Look at all the contents of prayer,look at how one busies himself in remembrance of Allah,the One greater than all things,and look at how it prevents one from vile and evil behavior.

 Think about the wisdom behind paying the Zakat. It encourages the Honorable trait of benevolence and kindness. It keeps one away from evil characteristics.It expresses gratitude to Allah for His endless blessings.It protects the wealth from the concern of being spoiled.Consider the kindness for others that it demonstrates, and help for those in need.

 Allah says: "And perform As-Salat, and give Zakat, and bow down along with Ar-Raki'un."[2:43]

Paying Zakat removes the worries of those in need.It promotes the mission of Jihad and the general social welfare which every Muslim depends upon.It defends against poverty.It demonstrates reliance upon the command of Allah,hope in His reward,and conviction of His promises.

With fasting, the souls practice avoiding what is most beloved to them.Out of love for Allah ,and to draw nearer to Him, fasting trains the souls by strengthening their resolve and perseverance.Fasting encourages sincerity,acting out of love for Allah rather than love for oneself. In this way,fasting,unlike any other deed, is in reality exclusively for Allah.

As for the pilgrimage or Hajj,it is a means of spending one's wealth,bearing with difficulties and being exposed to risks, all seeking the pleasure of Allah,travelling for Allah,praising Him at His House and in its vicinity,and various categories of worshiping Allah in the holy place where times is spent solely in worshiping Allah and visiting His House. 

Look at the complete reverence and humility to Allah,recalling the ancient events of the Prophets and Messengers,the righteous and the sincere,strengthening faith in them and strengthening love for them.Consider how it gives an opportunity for Muslims from all over the world to learn about each,unite their objectives,and cooperate in their special and general interests.This is an opportunity unique to Hajj.This is one of the greatest merits of Islam, resulting in one of the best benefits for the believers.

The Importance of Unity

Think of how the Islamic system orders,stresses and obliges unity and  allegiance, it prohibits and warns against division and separation.This basic concept is well defined in the Qur'an and Sunnah. Everyone with any sense of reason can realise the benefit of this concept and the benefits it would produce in religious and worldly matters, as well as the harms and the evils it would help to prevent.It is a well known fact that spiritual strength is fortified upon the truth.The Muslim predecessors maintained the religion,social welfare and an Honor which none besides them achieved,since they were adhering to this basic principle, by which they upheld the truth,the Islamic teachings.Their firm belief was the spirit of their religion.

The Religion of Kindness

Islam is the religion of mercy,blessing and benevolence.It encourages all categories of human benefit.Consider the mercy,fair dealing practices the invitation to be kind ,and prohibition from all that contradicts this. These are the shining lights that distinguish the aggression of oppressor and the tyrant,and the evil and unlawful dealings. This is what attracted the hearts of those who were mortal enemies before knowing Islam, when they sought the shelter of the Shade of Islam. 

It is the religion that fills its people with gentleness, until mercy, forgiveness and kindness flow from their hearts to their sayings and actions, and upon reaching their enemies- turning them into their greatest allies.Among them are those who entered Islam out of pure zeal and passion, among them are those who submitted to it because of the wisdom of its laws and the Honor they give to its people, and same because of the equity and mercy that they witnessed.

The Religion of Wisdom

Islam is a religion of wisdom,it is a natural religion, a religion of reason and benefit.To make this clear, look at its rules,both at the fundamental and branch level,these are obviously correct and the truth,acceptable to reason and instinct,all of the rules of its system are the best,providing benefit for every time and place.All that it mentions is true and believable,there is nothing,nor could there be anything(in the past or future) to contradict or falsify it.It is but the science of truth,all of it .This is one of the greatest proofs of its credibility.

Researchers and authors have verified that for every type of beneficial knowledge;be it religious,worldly or political,the Qur'an and the Sunnah has presented irrefutable arguments for it.There is nothing irrational  involved in the Islamic Shari'ah, only what pure reason proves the truth and benefit of.  Its commandments and prohibitions are full of justice,with no oppression.

It commands only pure goodness,and it only prohibits evil,or the harm that outweighs the benefits.The more an intellectual contemplates about its laws,the more his faith will be increased because of knowing this and that it is revealed from Allah,The Wise and Praised.

Jihad and Commanding Good

Consider what Islam teaches  about Jihad ,and ordering every good thing, and forbidding every evil.The objective of this Jihad is to repel the aggression of the enemies against the truth of this religion, and to refute their false claims.This is the best type of Jihad, because its objective is not ambition, selfishness,or slander.Whoever looks for the proofs of this rule in the biography of the Prophet pbuh and his Companions' conduct with their enemies,he will recognise without a doubt that Jihad to defend against the aggression of the enemies is a necessity.

The same is the case with commanding good and forbidding evil, since this religion will not be upheld unless its people support its fundamentals and laws, implementing what it orders,complying with the directives from which the most benefit is derived, and staying away from its prohibitions,preventing the worst of evils and harms. The welfare of its people depends upon this, to prevent its members from attractions to the unlawful,and neglecting to fulfil what is obligatory.And this will not work without commanding good and forbidding evil,for which reason this is one of the most important merits of religion,and among those things most necessary to maintain.

As far as unrestricted liberty is concerned,after they have adopted the laws and adhered to its teachings,what can be worse for them,and for the community, particularly in regard to fulfilling the rights that are necessary according to the Shari'ah ,reason and custom.

Allah says: "Jihad(Holy fighting in Allah's cause) is ordained for you(Muslims) though you dislike it,and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you.Allah knows but you do not know." [2:216]

Allah also mentioned the curse of Prophets Dawud and Isa upon the children of Israel, saying: "They  used not to forbid one another from Al-Munkar(wrong,evil-doing,sins, disbelief etc.which they committed vile indeed was what they used to do."  [5:79]

Just Business Law

Islam allows trade,partnership and all typed of business that deal with the people, including assets, loans and beneficiaries etc.

A perfect system has been developed for people including the necessities , requirements and luxuries. It gives people ample opportunities to improve their condition and status as well as the stability of their standard of living.
Islam has laid certain conditions for making such dealings permissible. For example, satisfaction from both parties involved, preparing contracts with mutual consent,being acquainted with the terms and conditions of the contract.Additionally, Islam prohibits any kind of business involving injustice and harm, such as gambling, interest or usury, etc.

Allah says: "Those who eat riba will not stand (on the Day of Resurrection) except like the standing of a person beaten by Shaitan leading him to insanity.That is because they say:'Trading is only like Riba.'Whereas Allah has permitted trading and forbidden Riba.So whosoever receives an admonition from his Lord and stops eating Riba, shall not be punished for the past; his case is for Allah(to judge); but whoever returns(to Riba), such are the dwellers of the Fire-they will abide therein.Allah will destroy Riba and will give increase for Sadaqat(deeds of charity,alms).And Allah likes not the disbelievers,sinners." [2:275]

So, whoever contemplates about transactions according to the Shari'ah, he will see its correlation to the welfare of religious and worldly matters, and it will testify to Allah's ample mercy and perfect wisdom, since He has allowed His worshippers all of the good things, transactions , food and drink.

Encouraging the use of Good Things

Look at the permission for the good things, he food, drink , clothing and marriage etc.All useful good things are permitted, such as grains, fruits, the meat of animals, both sea and land. The only items prohibited among these are those filthy and harmful for the religion, to reason, for body, and to the wealth.

Qur'an says: "He allows them as lawful At-Tayyibat(i.e., all good and lawful as regards things, deeds, beliefs, persons and foods). And prohibits them as unlawful..."[7:157]

"And eat of the things which Allah has provided for you, lawful and good, and fear Allah in Whom you believe."[5:88]

So,whatever is permitted, it is benevolence from Allah, and a merit of the religion, and whatever Allah forbade, then it is also out of His benevolence, since it is only harmful for people.So, this is also one of the merits of religion, since the merit is known from the beneficial wisdom, and its protection against harm.

Similarly,Islam permits marriage.A man is free to marry any woman of his choice; two, three or four.Yet it is not allowed for a person to have more than four wives Simultaneously, for this would lead to corruption and injustice. Just as marriage is among the greatest blessings and one of the important needs, so to divorce is allowed.For those whose married life  is miserable, they being a bad match who cannot get along, fearing the harms that may come from remaining in such situation.

Allah says: "But if they separate (by divorce), Allah will provide abundance for everyone of them from His Bounty."[4:130]

Preserving the Rights

Look at the rights that Allah and His Messenger pbuh have enjoined upon people,rights for the benefit of people ,out of kindness to them,for justice and rectification without any oppression.  Rights such as the obligations towards parents, children,relatives, neighbors  companions and workers. Each of the marriage partners has certain rights over the other.

All these rights are necessary and complete, they are clearly good according to instinct, and sound reason, holding the society together, supporting social welfare and growth, each person having their respective rights fulfilled. Whichever of the rights are thought about, one will see the wisdom in them, that they remove evil, provide benefit, in general and in specific, encouraging friendship and nurturing community.All of this testifies that this is the legislation that will ensure happiness in both lives.These rights befit every time, place, circumstance, and society.

Wills and Inheritance

Look how the Shari'ah has permitted the transferal of wealth and inheritance, and how the wealth is divided among heirs. Allah has disclosed the wisdom of it and says:"You do not know which of them, whether your parents or your children, are nearest to you in benefit." [4:11]

So,Allah has regulated inheritance according to what He knows about their closeness in their relation, and their benefit , how people like their wealth to be distributed, and the charity that is preferred.All of this is according to a distribution that sound reason attests to.If such distribution were left up to personal interests and public views, then there would be numerous disputes and disagreements bordering on chaos, because of preferences and selections.  Islam has allowed individuals to make a will to allocate some of their wealth in the way of charity and piety, by which he will win the rich reward in the Hereafter.Making such will is limited to non-inheritors, and up to one-third or less of his total wealth. 

Such restriction is made in order to prevent any possible corruption from the lustful interests that the immature may have for the wealth of the deceased.Indeed Allah has made wealth a means of existence for humanity, and normally the wise are reluctant to spend their wealth in a way harmful to themselves due to their fear of poverty.

 If the distribution of inheritance was left to the whims and intellects of mankind,people would be harmed to an extent that only Allah knows.This is due to the deficiency of the minds and their lack of knowledge of who is truly deserving and the best person to receive the wealth.This is true in every time and every place.People in general do not know which between their children and parents  is closer to them and more beneficial to them in their attainment of their worldly and hereafter goals.

Upholding Justice

Look at all the penal codes, and their variance according to the gravity of the crimes committed.Crime and the infringement of the rights of Allah and His servants are among the worst forms of oppression, destroying civilisation, disturbing both religion and social affairs.To combat these crimes, and to minimise any consequences of these brutalities, penal codes such as capital punishment, amputation, flogging and their like have been imposed.These are the merits of Islamic law which are beneficial to both the society and the individual.

Allah says: "O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah as just witnesses; and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice.Be just:that is nearer to piety..."[5:8]

No evil could be completely eradicated without the comprehensive Islamic penal code which has been fixed for each crime ,large or small.

Protecting against Irresponsible Spending

Look at Shari'ah's order to restrict people from controlling wealth when such activity would be harmful for themselves or others.For example, the insane, the young, and those who lack the necessary intelligence, etc.These are all merits and beauties of Islam.It prevents people from controlling wealth, although as a basic rule they are free to do so.But when such financial dealings`cause more harm than benefit, and its evil consequences are greater than its benefits, then the Shari'ah prevents such dealings for the sake of the benefit.This encourages the Worshippers to strive in their every financial dealing to gain most benefit and avoid any harms.

Ensuring Justice in Business Dealings

Look at how the Shari'ah has endorsed the legitimacy of documenting all transactions for the benefit of their participants.For instance,a certificate may be written to ensure that rights are fulfilled, preventing denials, and eliminating any confusion in future.Other examples include pawing, bail and sponsorship .When rights are in question, then such certificates can be reffered to.This enforces numerous benefits such as preserving rights,widening the scope of transactions , dealing with fairness and justice, improving conditions, and straight forward transactions.If not for such documentation , so many of the most beneficial transactions would be interrupted.

Philanthropic Loans

Islam encourages  philanthropic investments , for which a rich reward from Allah and doing good for others would be achieved simultaneously. For example, one may invest his wealth, then have his wealth returned to him later, either as it was, or after some share of the profit from investment. This allows the investor to reimburse his principal amount without causing him any loss.An example of this would be long or short term loans. 

This provides benefit,gives aid to the needy, removing their difficulties , resulting in a kind of charity.Here , aside from the charity involved, the owner of the wealth finds his wealth returning to him, yet he would get numerous rewards from his Lord, developing kindness and friendship with his brother believer, as sense of comradely and harmony. As for pure philanthropy, where the owner gives it free, without expecting its return, then this was discussed under the wisdom of Zakat and charity.

Protecting Property

Consider the rule and regulations which the Shari'ah lays for settling disputes, and the method of preference with the claimants. These rules are founded upon equality and proof, they are compatible with customs, and are agreeable to instinct . For it requires evidence for proof of the right. So, when someone brings the evidence which proves his side over his opponents , then his rights is affirmed as he claimed it. And when he does not come with anything but his claim, then the one whom the claim is against, takes an oath negating the Claim, and his right is not rescinded to the claimant.

The Shari'ah has made evidence the deciding factor for each case. This includes what is customary, i.e. An evidence refers to that which will make clear and prove who has the right. In cases that are not clear, or when the two parties seem equally correct, the rectification and equity is sought depending upon the case, in order to prevent further problem and disputes.

So, every resolution of a dispute that contains no oppression or disobedience to Allah, it is then beneficial for them. So here, when there is a means leading to dispute, the importance is to remove that means. The weak and the strong are the same in this matter, the authorities, and those under their authority, in all cases. Litigates will be better off with justice than without it.


Islam has enjoined the believers to consult each other for all matters that relate to the religious and worldly affairs, internally and externally.

 This is a great principle , and all people of reason would agree, as they would agree that it is the cause uniting the welfare of all, and the best means to attain the correct objective and to do so justly. It increases the benefit and the good that results when the nations use it. Moreover, every one knowledgeable about people, and about their social circumstances, knows well how important consultation is and to what extent its importance reaches.
 When the early Muslims implemented this principle in all of the matters of Islam, religious and worldly, then matters were right, and the state of affairs was the most advantageous and prosperous. 

But when they neglected this principle , their deterioration in their religion and worldly matters began, until it reached such state as we now see. So if they return to utilising this principle as well as others, then they would succeed and be saved.

Prosperity in Mind and Body

The Shari'ah stands for prosperity in the religion , and prosperity in the world, and harmonising between the prosperity of the spirit and the body.
This concept has been explicitly detailed in the glorious Qur'an and Sunnah. Allah and His Messenger pbuh have encouraged us to maintain equilibrium in both body and spirit. They are interactive and each of them depends upon the other. Allah the Most High has created His creatures to worship Him Alone, fulfilling all His rights. 

He gave them livelihood , gave them different means of sustenance , and different means of living so that they could use all of these things to help them to worship Him. This is for the maintenance of their bodies and their spirit. Allah has never ordered us to nourish the spirit alone, while disregarding the requirements of the body . Just as He prohibited a life based upon lavishness and desire. Rather He commanded fortifying the heart and the spirit.

Unity of Ideals

The Shari'ah places knowledge, religion, statehood and rule hand in hand. Knowledge and religion establish the state, upon which authority and rule are built. And all states are bound by knowledge and the religion, this is the way of wisdom. That is the straight path, and that is the way that is prosperous, successful and victorious.

So, when the religion and authority work together , then matters are prosperous  and the society is right . And when one of these is separate from the other then the society becomes  unbalanced. Prosperity and harmony  are lost, the division and alienation of the hearts towards each other begin, and the order among people erodes.  So, the sciences that are important to study, the disciplines that are important to learn , and the many great and important inventions that there are, none of them are those that negate what the Qur'an proves, nor contradict the Shari'ah. 

For the Shari'ah does not contain what contradicts reason, it only contains what testifies to the best sound reason, it only contains what testifies to the best sound reason, or that which the intellect cannot learn on its own. And this brings us to another point.

Religion that is compatible with Reason

The Shari'ah contains nothing that confounds reason nor anything that contradicts correct knowledge. This is one of the greatest proofs that Allah's wisdom is resolute for every time and place.This brief statement can be understood in detail by watching and following the universal issues and sociological with the truth that Islam brought. From this , one would realise that Allah's wisdom covers everything, nothing large or small has been left out.
     The Miraculous spread of Islam

Take a quick look at the extraordinary early conquests  of Islam. Then at how they defended and maintained their position, even while they were fought fiercely.

Look at the beginnings of this religion. How it unified the Arabian Peninsula, while its hearts were split with enmity and maliciousness rampant. Look at how they united, cast aside their differences , and became a firm brotherhood of faith.Then they spread out to the most powerful parts of the world and repeated such conquests there. Many emperors and nations fell into their hands, including then the powerful nations of Persia and Rome. 

Muslims easily conquered them and their surrounding lands even though the enemies were strong and able in arms and ammunition . But the Muslims were victorious because of virtues and merits of their religion, the strength of their faith, and Allah's aid assisting them , until the boarders of Islam spread from the east of the earth to  its west. This resulted as one of the great signs of Allah ,proofs of His religion, and the miracles of His Prophet pbuh. Thus, people entered into Allah's religion in multitudes with peace of mind and tranquility  not by force or compulsion.

Whoever were to examine this fact closely , will see that this religion is the truth , which will never accept anything false even when it becomes tremendously powerful and reaches its zenith in dominance. This is an undeniable fact which is easily seen by common sense.

Contrary to the sayings of some contemporary writers whose works are influenced by the enemies of Islam, claiming that these unprecedented victories were driven purely by materialism.They claim that all of this was possible because of the deterioration and downfall of the lands of the Caesar of Rome, and the material prosperity in Arabia. This point alone is sufficient enough to invalidate their claim.Was there any power existed in Arabian Peninsula at that time capable to confront even the weakest government? Instead, Muslims conquered the strongest governments and most powerful nations of the world. 

The enemies resisted with massive ammunition and vast numbers of armies, and every last bit of might they had, but the tyrannical rule was replaced by the Laws of the Qur'an and the Religion of Justice, which of those who intend the truth accept.

How can they misrepresent the conquests of Islam and its growth, with the claim that material gain was the prime factor behind it? By such fabricated stories, they meant to tarnish Islam, promoting the accusations of the enemies of Islam, without understanding the truth.
The continuous existence of this religion, even in dangerous circumstances, is one of the signs of this religion; despite the fact that its enemies collaborate for its total extermination .This is the true religion of Allah.If the necessary strength was assembled to repel the aggressors and their injustice, then no religion other than Islam would remain on the earth, and all of its inhabitants would accept it without compulsion or coercion, because it is the religion of truth, the natural religion, the religion of unity and social welfare.But its people are negligent, weak and disunited, and they are impeded by the influence of their enemies, preventing them from advancing.There is no might nor ability except from Allah.

The Comprehensiveness of this Religion

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Merits of Islam


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