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Theology of the Apocalypse

There are many events taking place around the world that indicate how close we could be to the end times. The bible tells us what would be going on in the last days, including earthquakes, pestilences, and hurricanes that have caused much famine to people living in third world countries. Even the United States has been threatened with epidemics that are leading this country to a ruins.  For example, the flooding in Houston and the mass shootings that have taken place in Las Vegas and Arlington, Texas have been recent signs of the end.

 Now, North Korea has come close to initiating war with the U.S., launching test missiles that could lead to a nuclear holocaust if nothing is done to stop Kim Jong-un. But the threat of a nuclear holocaust has been around for years from countries like China, Russia, and Iran to wipe out Israel, where they plan to build mosques. President Vladimir Putin is suspected to be working directly with Iran to destroy the Jews of Israel and he meant with President Obama several times as a political companion. They do not exactly want to destroy Israel together but unleash the threat of nuclear ar

senals, only to carry out their own set of plans — to form a One World Government.  While the current U.S. president supports Israel now, the Jews continue to be surrounded by Jihad along with the Palestinians invading them, which has been a conflict ever since the rebirth of Israel in 1948. How much longer can the Israelites hold them off?

For centuries, the Jews have been persecuted by popes and the Third Reich, and it is possible that a Fourth Reich will come out of the Middle East. Secret societies, such as the Illuminati and the Freemasons, will one day take control over the economy. Radio host, Paul Mcguire, says "they will rebuild the economy into a cashless society," as it is also taught in the book of Revelations. He does many segments every day on his show called "The Paul Mcguire Report" and has written several books, his latest bestseller being called "The Babylon Code" in which he discusses an ancient city that was built on seven hills (most likely Rome). Not only will there be a revived Roman Empire, it will manifest across the Middle East because of the large population of Muslims that put the Antichrist in Power. Israel and America will not be made safe from the Islamic invasion. Instead the U.S. will be put through great tumult and suffering that's going to occur, for millions of people in the world will be left behind. Some people call that the second coming, but there will actually be a rapture that happens before that —  two events that take place of God's coming. So the second coming will come at the end of the 7 years — known as the tribulation period.

To the Roman Catholic Church, they do not believe in the pre-tribulation rapture but they may be at the head of the coming one world religion anyways. They are believed by many pastors and biblical scholars to be the disguise of Christianity while Islam is the center of the one world religion. With the final pope being the false prophet, how can the rest of their past history be identified as ecumenical with the Protestant Church? Although they claim to be a universal church, they are actually intruding into our Protestant churches to adopt ecumenism according to their precepts. If they believe that the second coming comes at the end of the tribulation period without a rapture, how would anybody even survive it, how would a nuclear holocaust not take place, and how would we ever know when the apocalypse has started or ended. Even though the bible doesn't use the term rapture, it clearly explains it through scriptures. In order to banish the historical relevancy of Catholicism, we should learn more about this passage: "the angel said I will tell thee the mystery of the woman and of the beast with seven heads and ten horns that carries her."(Revelation 17:7). Therefore, the woman who rides the beast can be identified as the city of Rome, not just with the misperception of Mary and their history of atrocities but with their added teachings to biblical hermeneutics.  

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Theology of the Apocalypse


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