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The Reformation Betrayed

 Long after the Reformation took place, there would be much
 activity out of England during the 17th century, when the Puritans and pilgrims sailed to America. Leaders of reform, including Martin Luther and Huldrych Zwingli, along with John Calvin and John Knox, orated their cause across the western hemisphere. Though none of them expressed much opinion in England except for their books that were written. Their published works, "Christian Liberty" and "Missionary Exertion," would reach the people of England to form into other denominations within the Protestant Church. A Counter Reformation would then rise against them to replace what the reformers had begun. At that point, they sought to reestablish the papacy and the teachings of Erasmus, who was a humanist priest. But the reformers would be emulated by leaders of the Puritans who saw what was wrong with England's Catholic practices, as well as other reformer groups.  

The two other parties of that era were called the Quakers and Separatists who had disagreements with each other but they also held the same fundamental beliefs against the Church of England. One of their disagreements was on John Calvin's ideology known as "predestination," a belief that God has already chosen which people he will accept before they are born. That is what led to different doctrines inside of new denominations, such as the Baptist and Methodist church, which was started by John Smyth (an Anglican theologian).

When the Separatists decided to flee from England to America, they knew what the Catholic Church was up to with King Charles l, who was a traditional Monarch. They saw that the Pope was part of his plan to unite together with the Roman Empire, since he resides in Italy. For centuries, the Vatican was selling indulgences through the sacrifice of the mass, and anyone who wouldn't take part in it would be killed. In England, they started using it to gain wealth for the Roman Empire and have been till this day, as Rome is the center of their religion.

John Robinson was the leader of the Separatist, Puritan movement in 1620, when he sailed on the Mayflower ship to New England. It helped transport many of the English settlers who were under siege by the British army, not just over their religion but their politics as well. With Christopher Jones being the captain of the Mayflower, they made it safely to America, where George Washington would lead the country to independence as an Anglican. So his beliefs were behind closed doors because the focal point of the United States was to be free from Anglicans . Roman Catholicism was not the main religion of America back then; it had too many differences with them to start with. They only came into the United States as an ecumenical movement after the 1st amendment was established, where religious leaders of both ends decided to exchange ideas, even to this day.

There are many books out there that talk about ecumenism happening in both directions. How can that be possible with both of these churches having opposing beliefs — each contrary to the other's interpretation of sacred tradition and Sola scriptura — which claim to be infallible? One chapter in a book is called "The Reformation Betrayed" in which some evangelical Christian leaders have invited the Catholic Church into their protestant domains, including the new pope. How will people who are dismayed ever find out the difference of what is being taught in their school or church? It is not just politics and evolution that are a concern, it is a religious concern too. That may include politics though — some ministers who teach gay marriage — but mostly with Christianity turning into Chrislam.

If a one world religion is to be part of the One World Government, then that would only be accomplished with a religion that misleads people. John Macarthur is one advocate that knows a lot about the conflict that's going on in the world. "There is no deception in Buddhism, Hinduism, or Islam, but there is massive deception in Roman Catholicism," he stated.

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The Reformation Betrayed


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