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Nirvana is not just cessation of "self" it is more than that.

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I know this gets a lot of attention and talked about quite a lot. But I want to give a different perspective about this subject. I completely acknowledge that unless someone experiences Nirvana, one can not really understand it and that there is no word, language or thought to describe Nirvana. But my concern is not with understanding or trying to "mind grasp" it but rather trying to help people not to create another "belief" or "Idea" about nirvana.

From what I have felt, in most of the buddhist communities as well as this sub-reddit, people have created different beliefs about Nirvana, and this is what I believe could be a hinderance in attaining it. One of the beliefs, and I get this a lot from the buddhists who try to explain Nirvana with no experience, is that the delusion of the "self" ceases to exist. That there is only a scenery and no see'er. Or that two polarities of Existence and Non - existence are seen as two sides of the same coin. While these explanations do make a little sense to see it that way but it is still not a complete picture. There is a lot more to it than we can grasp it with our "heads". Even the ones who have experienced Nirvana, still have a hard time putting words and language to explain it.

Another "belief" in the spiritual community is that Nirvana is attained as a goal. That there is sort of like a movement from point A to point B that is Nirvana like it is some kinda of destination. I would argue against it. Nirvana can be experience anytime anywhere and at any level of consciousness. The space time limitation does not exist for Nirvana. You can experience Nirvana for a millionth of a second right now as you are reading this. Can there be a thinker without thought? Right there when you were reading that question, all your "self" related thought process stopped and you had a moment of non-self. It was only for a millionth or a billionth of a second but you did experience it.

And yes you experience Nirvana most of the time, its just that it happens for a very brief moment and you are just not conscious enough to be aware of it. Even when you meditate you get few glimpses of Nirvana. And this is exactly the reason why your life starts to change. Its not that meditation just relaxes your mind and elevates your awareness and that causes changes in your life. No, during meditation, some part of you gets in touch with the ultimate truth or Nirvana though it happens for a fraction of second but that moment is very powerful enough to create the cracks in your "wall of misery" and slowly the whole structure start to collapse.

I could be wrong about everything I said as I feel that I am just a fool who can not understand this existence. But I will definitely warn people against creating "Beliefs" "Concepts" Ideas" or "labels" around such terms, as that would only cause hinderances in your path.

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Nirvana is not just cessation of "self" it is more than that.


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