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The necessity of faith and an infinite God

Belief is powerful, both positively and negatively. By nature, we are *finite and therefore **dependent beings. Because we are finite, **trust is necessary. As finite beings, we must trust in order to function properly. We were created to trust.

But who or what do we trust? We either place our trust in ***ourselves or in someone greater-wiser-more powerful than us.

When we trust in God and recognize he is greatest of all - not us - we can accomplish amazing things. But if our Faith is placed in the wrong thing, it can result in us doing incredibly harmful and destructive things. How harmful and destructive is determined by ****what we believe best brings life and how deeply we believe it.

Faith is powerful and when coupled with the right Object - i.e. the all-wise, all-powerful, and all-loving God - it can release in and through us amazing outcomes. To do amazing things requires amazing faith but not faith in anything but in the right thing i.e. the All-powerful loving and wise God. The benefit and value of our faith is determined by the object of it.

Truly amazing outcomes are the combination of great faith in an infinitely great object. The more we recognize the greatness of the object the greater our faith-trust in that object.

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*By finite I mean we are not all-knowing, all-powerful, everywhere present. I am not saying we are not able to do far more than we presently do. Our capacity for great good and achievement is far more than any of us realize, but only if and when we are fully “plugged in” to our Creator (which starts in this life through Christ and is fully realized with we are with him face to face). We are after all like God or god-like if you will. And we are this way so we might participate in all that God is to the greatest extent possible without actually being Him. We are not God (infinite in love, wisdom, power, and existence) and never will be. We are finite and wholly dependent on God to be all we are designed to be.

**In the physical realm, it is easy to illustrate our dependence. We must have air, food, water, and shelter to survive. In our present circumstances, we have come to take for granted the air, food, and water are helpful and not harmful i.e. We trust this is true. But if we went to an unfamiliar environment - such as an alien planet - we would be cautious because we don't know whether the Air Food and water is life-sustaining or not.

***Trust in ourselves includes trust in persons or things we think we control, i.e. we are ultimately trusting in our ability to obtain from something else what we need and we may for a short time, but not ultimately. God ultimately controls and sustains everything, and our experiencing the benefits of these is ultimately a gift from God.

To trust in ourselves also means we think we are better-greater able and wiser than God to take care of ourselves.

****This can be wealth, power, pleasure, or whatever we think (believe) will give us what we most need.

Having faith in God does not mean we can't believe in ourselves it means we can't believe we are wiser than God. It is not just OK but good to recognize and acknowledge our abilities as long as we also recognize they are not and will never be greater than Gods but in fact come to us because of God.

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The necessity of faith and an infinite God


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