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What to expect during a Paranormal Experience

Paranormal experiences have been happening for centuries, though the word Paranormal didn’t come into being till the 1920’s. Most cultures in the world have their stories of demons and gods that have influenced the lives of their ancestors. A Paranormal experience can come in different forms and may involve different types of entities. The type of entity is, in many ways, more important than the experience itself as it can determine why you have been chosen to experience something paranormal and what you can anticipate happening in the future with the entity involved.

What is a Paranormal Experience?

There are three main types of paranormal entities that are responsible for paranormal experiences: apparitions or ghosts, Sentient Spirits, and poltergeists and demonic entities.

Apparitions/ Ghosts
These entities are most commonly found in places where their spirit is strongest; places where they frequently stood, or where they lived, places where they felt intense emotion. The belief is that these areas have picked up a psychic echo or impression of the person and when they pass on. This is not the same as a spirit. A spirit may be similar to a ghost, and even drawn to these places, but spirits are capable of thought, while ghosts are simply echoes. Most of the time, if the ghost is there because of a highly emotional single event, it is because that event was a very traumatic one and the location held the echo of the pain the person felt at that moment.

Sentient Spirits
A sentient spirit is different than a ghost. Spirits have intelligence and purpose. A ghost is simply an echo that is looking to move on. Spirits are believed to be made up of energy and will take the energy from around them in order to manifest an interaction that can be heard, or felt, by the living. This can include sucking the warmth from a room, causing electronic devices to fail, or even a full battery suddenly losing its charge. These sorts of sentient spirits are often those who have passed beyond life, but have yet to pass on to the afterlife. They may have unfinished business keeping them here, or something happened in their life that ties their spirit to this world. These sorts of spirits are often people who were murdered or died suddenly, people who have a terrible sense of guilt for something they did in their lives while alive, or a person who died while ill and their spirit feels they still had something left to do.

Poltergeists/Demonic Entities
These can be the most terrifying paranormal experiences, simply because there may be little you can do to stop them. These paranormal entities are frequently violent, with mild attacks involving objects being thrown across a room and more violent attacks including physical assaults by unseen assailants. Those who experience these sorts of experiences will more often than not move away from the area where the activity is taking place in a hope to escape whatever is choosing to torment them.

Each of these entities can engage in a different type of paranormal experience or haunting. There are five major types of haunting: intelligent, residual, demonic, possession, possessed intelligent entity, and poltergeists.

Intelligent Haunting
This is the result of a sentient spirit that is reaching out for your help or simply letting you know its there. Only sentient spirits are capable of intelligent hauntings.

Residual Haunting
This is caused by apparitions or ghosts. It is not a form of intelligent haunting because the echo is not able to interact. It’s simply a psychic impression, similar to a hologram.

Possessed Intelligent Entity Haunting
These entities are nothing to mess about with and should be considered as dangerous as demons, because that is, essentially, what they are. They are spirits that have been taken over by a demonic entity. They are more powerful than regular sentient spirits, and as dangerous as demons.

Demonic Haunting
These experiences usually begin subtly. Demons tend to want to play with humans as they think humans are stupid. It’s the idea of cat and mouse with the demon becoming more vicious and aggressive as the “game” goes on.

Poltergeist Haunting
Poltergeists are noisy ghosts, frequently annoying and sometimes dangerous. A poltergeist haunting is most likely to occur around teenage girls in the midst of puberty and unable to control their psychic energy. These hauntings frequently involve lots of noise with no explanation, as well as objects being thrown around the room.

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What to expect during a Paranormal Experience


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