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Let's worship Fittingly

How Great is our God by Don Moen still works, but it's because it's rooted lyrically in a psalm. That's the reason a lot of my songs still stand....
but it's cheating isnt it?
Don Moen and I live very comfortably in the West. i guess Don has suffered things and I was put out of one of the best churches on the planet in the 80s...,but we have cars, houses, centralheating, the Jesuits havent yet burst through the doors with machine guns....

What's next is not a grunge worship, where OK, 90s and noughties Christians were being honest about their need of God in a similar way to Graham Pulkingham crying on his crypt floor in Downtown Houston for three months....
I mean everything is valid....

But David was first generation.....he was a psalmist singing praises to God while shepherding, then chased round a wilderness within an inch or less of his life....
and in THAT CONTEXT writing about being taken above it all and seeing the heavenly perspective....
and yes writing about the whole thing....his first earthly feelings and then his revelations in counterpoint....
But they were his words.

Don Moen and I are just nicking them....but already they are better than the rather dubious first and secondlevel lyrics that others are writing today from out of the very same Genesis 3 Orphan experience that
a. was a delusion dreamt up by Satan and
b. we left the minute we got born again....

NO NO NO NO Saints.....If yiou really still cant come up with any good lyrics go back to the psalms and some of the real hymns of the last 400-500 years.

God is Great. He is worthy of more than your baby nappy lyrics which you are enforcing on the world church because you have the recording studios and access to conferences.

God is doing a great thing. He has already done a great thing. He lives in the Eternal Now. Just because you personally havent caught up yet, no, we the church of the Living God should not be subjected to your Darwin infested, Illuminati infested, TV infested, Hollywood infested, lyrics straight out of Babel.

We are now a Priesthood in Light
We have the sword of the Lord upon our lips
Once we have grown a bit in the Lord and quit all the shortcircuiting of His Life in us though fizzes sputs and sparks, we will increasingly experience in real time the awesome authority we yield in His Holy Presence...
Binding that which has already been bound in heaven and loosing that which has already been loosed in heaven.

And quite apart from which one plays any songs or instruments,
OUR ELDER BROTHER would quite like to sing among His brethren (read Hebrews)

So wake up people.
Every single minute that we can still worship together is far far too valuable for a lot of the crap that is expressed in lyrics and tunes at the moment.....

We are gathering in the the UNSULLIED NAME OF JESUS CHRIST
I doubt if some of you would dare even to sing some of your dross in the presence of our earthly Queen over here in the UK.
Not being too hyped up about this , but singing in the presence of an unbroken line of Kings that dates back way over 1000 years , even that has a completely different feel to it than singing before some tinpot President that is only around 4 years and has been chosen by Rothschild, or Soros long beforehand....

But our Queen is nothing before God, and this is the Name we gather in each week. Stand to attention in your spirit and wake up people. Praise and worship has to be more thirdlevel than this from the inside out of our beings. God is so so so worthy.

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Let's worship Fittingly


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