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How to Please a Man?

First, we want to please a man or a woman, it pleases someone from the moment you meet the selection criteria and needs.

-The selection criteria of a man

What are the selection criteria of a man?

We find in general: physical, charm, kindness, humor ...

There is also the behavior that we want to avoid: chiantes girls, jealous, possessive, hysterical ...

Regarding chiantes girls, some elements seem to prove otherwise.

We tend to attach to more chiantes girls and wise girls. In short, we like girls with minimal character and responsive, if you get bored.

The selection criteria are coupled with a requirement level. Some men are very demanding and others much less.

These selection criteria also depend on the type of relationship sought.

When I was single, I did not expect the same thing as if I wanted the short term or the long term.

This is not unique to men besides, I know many women who are more demanding when in a perspective of long history, that when looking for a story of a night.

Generally a man has not a lot of selection criteria. It is not looking for an ideal woman.

However, the physical remains of course an important criterion.

-The needs of a man

Male or female, we all have needs and expectations that drive us to put ourselves in couple or feel the need to please and seduce.

What are our needs?

Here is a partial list:

  • make love
  • have heart pounding
  • build a love story in the long term
  • be with someone who understands us
  • share moments
  • start a family
  • feel heard
  • not alone
  • no longer suffer the social or family pressure...

In terms of need, there are:

  • Men seeking a long history and did not want to waste their time in a short story (they are rare)
  • Men seeking a long history and which can, waiting to find the woman who suits them, have short relationships (most men)
  • Men who are looking for short stories because they do not want to commit
Of course, this needs evolve over time and a man who wants to have fun in 25 years will be like to ask later.

One can also encounter the opposite phenomenon, ie someone who has a long history started when he was young and after a disappointment in love, wants to have fun.

On this point, men and women are still very close.

If a man likes you, it is important to know what it is currently looking and see if it matches what you want, especially if you want a long history.

Because to succeed in pleasing a man and not to waste your time to bet on the wrong horse, needs to be aligned: to spend a night with him or build a lasting relationship.

Depending on what you want, the approach will not be the same.

-Please a man for one night

I do not like generalities but I noticed that a man was easier to sleep with a woman who does not like him, a woman with a man who does not like.

Anyway, if you want to please a man to spend a night with him, you will of course highlight your charm and seductive side.

You must show that you are available and you want him, if possible subtly but clearly enough to understand that (the men do not always capture the subtleties and unspoken women 😉)

A man looking for a story of a night is not seeking a smart girl, kind and could be a good mother.

It seeks a comely girl, charming and sexy with whom he will think a night of fun.

I'm not saying that it is useless to be smart and kind as this can help you to please a man. But these are not the qualities that will allow you to put in your bed

Know that you do not need to be beautiful to be attractive (although it helps greatly course).

It is a state of mind and behavior to adopt.

You do not need you no more excessive makeup. A simple and subtle makeup has more impact than buggers makeup (sorry for the expression 🙂).

Ask your friends, you will see they prefer little makeup to overdose makeup.

A little finesse ladies 😉

-Your words must be consistent with your intentions

Warning: do not lie to you thinking that you just want to spend a night with a man if you want a real story with him.

This is a mistake and this is likely to be disappointed.

Similarly, if you know that a research plan for a night and want a long story, do not try to spend a night with him, hoping to keep.

from the start we know what we want in a relationship. This is the first image that remains rooted in us.

If a man has planned to spend only one night with you, then you will have difficulties to move to the next stage.

Now if you are not arrogant know and handle failure, you can always try.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

But do not be disappointed if it does not work. It is best to play cards on the table and behave consistently with what is desired.

So if you are looking for a long affair with a man, do not pretend to find a plan overnight. I will return to this later point because it is important.

-Please a man for a long history

As part of a long history, the physical will remain important but not enough.

A man will seek a personality with which he can be heard over the long term, not to have conflicts, and be listened to and understood.

A man also appreciate when a woman is interested in what he does, including his passions. If you are interested in passion, then it is that you care about him.

Will also be taken into account compatibility character, confidence, curiosity, honesty, kindness and criteria that will of course vary from one man to another according to his expectations.

To find a man waiting in a relationship, simply ask him relaxed and natural way in a conversation. You can add a touch of humor to not make too serious discussion.

Finally, man seeks the respect and value within the couple. A man must feel respected, recognized and useful in a relationship, otherwise he will not be happy.

Because even if we are in a great social transformation of the couple and the changing role of men and women within the family, the man still has in him the legacy of the couple formed his parents or even his Grand parents.

Please a man in the context of a long history is not a simple matter of charm, beauty or intelligence.

However, you must make efforts to charm and tempt him to live a story with you if you think you are compatible.

So instead of waiting for him to come to you, you could make the first move, subtly, as explained above.

Charm him, show him you like it without falling into the field of acquired too easily.

If you feel very interested, do not hesitate to quickly cause a face to face meeting to conclude with him or to give him the opportunity to enter into with you.

If you do not know what he thinks and if interested, do a bit of second degree to address topics related to relationships, what they are interested in what he wants.

Then try to organize a trip to several if you do not feel comfortable or head to head to see how it behaves when he is alone with you.

Adapt then the situation according to his behavior.

But beware: do not behave like a friend. There must be an atmosphere of seduction you. You have the charm, not become her best friend.

The goal is that he understands that you try to see him because you are interested, not for anything else. You must avoid misunderstandings.

-Please or keep oneself?

It therefore comes at a crucial point of success or failure of relationships over the long term: should we make to please a man early in the relationship, or should we be yourself?

Answer: a little of both 🙂

Personally, I advise you to stay yourself, that is not to hide your character and what you want in life.

More will lie on your personality and your intentions, your story more likely to fail in time!

Your actions and your words must be consistent with your intentions.

I get many requests for advice from women who wanted a serious story but who said the opposite in their boyfriend early in the relationship, not to frighten them.

They wanted a long history but pretended otherwise.

Their stories systematically failed in the first weeks or months.

The man believes what he is told and he is used to say what he thinks (unless of course he is a liar or a manipulator), so if you want to be understood and avoid misunderstandings early relationship , say what you think, not the opposite of what you think.

You are supposed to live with this man for many years, even decades.

Why start lying to him about what you want?

However, it is not because you are yourself that you should not make an effort to please him.

Personally, I think that is more likely to succeed long term if history is rather natural that if we play a game early in the relationship.

-Should it be desired early relationship?

Refers to a love coach who advises women to adopt a trophy behavior. The goal is not to be taken for granted too easily. so you have to play relationship beginning in princesses.

I totally understand this advice and I know that it is useful in certain situations. But I also think that it can play tricks on you in other cases.

Personally, I think if you are quickly in symbiosis with a man, you do not have to play one game.

Warning, this is not a reason to make plans on the comet and make her a declaration of love from the first days. A relationship is built over time and the first few weeks are fragile.

But when two people really get along well and seem to be in the same optical relationship, in the same direction, I think play a night game to the relationship.

You can of course be in a game of seduction, but not necessarily in a game where you are the trophy and where to make a number of efforts to win you.

Because you will not be natural if it is not your usual character. And if you are not naturally you will be wasting opportunities with people you like and you will attract people with similar behavior to the one you pretend.

In short, you'll end up with someone who you do not like because it will be in a power play relationship and not in a team game relationship.

A love relationship that works for the long term is primarily a self-help relationship and understanding, not confrontation.

However, I think this advice is useful when you go out with someone who does not really know what they want or do not feel attached.

For what is a problem in the relationship starts is when one partner is fully and the other does not know what he wants.

In this case, one who does not know what he wants will feel pressure from that thoroughly and find it difficult to concentrate and fall in love.

In this case it is best to show interest but not to show that you are in love because it can be scary.

But between not show that it is thoroughly and the princess, there is a big difference 🙂

I think everything is about balance and you should avoid adopting a fixed strategy.

Adapt to the context, the feeling and the unique relationship you have with every man you meet.

-The importance of appearance

You may be great but it will not necessarily see.

So you should not abandon your appearance that's what you notice first when you meet someone.

I have a friend who makes no effort on his way to dress when leaving. It offers clothes that do not bring value. I would even say that his clothes undermine its charm while it's pretty good.

It's a bit anti-sexy man. And it serves him in his dating.

I speak knowingly. Younger, I dressed as my buddy. With time and good advice from women and one of my best friends, I learned to dress better, to be more elegant and attractive.

Inside, I'm still myself but outside, I'm just a better version of myself, a more charming version of ...

Similarly, I see women who dress to be comfortable in their clothes that do not make them charming at all.

So yes you have to remain natural, but we also know to be good for more charm.

I've seen girls who were revamped magnified by their change. A new haircut or a change of clothes and it was a revelation.

In the long term, this will not make you successful your stories. But in the short term, this will allow you to charm a man and make him want to go further.

So do not ruin your chances by leaving your appearance or by not putting you forward.

Remember that girls around you are your competitors and they will put the package to charm the man you like.

Men are not going to rush to your door if you do not want give them.

You're not a princess ... oops ... 😉

-You are unique !

However, you are unique.

You have your way of thinking, talking, smiling, to behave.

You may have hidden talents or passions. All this represents you.

We tend to want to blend in better acceptance.

But this is a mistake. You must also cultivate your differences and put forward.

So if you have a little something that sets you apart from the other women, do not hide in your secret garden.

And especially if you have a passion, talk.

Because it's fine to talk about the new TV series and the last film you went to see the movies.

But this is not what a man will crack for you.

Find what makes your difference and put it forward.

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How to Please a Man?


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