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Men & Women: How To Understand Each Other?

You have often heard about the differences between men and women and you want to better understand the intricacies whether in your Love Relationship or not? How to understand each other when it comes to love, specifically communication couple, while we are all different? What are the trends to follow to be happy  in love and improve man woman relationship?

My experience is a gold mine when it comes to study the differences between the sexes, because I have the chance to accompany both men and women. So I see every day that some clichés die hard, but sometimes there is no chance! When I analyze your needs, I realize that there are real similarities and conversely notable differences between the needs of men and women, and they therefore have a direct impact on gender relations.

Relationships between men and women are fascinating because we are different in our genetics, the famous chromosome X / Y, and that this results in quite significant distinctions as recalled John Gray author of the book Mars and Venus. But what are the consequences of this on the emotional life and the relationship between man and woman? This is what we will consider throughout this article because I wanted to help you fully analyze your respective reactions and therefore better understand each other in love or not elsewhere. You'll find that gender relations are often beyond the simple difference of sex and that the first distinction is already at how to interact and communicate!

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This makes me smile when I write because I realize that I too in the past I was not communicating the perfect including in gender relations. But it is also proof that everything can change if you decide to tackle its nature and that we want change, regardless of prejudices that may have on man woman relationship. I assure you all the same, I use coaching tools adapted to try to communicate better to move forward and for most I have myself used! So ladies, if you have the impression that men do not understand your needs in terms of dialogue or they consider it unnecessary, know that in reality you have absolutely right to try to talk with your man, because it is simply the best way to establish a good foundation in a couple. But maybe you just do not take it the right way ...

Indeed, the male is slightly more pragmatic and will tend to express his love and affection through small daily gestures to ensure that meet your needs surprise, security and bring you proof of their benevolence .

The men and tend not to be expressive through words and that is often what you blame them. It's true that hearing sweet words never hurt but if you want your relationship to work, you have to "put water in your wine." This is the advice I give always when I get asked the question of gender relationships "how can a couple last? "I love this phrase very often in love because we tend to want to impose our ideas and our concept of life to another, while the compromise is the basis of any relationship.

I know some women take it personally and think that the attitude of their man is directed against them, but that is not the case. You must understand that your man has probably always had the same behavior with his former companions even if it is not easy to accept.

Have you ever wondered why? Have you found the answer? I'll explain!

From an early age in our society it teaches men to hide their emotions, not to indulge and therefore does not say what they feel in either the positive or the negative. We want them to be strong, it is sought to harden and therefore the consequences throughout their lives and especially in verbal communication but also as I explain in this article in their body language.

A simple example when a girl falls and hurts you the door, we kiss, we watch ultra-attentive and protective. When a boy of the same age, of course we do the same but very quickly we expect him to get better and dries his tears, he is strong, he is told that it is high and that should not cry because it's a man. This example shows that our behavior as a result of our education that will govern the man woman relationship, and even beyond the couple man woman.

A man will have more difficulty to trust, to communicate because he must hide his emotions. Of course, there are exceptions. Some men have no trouble saying what they feel they sometimes say a bit too which paradoxically may tend to scare away women! It is clear that gender relations are not simple but it is possible to significantly improve and the first step requires communication.

It seems to me important to remember that this is not necessarily choosing your man to behave well, sometimes it's a reflex that has developed over time, but on which it is possible to gradually return because the human female difference is not as pronounced than we think.


My coaching philosophy is based on the great principle of human beings: men and women we are all the same but all different! This means that you tend to express your love and want to meet your partner you based solely on your own desires, or rather on your own conception of happiness and love.

You thought to do well by repeating constantly that you love him but your partner (male or female) rather waited shares? Trips ? Any surprises?

This can be generalized to the whole of your life. I often take a simple example but that sums up this distinction. There are people who have diverse and varied political views. This difference in perception and views is accentuated when it comes to building a relationship.

Do not focus only on a priori linked to male or female. The distinctions between men and women are much more profound. To understand the problems or difficulties you may encounter in a relationship, we must not stop at this single criterion for homosexual couples also share the same problems. The goal that you must now set yourself is to understand your partner on the fingertips and in particular the differences between you. Look no further key to improving any relationship man woman.

Many men and women will be surprised (e) and sometimes shocked (e) reading this but that is the simplest way, as I explain in this article in order to stop any crisis of torque. I'm not saying that all men and all women are bad (es) and which can not be well in couple. We just have to face facts, what is done to him / her as we do for ourselves in order to know a form of personal happiness.

In saying this I also put an end to misconceptions rotting life together. often it is said are either men who only think of nothing other than going out with friends or legs in the air parties or that women focus only on their personal project as having a baby. We all have faults and I can assure you that we are all selfish no matter our sex because we think above all to our well being! There is nothing wrong with that and do not see the selfish term pejoratively because without happiness there is no torque ... The idea is to shape things to consider needs of others as well as ours. Never forget the notion of balance when building relations between men and women.


For a couple to work, it is necessary that both partners agree on a concept of shared life project. Indeed, love is no longer enough because it is essentially based on the dream set up in the first moments of the relationship or on a great physical attraction will tend to decline over the years for a majority of relationships.

So if you do not have to thread your common project but a mere physical attraction and / or intellectual, you'll struggle to build a strong relationship over time, regardless of the relationship you currently have. Couples I observe and last are simply more attuned to their "life purpose" or "why" of their relationship.

Behind every love story must hide a reason that allows men and women to understand and especially to accept both with their qualities and their defects. Anyone quellerelation between man and woman must follow this path.

No, it is not an optimistic speech because everyone can check around him that there are couples who are strong and that we admire. However, most of the relationships are crumbling, not because of the simple difference in men but women beautiful and well reports for wider reasons why I say that their life project was not previously defined or then determined evil, or that a two ds put a penknife in the contract. The man woman relationship must follow an implacable logic and as soon as one of them does not meet its commitments everything can be questioned.

However, we must be aware that the conflicts in the relationship are not always harmful when it can make you understand vis-à-vis your partner, then feel free to express yourself when the situation suits you not, but always with kindness.

The goal is not to make things worse or to search for a winner or a winner (e) but rather to find the best solution without having to come to threats or ultimatums in the couple. It is important to use the communication when you are a couple and not immediately will shine.

You can however never understand your partner if you continue you based solely on your personal perceptions and what is important to you. It must thus be empathetic to forget a little bit and be able to put in the place of the other.

It is also necessary to understand but also to accept that all is not rosy in life together. The longer the relationship and there will be disagreements except that subjects will change. Indeed, rather than arguing about which program to watch on TV, you arguing because of the children or finance, men women relationships are so made that the more one evolves over time more tensions likely to take proportions that will hurt the relationship.

I therefore reiterates the notion of compromise, sacrifice for the good of the couple and accept the fact that we do not always get what you want.


You absolutely want to do well either during a romantic encounter or your already established relationship.

I have an answer for you, again after my experience. In matters of love life, you most often want to do well, you need a form of perfection and you are ready (e) to invest. Unfortunately, you do not always able to identify the differences between you and that man or woman. So you tend to act according to your vision of good and evil and happiness.

Managing to give pleasure to another is rather to be empathetic to avoid mistakes and how to have a good report hommepour woman to repeat true love man woman is learning to feel the emotions of the other. You must pass this year to make the right choices and not behave according to what you think is right.

I assure you, you are not alone (e) to make that mistake. But if you change this behavior so you can avoid making any mistakes that drive (s) partner to escape the relationship. It is one of the rules of the man woman relationship: understanding its half.

To improve this agreement man woman, ask yourself now (as the family model of your partner's personality traits, his childhood, his values ​​...)
- Why is my man drags his business?
- Why my wife looking to receive words of love?
- Why oral communication goes wrong at some point while sometimes it's great?
- Why he / she is not more fighting for our relationship? What are his other motivations?
- How to show him that I love (in his own language and not in mine)?

These are usually the major problems that I can see in a man woman relationship in marriage and that occur most frequently. Try to respond with the greatest possible sincerity and find solutions to live a fulfilling love despite your differences. If you're struggling to take stock of yourself, and that despite your best efforts your half you seem to be an enigma, not morfondez you not think being an isolated case, it more often than you would "imagine I'm here to help you and I therefore directs you to a personal coaching session that literally change the situation, even in the space of a few days ...

So far I have discussed the relationship between the woman and the man in sentimental terms of relatively broadly. Now I would like to look into it more closely and provide my perspective on gender relations in love.


In this part of the article on the relationship man woman, I wanted to interest me more specifically to life in torque to push even further the concepts mentioned above.

Read what follows especially if you are exhausted (e) to chain disruptions and disappointments and have only one desire ... that can finally live a fulfilling relationship and without the fuss! how to have a beautiful wife relationship hommeMais why man woman relationships are as complex? How to manage the love between a man and a woman to avoid crises? What are the solutions to let go and be happy (is) in his love life? You imagine that just know how to make love to make everything perfect you?

Human female relationships have always been delicate. At once passionate but also conflicting because each has its way of communicating. In addition, factors beyond the "sex", there is also another parameter to be considered, it is the nature of every human being, which does not help the relational difficulties.

However, there are fortunately ways to improve gender relations and consequently behave better when we decided to put a couple. To know the following the procedure.


There is an essential element for the survival of a couple in a loving relationship between woman and man, it is the knowledge that one has about his partner. Indeed, when I coach couples who are together for years even I am aware that these two people do not know much about one another and the more I see among couples having their twenties thirties because the virtual, especially social networks impede learning love. It is thought to communicate more, but we communicate bad!

One is able to say what our picture like half but we can not say what his favorite food or color he / she likes the most. Again, there is a communication problem, there is not enough shared experiences making the difficult man woman relationship. In the end, even after several months of relationship allowed the routine take more and more space and it's not the solution.

It is useful for the good of the couple living things, beyond the dialogue, to know what we like, what we do not like to learn more about the person who shares our life. Yes it is an effort that may seem hard to do because it is not our practice but you'll gain by doing so will automatically help! It is in this way that the man woman relationship will turn to your advantage. If you are looking for a man woman complicity and be on the same wavelength follow this principle. This will also improve your sex complicity in passing because it is an essential rule of psychology woman man.


Most of the couples are formed very quickly, without taking the time to really get to know. Thus the first crises and conflicts happen in the first few months with the big questions like "Are we made for each other? ". One can even consider that gender relations are governed by this principle.

Yet this reasoning leads to more and more breaks and you're struggling to live a stable relationship. If you focus on the facts, you realize that you put a couple of attraction and the best man femmepar envy. You absolutely want a relationship and that man or woman you just met you then please feel free to try your luck. This is a common and normal situation but does not let you know that you are in a stable relationship and a strong love for it has nothing to do with the husband wife relationship! Remember that your relationship is new and do not skip steps. This is the time that we know if we are meant to be together or not. It must also leave a chance to the person who shares our life to prove that one is.

Between a man and a woman must now see married life as a pact, a union for life. I come back to this point because it crucial ets: this means that you necessarily are going to need an engine project of the man woman relationship and a common view on the duration of your life with goals and dreams that coordinate .

Without this shared vision of the couple, you will hardly be able to build a strong relationship since the attraction and complicity can be battered face routine, daily tedium, communication problems, etc ...
However, if you have a clear plan and a substantially identical vision of the future, you will be easier to create a relationship on a stable basis, with a willingness to support and leave little room for difficulties.

Love man woman and especially the male female ratio fascinated for centuries and this is not going to change. Society is changing and we are now in what I call "love dream". You have a duty to provide welfare to another otherwise lead very quickly to a separation, so you have perfectly understood his wife or his man.

To get out of this trap and promote good man woman relationship in love, put in place the tips in this article and feel free to ask me any questions in the comments. I am happy to meet you personally. Ladies, if you want to go further after reading this, I directed you to my audio conference to include all men. You will get quick and easy tips for better analysis of male behavior and be sure to meet the needs of the pound man to man relationship femmeque as you expect.

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Men & Women: How To Understand Each Other?


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