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sexy round women
1. round Women have always been considered beautiful, since the dawn of time
This painting by Ingres' The Turkish Bath "(nineteenth century) is one example. But we can also go back in time indefinitely: women with curvaceous have always represented an ideal of beauty. It is only very recently that the dictatorship of the skinny body appeared! Already in the Stone Age, statuettes representing women (the famous "Paleolithic Venus") had buxom curves, symbol of life and fertility. If during a major part of the history of humanity, they were revered as the pinnacle of absolute beauty, it's probably for good reason ...
2. Art is subjective? But even science says they are sexy!

Eh yes ! According to a scientific study, we talked about you, men are naturally attracted to some women round. This is a genetic reflex, against which most of these gentlemen can do nothing!

3. They are even more beautiful when they have confidence.

Most women who have curves are required to have a certain strength of character and trust in them. Many were ridiculed or insulted in the past, which made them over time much stronger! And what's sexier than a woman who assumes and is not easily taken by the first comer? In addition, regardless of sex or form, a person who is confident will probably make sparks in bed!

4. They have appetite.

If she wants to enjoy a good meal or a good bottle of wine, a round woman will have fun! This is good living who are not obsessed with slimming diets and green salads. If you want to get a good restaurant, this is the perfect companion!

5. They have, for the most beautiful breasts.

In most cases, curvy women tend to have beautiful necklines, and overall more generous breasts opulent than skinny girls. It's like that ! This is not a scoop, but for many men, the chest size is an incredibly attractive thing. And we do not even speak of the pleasure that can provide such attributes during sex.

6. They also have exceptional buttocks!

Yes, round women also generally more forms in the pelvis and buttocks well. According to a study at the University of Oxford, women with larger buttocks favor their chances of conceiving healthy children. Indeed, curvy women produce more omega 3, which would be an important factor in the health of the child.

7. Many famous women as they have shapes!

Even in the small world of people, more and more women assume their bodies and curves. Christina Hendricks, Adele or Kim Kardashian ... They do not have a skinny body, and this has not prevented them famous fates and be very attractive!

8. Having curves is practical ...
If so many men prefer women a little round in bed, but also because their shapes can be very useful ... What could be better in fact than to rest his head against a beautiful voluminous breasts? And then there are those little love handles that can still be gripped when needed.

9. In bed, they seem less fragile ... And we can give heart to joy!

A round woman seems less fragile than a thin girl. And we are not afraid to break in two at the slightest grasp! So, the relationship may be more intense and the pleasure felt during sex is tenfold!

10. They have humor

Curvy women are often good living that have humor. Perhaps because self-mockery is a great way to deal with insults and crooked looks they have suffered, without taking the head. They tend to laugh at everything and are generally more expressive. Which gives them a certain charm!

11. They are less likely to judge others and criticize defects

They have themselves suffered the judgment of others. So they know how to be tolerant against small defects because they know well that can be felt when one is rejected. They also had to learn to accept their body as it is; suddenly, the small defects of their sexual partner to spend their side! A man who feels loved and valued by his partner will have more fun in their intimate relationships, and he will not be afraid to let go to bed

12. They are cuddly

To cuddle and hold them in your arms, a little plump women are really the best. They are soft and have a nice body. Foot !

 13. There are more and more models of "large", which proves that beauty can take many forms ...
There is no perfect body. Women can be beautiful in all their diversity and the variety of forms. The models "large" are a wonderful example!

14. Even when they are pregnant, they are sexy.

When a man has learned to enjoy a round woman, when it becomes pregnant, it will retain its charm and remains deeply attractive! For some, it even make them even more beautiful ...

Basically, they are thinner or round, red or brown, all women are beautiful and deserve to be respected. There is no single beauty, and each is beautiful in its own way!

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