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6 Things That All Girls Want When You Kiss Them

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You all have stories of horrible kisses to tell, and sometimes it's very funny because there are people who have really not the case. Except that girls, too, totally unpleasant memories of kisses in mind. And you do not want to be part of! Rather, you want to be the one who was able to give her the best Kiss she never had. Because knowing kiss, it's an asset to have for a man! That's a big "turn on" for a girl, anyway, for sure. I have to say my a man who embraces evil hurts also love. It is intimately connected, I think. So in short, if you want to put the odds on your side, here are 6 things that all girls want when they are kissing. Remember in any: let them all!

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1: Be there in full
You are in a room or a place with a girl? Be there at 100%: do not be the head office, in your problems or your stress. A man who knows kiss is a man who can take advantage of this moment and who knows concentrate at full strength for the girl he is.

2: Use your hands
significant U-S-P-E-R! You have two, and they can make beautiful things like holding our face, our hair flatter or tickle our neck. Why would you leave them on each side of your body, then? Those who can embrace use both hands: it is an extension of your body makes your kiss more memorable.

3: Do not hesitate
Well, if the girl is not your girlfriend, of course, you have to recognize the signals it sends you, whether open it where not to kiss you. If you see that it seems attracted to you, it's time to rush. Then if your daughter is blonde, she wants is certain, at all times. So in general, the rule is to never waver, never. Anyway, a man who assumes and to the point, when some of his "case" that's what girls like. We want a real man, not a timid and indecisive guy. Women really do not want to have before them a man approach that is hesitant, which back a little and who ultimately expects them to do all the work. Phew, no ...

4: Look at her right in the eye
Men who know to kiss also know it's important sometimes to take a break to watch the girl in the eyes directly. Yes, this may be annoying, but I swear it makes its effect!

5: Do not be ulterior motives constantly
I do not know why, but too often, men kissing a girl in the hope of going further in the future. It's like kissing is preliminary, and nothing more. Guys, when you do that, as we know and realizes (and yes, often we find it flat). It is as if the fact of kissing a girl just was not enough. Yet it should be, sometimes! A man who knows kiss is able to spend several minutes to kiss a girl without removing all his clothes and without hope for more. In fact, a man who knows how to kiss can appreciate the pure pleasure of just ... embrace.

6: Close your eyes, Lord!
If I write, it is because I feel the need. WHY SOME OPEN THEIR EYES while kissing a girl? It's really, really, really weird. What do you care so much to look at, our eyes closed? It might cost a bit to point number one, but the fact of close your eyes shows that you appreciate the time and you are not distracted by what may be on the outside. Close your eyes, take a dip in your mind, not in our eyes closed. Seriously, never kiss a girl eyes open.

And finally, do I need to talk about your breath?

In short, I think it is simple to kiss a girl: this must be 100% dedicated to the present moment, to show her that you are a man of you and you know what you want, use your hands, the look in the eyes between kisses, kissing sometimes just for fun, and close your eyes

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6 Things That All Girls Want When You Kiss Them


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