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When I first started this blog, I mentioned that I tended not to read blogs that didn't have photos.

I've moved a lot of my online time away from reading blogs entirely (although I have a few I've been reading "forever" that I check in on from time to time) but there's still something for me about a page of text that I tend to not be as interested in reading through.

It's likely not just me, much of our online media these days is intended to catch our quickly shifting attention span.  But I digress...

I wanted to make my blog have photos and so along with starting to write online, I also started to share my photos online.  Flickr had only been around for a couple of years but (at the time) it linked up with blogger and I liked a lot of the content I was seeing so I joined, took a deep breath and started uploading photos.

I made the decision to have something visual every second post so that the page would have something for people to look at regularly.  But now I'm running out of photos.

I stopped using this flickr account at some point a couple of years ago and now I'm having to hunt through my shots to find ones I haven't already used.  Which means they often don't have much, if anything to do with what I'm saying.  (Which they were always meant to.)  Like this post... and the photo of my knife cover.  (Why did I have a photo of my knife cover anyway?  Project 365.  When you commit to taking a photo a day for a year, you sometimes run out of both light and energy and... you just shoot something.... the end.)

So, yeah.  At some point, I will run out of unused photos from this account.  And then I'll have to make some sort of decision.  Maybe to recycle.  Maybe to go image-less.  I don't know.

Flickr says I have just under 2000 photos.  I don't always do a photo every second day, but close.  So that's somewhere around 4000 posts... in theory, before I run out.  Blogger says I'm closing in on 3000 posts.  So, mathematically speaking I may have a while, but still... I'm currently working with a finite resource.

Things I didn't know when I decided to share the babblings in my head.

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