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7 days Sailing with Badboy Team testimonial

Luca and Badboy asked me to write this review of my Sailing week with them from 2 summers ago. Long time passed but I still remember every day like it was yesterday. I was never a sailing fan, actually I have never been on a sailing yacht before.

Sailing Week with Badboy Team in Croatia

I have signed up for Summer Camp + Sailing week package. This was supposed to be my best summer holidays after 5-6 years of focusing hard core on work. Literally last 5 years I had no life. Just school, work, home, school, work, home… I stopped enjoying life, I forgot about myself. I became a zombie. No girls, no lifestyle…

I needed a good summer holidays

Fun, friends, girls, summer, party, adventure, alcohol, I need something wild, something that I have never done before. The problem is that most of my friends are in some kind of relationships, and they go to “couple holidays”, or they are extremely boring.
I literally have no one to go with to a fun/ advanture holidays.

it was late May, and I bumped into Badboy on conference he was speaking here in Germany.  He offered us his Summer boot-camp and then he showed us his new event: Sailing week. It just clicked with me in the right spot.  That’s the summer I wanted, summer I needed.

My friends will think I am crazy, but there is no better summer then: Sun, Nice beach, cocktails, picking up girls day and night, having new friends who like to do those same things, all of it on some exotic Island in Mediterranean.

Really at least for me, this was best Holidays decision ever. I do not have friends who I can do crazy stuff like that, like you can do with Badboy, his crew and other students who came to camp & sailing week.

I am not going to spend much time here on Summer camp itself, it really is what you see in Promo video’s. 2 weeks of hardcore working on yourself, chasing girls, hanging out on beach with bros, fun, lots of fun. You will learn a lot, fuck a lot. I got 2 full closes and few kiss closes, blowjob… Whatever… My game dramatically improved.

Sailing Week with Badboy Team in Croatia

Just going through Summer Camp was amazing experience, best summer I had in last 10 years. And there was a week on yacht in-front of me. Since that was a first year they did Sailing week, there was no official program, testimonial I could read, I had no idea what will happen.  I had no idea I would witness first PUA Battle. But 2 weeks on island, I have meet Luca and get to know Badboy (you all will on camp) and I trusted them.

The Summer Camp ended on Saturday morning, all of the guys boarded bus and went back to  Zagreb—>Munich with Badboy Bus, while 8 of us went with cars to Split marina and check-in to our yachts. We got 2 yachts.  Since it was a first year, Badboy took his best senior Instructors (5 of them) and there was 4 open slots for students (2 cabins). I and 3 more lucky guys joined this adventure. Total crew of 10 guys.2 guys we picked up on airport in Split, who just signed up for Sailing week.

Day 1

As we arrived to Split marina, we splitted into 2 groups. It turned out I was on yacht with Badboy, Jonny, Luca, Phillip.
Luca is really nice guy, a Badboy’s right hand for sailing event. He was organizing everything, calling restaurants on islands, sorting out parking in harbors, pulling girls to our yachts. He was the Captain of our expedition. You will love Luca, an evil mind with nice guy energy.

Jonny is one of best Instructors in team if you ask me, and I was so happy he was with us on yacht since I wanted to learn more from him about his Inner Game thing. Philipe was a 38yo guy who signed up for Sailing, but was had no training with Badboy before. A really nice guy as well. I enjoyed hanging out with him on islands and on yacht. We shared an cabin together.

Our yacht was nice 12 meters Janneau. Since I never been on yacht before, each thing  there was an adventure. It’s like a small house where everything is optimized, miniaturized.

Sailing Week with Badboy Team in Croatia

As well You will fall in love with Croatia. Sea is clean, transparent blue color, islands are magnificent, people are friendly, prices are reasonable and food is great. I love sea-food and for me this was a dream.

Luca was skipper on our yacht, during the trip he was teaching us basic things about sailing, at same time being out host, showing us amazing islands on our trip, hidden spots on each island where to take girls etc…  It’s amazing to have someone to tell you immediately upon your arrival to island where to go, which bars, clubs, where to isolate girls…

Sailing Week with Badboy Team in Croatia

After departure from Split we decided to take it slow and go to island of Brac,
First night we slept on island Brac in some hidden bay with old restaurant that only skippers know about. There are no roads to restaurant, it’s on deserted side of island, and you anchor your yacht in-front, and they pick you up with a small dingy rubber boat and take you to restaurant. Really cool and unique experience.

Do I have to tell you that food was amazing? All organic, healthy, local. I fell in love with Croatian food. Most of time we eat Fish in those restaurants. We parked our yacht one to another, so we can talk, get to know each other. Luca brought few wine bottles, so we opened wine and talked till late in night on decks of our yachts.

Badboy wasn’t with us that evening, actually he was sleeping whole first 2 days of trip, it was obvious he was totally exhausted after Summer camp. He was in re-charge mode. On our boat we had agreement to go easy on him, and let him recover. Boy, he was going wild on Summer Camp. He lost his voice, I think he didn’t sleep for 14 days.

So much energy he gave us, so much knowledge, I really admire and respect all his work. He gave 200%.  He was everywhere, on seminars, on day game sessions, on beach, in clubs at night, managing instructors, logistics. He needed as good sleep. He changed lives of 35 guys forever in those 2 weeks. 
We were all tired as well, and that’s why Luca choose first 2 days of trip to take us to these really nice chill-out places on different islands. First two days was slow and enjoyable. I need it as well.

We were all waiting for Island of Hvar. That’s where action is, that’s where hottest girls in Croatia and Europe go for holidays. That’s the place to be. 9’s and 10’s game.

Day 2 – Island of Hvar

Sailing Week with Badboy Team in Croatia

We woke up early. In morning we had some quick breakfast on boat, and set out sails for Island of Hvar. Winds were good and we were sailing! It was really cool experience. Luca gave us training how to get sails up and down. Energy on our yacht was so much fun. Even Badboy recovered and he was back to 100%.We played good music, opened bottle of wine, enjoyed sun, wind, fresh water, and amazing scenery. It was really cool start of the day. Hedonism to fullest.

As Badboy would say: “Carpe diem”. We arrived to Hvar around early that day and found a place to park our yachts very close to all bars and clubs. Perfect Logistics for game.
That morning Badboy and Luca took us to the cool lounge / cafe and explained us game for 9’s and 10’s.

Let me tell you about Hvar:
It’s a place where Bill Gates goes with his multi-mil yachts, where celebrities from Hollywood go on their vocations, and of course, since money is there all hottest girls are there as well. Hvar is full on hottest girls you will ever see.

Badboy and Luca gave us Mini seminar 3/4hours on how to play game on Hvar. How to do 9’s and 10’s game. How to cheat the game and compete with Multi-million $ yachts. It was me and Philipe from our yacht and 2 guys from other Yacht. For me this was a perfect “Upgrade” to my normal game I learned and played on Summer Camp.
Instructors went on a trip around Hvar, while we spend afternoon hanging out with Badboy and Luca in lounge bar next to beach.  I was looking forward testing new 9’s and 10’s game

Sailing Week with Badboy Team in Croatia

Both Badboy and Luca, even other Instructors will help you and they are there for you, but do not expect some hard core training from them. Like you have on Summer Camp. This is the main difference between Camp and Sailing week.

On Camp Instructors will be behind you back, day and night, giving you tips, lines, help you escalate, give you awesome feedback, push you to next girl. They will kill all your sticking pints. Etc.
On Sailing week, you will be picking up girls with them, drinking wine, hanging out as a friends in cafes, bars, clubs, restaurants, sharing stories, meeting girls together… etc. This was a cool “Lifestyle trip”. But yes whenever I needed some help with some girl, they were more than willing to give me few advices, etc.…

And those are best moments from this trip I had. Evenings where we were hanging out together, shooting shit, moments where you can really meet those guys, who they truly are.
Its like choosing between them as a Instructors Vs real cool friends to spend summer with.

Day 3 – Hula-Hula & InstaFuck

Sailing Week with Badboy Team in Croatia

One more day on one of the most beautiful islands on Planet earth. Hvar is gorgeous, I fell in love the moment I stepped on island. Energy and architecture of Hvar- WOW. It’s a place you have to see and experience. I think 7 of us went for a morning coffee and debriefing in local cafe in harbor. The plan was to attack Hula-Hula (After beach club) that afternoon. Later I took Badboy for a lunch because I wanted to talk to him privately. But that afternoon Luca was on fire.

I never thought I will be so lucky to see that, I have seen whole thing where Luca approached this hot upper-class chick from London, and Insta fucked her in water 10 meters from beach. I think total time was 10-12 minutes. I always thought Insta-Fucks were more for night and clubs and Summer Camp type of places.

Let me explain you: this was one of high-class vip club on really high-end island. And it was 4pm!! He approached her on dance-floor with one of the moves Badboy’s gave us on camp, and stated making out with her in less than 2 min.

He took her to water and climbed up on some rubber boat that was docked in front of a club, and fucked her there. In front of whole club! I was with Badboy and Instructors watching whole show from Hula-Hula chairs, enjoying my red-bull.
Holy-Shit. I have never seen anything like that in my whole life. It was hilarious because Badboy was doing live commentary from our table, like you are watching football on tv.
“And now pay attention, to Luca, he it taking her for hand, slaloming through people in club… going for a home-run, no, it looks like Insta-fuck.. He’s going for an Insta-fuck. Yes Yes.. It’s an Insta-Fuck..1:0 for Badboy Team”

I still remember his words. Hilarious. That was first fuck close on sailing trip.
Badboy yelling through hula-hula, people around watching as is he’s crazy..

Since food on Hvar was really expensive ( restaurants ), to save money, we were cooking and eating on yachts.. Kitchenette were small but still we managed to do it somehow. It was cool. Few guys cooked really well so we survived :)

That night we were dining on our decks and celebrating Luca’s Insta-Fuck, Badboy opened a bottle of champagne, and that’s where competition started. Guys from Yacht 2 started saying they can do it faster. So Badboy proposed an challenge to Yacht2 (Instructors and other guys) to compete on Fuck Closes that night with us (Yacht 1).  Who will get more fuck’s. Yacht1 Vs Yacht2

Holy Shit. I was speechless. I have never approached a 9 or a 10 yet, and I am in middle of competition, where we have to fuck them! We were about to compete in best club on Hvar. Best club on Adriatic coast. Club full of 9’s and 10’s. Carpe Diem Island! It’s an one of those small islands in-front Hvar turned into a club.. Plenty of places to hide and isolate. Perfect battlefield for this challenge. If only I was ready for this. Even after camp, you are not ready for competition with Pro’s and Instructors.

The Yacht 2 accepted the challenge. 3 top Badboy’s instructors + 2 students to beat. I know I will have to give my best to contribute as much as possible.

Badboy set how we will measure success
Phone number-10 points
Kiss close-30points
Blowjob-50 points
Fuck close -100 points
Play time was 5 hours :
from midnight – 5am
Meeting at yachts at 5:30am

Discussion turned into an argument, on how to proof  results.

Since we will all be running around, no way to check other team results, so we thought of using phone-cameras as a proof.
You get a kiss close – take photo.
Blowjob – photo
Fuck close – take her panties as a souvenir+ photo
3some – photo

I was about to be part and witness fight of a Giants.  I think every guy in pickup community would pay to watch this kind of battle. PUA battle!
I was about to participate it! Beat that!
Badboy Vs his Instructors. Can students beat professor?

Price was set: The team who wins, will be served with pussy for whole day by looser team on another island.

After dinner Badboy immediately isolated us ( our team) to our lounge, and explained us strategy for a night (just like a great coach would do it before a big game. He came with  pen & paper, and draw whole island, night club on paper. Whole strategy, hour by hour. He had clear idea  how we will win, and out-fuck Yacht2.
He explained us rules for winging, and I think that was crucial point.
We had a Tactical advantage, because Badboy and Luca knew Carpe Diem inside out. Obviously they pulled girls there before :)

We all came to a club around 11pm. Had a drink and stated the challenge at 0:00am, club was full, around 700-800 people on that small island. Each of us  took 5 condoms, badboy gave us each an caffein-pill for focus and energy.

Sailing Week with Badboy Team in Croatia

This night I will remember for rest of my life. We destroyed that place, guys from both teams were kissing girls, fucking girls, it was all over place. It was long & amazing night. I wasn’t sure will we win, because I have seen other team doing really well. They closed lots of girls. We came back at 6am to our yachts walking like Zombies and compared results.

570 points Vs 490 points. We Won!
What a night.

Day 5 – Recovery

We slept whole next day. I woke up around 5pm and joined boys on beach. We spend rest of afternoon and night on beach, shooting shit and exchanging stories from last night. Badboy had some crazy stories to tell and debrief. Photos we collected were simply amazing. It was such a good day. We went that night in Carpe diem as well, but no one had energy to do anything that night. We had an drink an went back to yachts. Sleeping needed.

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Day 4 – Blue Cave Vis

Sailing Week with Badboy Team in Croatia

In morning we sailed to another close-by island and went for a swim in gorgeous Blue cave ( island Vis). Its gorgeous spot to go for a swim, and take some photos. It’s a Blue cave you can go in, and dive. Intact nature. Simply amazing. I don’t remember the name of town where we docked later, but it was this small beautiful old town. We spend whole day there chilling out hanging out.

No bars or clubs to chase girls, it was more family place, it was pure man bonding. I realized Croatia has so many beautiful islands. You go from one island to another and get shocked. It’s just amazing.  I was enjoying every moment, every minute being there with boys on yacht. Yes there are downsides of it, like small cabins, fucked up shower, small crazy boat toilets, but that’s all part of being a sailor! By day3 we got used to all of it and we were already perfect Sailing crew.

Sailing Week with Badboy Team in Croatia

Luca gave us our duties, and we were performing them. Winning an “Carpe Diem challenge” bonded us big time. It was all due to Badboy’s genius plan. Since Phillip was weakest link in our team, because he never took any trainings and there was no time to coach him.

So Badboy  gave him as speed 1h coaching on winging. Set him on a bar to look for easy girls (he explained him how) while we were running around closing girls. This way we didn’t waste time for looking for new girl/ approaching girls that have already been approached/ fucked. We would just come to Philip and he would have new girls ready for us. As well we used him as wing to occupy and distract group when we were isolating them. This brilliant tactic got us so many closes. That was winning strategy for that night,
Yacht2 choose wrong strategy (they separated into pairs/winging), while we  were running solo and only on closing ( last 5min) used Philip as a wingman. This way we approached more girls, and closed more girls.

I am so glad I participated first in history PUA group battle & won it!

Day 5 – Pirate attack – take no hostage

Sailing Week with Badboy Team in Croatia

Winds were perfect, so Luca decided lets sail few hours to Island of Brac, to famous Golden Rat beach. Apparently place was more “civilized and had some clubs”. After almost 2 days on sea we were all hungry for more pussy. It was time to collect our “Winning price”.

Whole day team from “Yacht 2” had
to serves us with girls.
As soon as  we docked, I was assigned my “servant” from looser team to bring me girls all day long. It was such a good day. 
For example : I would sip my coffee on cafe on beach, I saw this gorgeous girl with her family on beach, I would just smile,  point and said “ I want her”.. And he would go and get her to me. Talked with mother, father, sister, then isolated her, got her to me.

Let, me tell you, it was a very enjoyable day, in which I met lots of girls :)
I was killing my servant.
Just imagine having someone bringing you girls all day long as you do your usual stuff… It was living a dream. Kings do not have such a treatment.
On other side it was really good training day for “looser team”, as they did lots of crazy approaches! I am sure their game got even better. hehe
It was so much fun. I wish everyday can be like that.
Just imagine amount of stories we had in evening for our “drink wine and laugh” deck sessions. We were crying in some moments on some of stories.

We went to a local club that night. That night I got laid by this cute polish 19yo girl.
I saw her dancing on bar in one of clubs.  I sent my “pussy servant” to get her. I thought he will fail. Whole club was staring at her. Rest is history. Once he got her to me, I used typical Badboy’s game club and had romantic sex on tip on “golden rat”. Fucked her 2x. And was ready to move on to next island.

Day 6 – Next Island – Solta

We moved to our last destination, and had cill-out day in one hidden bay on non-populated side of island. Diving, swimming, relaxing, had launch on yacht, with whole crew. Actually these were best moment on trip. When we parked yachts together in middle of sea, turned off engines, put down sails
, and just enjoyed amazing company. This is true sailing experience. I can tell by day 6 I started to become an  Fan of sailing.

Luca again chose best spot for our Last Dinner. That guy has Adriatic Sea in his pocket. He knows every bay, every port, every town, restaurant on Adriatic Sea. It was such an advantage to have him in our team. We wouldn’t win without him.

Day 7 – Check out

Early morning we returned our yacht to Split, had our last coffee in port and went to airport.

Bad things:
I hated those public showers on islands. But this is not hotel holidays and it’s part of Sailing Lifestyle. You get used to it on day 2/3.
And cabins were really small on our yachts. But I guess bigger yacht would cost much more money.

Good things :
Looking back  now and reliving it one more time as I typed, I see how much fun I had, I am glad I did it, it money and time well invested. I would do it again for sure. Maybe next year.
These 3 weeks get my game on next level. I can’t say I fucked millions of girls in last 2 years, I did not. But I have few fuck-buddies now and I am happy. One more time thank to Badboy & Luca for a great summer.

I remember I got  home relaxed, with a nice tanned, full of positive memories.

You enjoyed reading this? Wanna experience the same? Join us this summer on Sailing week. Luca will be there, Badboy will be there, You?

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7 days Sailing with Badboy Team testimonial


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