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Signs That You Might Need House Leveling

The Foundation to your home is just that: a foundation. It’s the support upon which your home is built. If that support is weakened or damaged, then the rest of the home will suffer as well. Foundation damage that’s left untreated by House Leveling and other foundation repair techniques can cause major headaches and damage to your home, and lead to even costlier and time-consuming repairs. It’s important that foundation issues, once detected, are not left too long before being dealt with. Here are some signs that your San Antonio home might need foundation repair.

Doors and Windows Not Functioning Properly

If you notice that your doors and windows stick, or do not close properly, it is a major sign that your House is settling and causing those spaces to lose their symmetry (which causes the sticking issues). Another sign is if gaps develop between the caulking on those doors and windows. Left too long, this issue will only get worse, so house leveling may be a solution to put things back in order.

Cracks Showing

Visible cracks in or outside a home are never a good thing. There are lots of places that cracks might start to show, so keep an eye out. The lowest floor in your house may start to show cracks. Also, if there is brickwork outside, watch for cracks between bricks that look like stairs. Long horizontal or vertical cracks can also be a sign of the house rotating, which can indicate foundation problems.

Floor Issues

Floors that slant can be a tell-tale sign that you may need house leveling. If you suspect that a floor in your home may not be quite right, check it out with a level or a laser sight. A slanted floor may not be a foundation problem, as it could be related to the sub floor or other flooring issue, but no matter what it’s something that needs to be checked. A sunken floor is also a symptom, and might mean serious foundation repair problems.

Small Issues

There are many seemingly small issues that you might detect that indicate big problems with your foundation. Bubbling wallpaper, for instance, may not be caused by glue that gives way. It might be caused by pulling created by a house settling. If you see cracks or circles around nails, or paint that has started to come away from nails, then this could also be an indication. Another place to check is around outlets and light switches. There may be cracks there that indicate pulling to one side.

Mortar Joints

When a house is settling or there’s a problem with the foundation, the mortar joints on the outside wall can start to look slanted, and sometimes cracked. Sometimes this is the first sign you might have that there’s an underlying problem. You can check your mortar joints with a level or a laser sight to make sure. Masons are very careful and particular about making everything level, so if something is even a little bit off, then there’s a good chance that you need house leveling.

For many homeowners, the words foundation repair can be some of the scariest to hear. However, there are techniques, such as house leveling, that will get your home sitting properly. To make the repairs as easy as possible, make sure to catch any potential issues early on.

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Signs That You Might Need House Leveling


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