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Trust at Workplace – Office Chamber or Integrity Scanner?

Either professional or personal, a kinship without trust is more likely a phone without a cellular network; you won’t be able to do anything, but play games.

It is all about trust, be it any sphere of this planet. “Never waste your feeling on people who don’t value them by not trusting you,” they say. “Should I be working for a place where people don’t trust me,” is the question that disturbs me all the time. But, you need to admit that if someone is cutting you in pieces, there are high chances that you handed them the scissor. It is quite an amazing, but pathetic and painful thing that people with whom we spend a lot of time, in the end, they prove that they were not even worth a second of that time. In a professional environment, after facing the first installment of the betrayal, people start hunting for available options; options like skipping someone, ignoring completely, changing workplace or tricky excuses. And, no wonder, this one is an obvious outcome, especially when someone’s integrity is put under the scanner without any reason.

After 17 years of professional experience, I believe the main reason behind the stress at the workplace is not the work-overload, but trust. When you set out to watch the video and audio of office room or employees, in this case, I think the big problem is a deficiency of trust. People do not trust each other and they believe, this gap can be compensated by technology like CCTV, spy cams, tracking devices, strong web access policies, microphones, spies inside, and, etc. Though the main purpose of these security eyes should be – safety and supervision, but how many of you think that these equipment are used for the same purpose? There is a theory that says, “leave a child unattended in a CCTV room and then you will experience his real behavior.” Isn’t going like cat and mouse relationship? Is there any ‘‘barometer’ using which you can check whether or not you are under consistent surveillance? Are you sure that your your honesty is not under the same scanner? Quite an easy task to figure out that hidden spy eyes; all you need is – “attention.” Look for the things happening around you.

You Are Nothing, But A LIFO (Last In First Out)

Should you know a little accounting, you will understand what am I talking about. You are the last one to know something and when it is about exclusions, you are the first one. Every relevant information is withheld from you and you are the last one to know. You are never invited to social gatherings or client meetings. In short, you are the last one to in and the first one to out. This is simply because you are not considered a trustworthy person.

Grilled Sandwich – You Are Grilled With Endless Question

Should it be about a day off, late arrival, early departure, mid-way departure or your work, you always see yourself standing and pleading on the other side of the director’s table, answering his/her endless questions, which is not the case for others. Even if you are doing the things right and allocating as much as time you should be, you are expected to answer all idiotic questions regardless of time. In your case, the employer will never notice when you do something or sit late, but when you ask for early leave or fall short of doing something. Sadly, if it takes a day-off to make you realize your worth at your workplace, consider it as a sure short sign of being under surveillance.

You The Faulty & All Detailed Instruction Are For You

The recruitment process sometimes seems quite funny to me. I mean what is the point of hiring someone for a certain job profile and then detailing him how he needs to do? Either your recruitment process needs modification or your recruitment in-charge. Feedback is good and it has to be there. Should you need growth in career, you then need to take that evaluation very seriously. But, at the same time, if you are the one who is served with maximum details and that too all the time, you must reconsider your tenure. In that case of consistent detailing, you will lose your originality and by the end, you will become an employee that fits nowhere, but the same security chamber.

Idea Plagiarism Without Credits – No Appreciation At All

“Oh! That was my idea.” When you work in the corporate sector, you share a lot of ideas with your employer because you are positive about your office/institution. But, when instead appreciation, your employer overlooks you (your importance and your needs), you feel bad; anyone will feel the same way. The reason behind this is – lack of trust and that is what makes you feel like you are not a teammate, but an extra player. Should you employer trust you, he will always give you credit for the decision and will never doubt your integrity.

You Are The Culprit – Whether You Do Things or Not

Let is be a corporate environment or personal, if you want a stress-free relationship, never highlight yourself and your extra skills. I learned this from an old supervisor of mine. People don’t notice when you do something, they notice when you stop doing. But, if there exists the trust, “Where you were yesterday,” will become, “Are you fine as I saw you missing yesterday.” Again, this is a question of trust. You will be micromanaged for every single action of yours.

(Biased) Policies For A Few & Exemptions To A Few

“Mr. A can never have a genuine problem, whereas Mr. B is always genuine with his reasons.” Policies are only for a few and rest all are exempted from those because they are on the favorite list. Trust me, at such a place you can never earn the place that you are striving hard for and you will be always scrutiny for everything you say or do. You may also experience that the policies are extremely controlling or punitive and that too only for a few employees including you.

People say, “one should quit such a place where there is no trust and appreciation.” In the corporate sector, it is a crab theory that most of the people including employees and employers are following and to make their dreams successful, and to do that they will keep you busy with distractions. Do I really need to tell you that such a place will absorb your energies, happiness, skills, dreams, honesty and your career growth? The employers must understand that these kinds of practices lead to a reduction in productivity, lack of interest in workplace’s betterment, limited commitment, diminution in motivation level, and employees will behave in a self-centered manner, despite endless teamwork activities. Don’t hire someone only for his skills, hire someone whom you can trust with his skills.

Do you think you are working at such a place then you should better ask yourself why are you working for such a place where your honesty is on a scanner?

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Trust at Workplace – Office Chamber or Integrity Scanner?


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