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Do I really need Facials?

Facials and herbal massages are beauty treatments that a lot of women and men indulge in. It may seem like an extravagance, but these facial  and sometimes herbal massages, have a lot of benefits to the skin.

The Skin of your face differs from that over your body and is prone to suffer from dehydration. The face therefore, needs special care to prevent the formation of wrinkles or acne and ensure that the most visible part of your body remains glowing and healthy.

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Facials are not an elaborate scam perpetuated by the beauty industry, you really do need a facial at least once a month. Here are some benefits of Facials that will hopefully persuade you.


Facial and Herbal Massages involve adept massaging of the face by a trained aesthetician, the feeling can be extremely relaxing and you feel like you are on a mini vacation. It also improves circulation to the face and can even eliminate headaches.

 Renewal of Skin Cells

The superficial layer of skin over your face changes every 28 days, this is why a monthly facial is a good idea because it speeds up the renewal process and treats already existing skin cells. Facials also increase blood circulation, allowing nutrients to be brought the skin surface which improves the regeneration process.

Thorough Cleansing

Facials help clean out the pores; unclogging them of all accumulated dirt and oil. Not only does this prevent formation of acne and blackheads, but over time, it can help reduce the size of pores (which widen because of trapped dirt). Exfoliating agents work deep into the skin, removing slough and any dead skin cells, this allows the formation of soft, new skin.

Reduce Effects of Ageing

Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, uneven skin and age spots can all be reduced by a good facial. The exfoliating agents not only revive skin but allows moisturizers to penetrate better. The key to good skin is moisture; facials leave your skin hydrated and less likely to lose moisture as well.

Improves Overall Skin Quality

Herbal massages that utilize known anti-inflammatory and healing agents like turmeric, lemongrass, lotus, kaffir lime leaf and mangosteen, renew skin and gives a healthy sheen to your skin. White and black clay masks have also been used to even skin tone and reduce the effect of the sun. Facials and herbal massages also improve lymphatic circulation and help drain accumulated fluid that could contribute to puffiness and redness of the face. These treatments improve the general skin tone, texture, complexion and health.

Helps fight Skin Problems

Facials that utilize special products are useful for people who suffer from severe bouts of acne, eczema or other skin problems. There are even natural and more herbal-oriented treatments for people with allergic reactions to certain elements found in the facial products. These people can also receive adequate counsel from aestheticians on what type of products they can use their face. This invaluable advice is appropriate to navigate the confusing and expensive world of beauty products.

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Facials and herbal massages are not miracle workers. Damages that occur and build up over time, also need time to be reversed, you may need to have several facial sessions before you begin to see improvement. Most skin care products take up to 6-8 weeks before their effects become visible so patience is important.

In addition to a monthly facial, remember to drink lots of water as this keeps your face hydrated, making your face fresher and glossier.

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Do I really need Facials?


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