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A & R (Part-4: Un-welcoming Welcome)

Alarm was buzzing continually, after all, it was Aniket’s mobile alarm. It had to be as adamant as he himself was. Aniket used to put his mobile far away from his reach so that he at least had to get up once in order to switch off the alarm.

Un-willingly, he opened his eyes and got up from the bed. He wanted to spend some more moments in his dream world with Ramya, but this stupid alarm was making disturbing noise. He moved towards the mobile which was placed on the kitchen shelf, and right at the moment when he crossed the apartment’s entrance on the way, he heard someone knocking at the door.

“Who could it be?”, he asked to himself. This was unusual time for anyone to make a visit to him. The delivery guy who delivers the breakfast in the morning comes after 7:30 AM. There was still at least half an hour for him to be at the door.

He was still thinking all this, when he heard the knocking second time.

He left the alarm buzzing and changed his direction to the door. He unlocked the door and opened it. There he was, the same glamorous, beautiful face which he kept looking throughout the night in his fantasies, was now in front of him unexpectedly. It was Ramya, holding a suitcase in one hand and a bag hanging on opposite shoulder.

“Hi ! Good Morning”, he heard Ramya wishing him. A human voice could ever be so charismatic, so melodious, he could have never imagined in his wildest imaginations. There was something really special with this guy, he thought to himself. He forgot to wish him back or respond to his good-morning wishes, as he almost lost his consciousness in sweetness of his magical voice.

“I am Ramya. I am your roommate.”, Ramya introduced himself and raised his hand for shaking hands with Aniket. But there was no Aniket. It was a statue of Aniket looking at the enormous mesmerizing beauty in front of it and lost in the magical voice controlling all his senses.

Getting no response from Aniket was a little rude and Unwelcoming gesture for Ramya. His smiling face started showing signs of nervousness. He guessed that his roommate, who was standing in just the shorts in front of him, was probably not happy with him being here. This changes in Ramya’s facial expressions caught Aniket’s attention and brought the statue back to the life. He then realized what the hell he was doing.  He quickly grabbed Ramya’s hand in his hands and he was just about to apologize for his rude and unwelcoming behavior but touch of soft, warm and smooth skin of Ramya’s hand made him forget all once again. He kept holding his hand without saying a word. His mouth once opened before grabbing his hand was still open but it cannot utter any words which were just about to come out of it.

Ramya felt awkward and slowly pulled his hand back. The friction of Ramya’s hand on Aniket’s hands alerted him once again. He could not understand what was happening to him. He was very embarrassed. But he quickly controlled the situation, and said, “Eh !… sorry.. ! I was not feeling well since last night.. could not sleep whole night. Please pardon me for this. Please come in.”

Ramya noticed that the hunk, with smooth, fair and toned body, standing right in front of him was really looking un-easy. He was still very much sleepy and was definitely not looking as fresh as someone would be after having a comfortable sleep.  He was the person who easily believed others. If he does believe in lies, the Lies do not exist in his world. He now realized that Aniket was probably not rude, nor un-welcoming but probably he was not well and on top of that he disturbed him so early in the morning. He himself felt a little embarrassed on this and apologized to Aniket,  “Oh ! I am so sorry that I happened to disturb you so early in morning.”

Although Aniket had asked him to come in but he was still standing there blocking the entrance. His mind and eyes were now totally in control of Aniket’s miraculous beauty and the electrifying touch of his hands which he momentarily touched a while ago. He was still lost in his deep eyes, and pink lips, without knowing that he had to give way to Ramya to enter the room.

“Would you mind…?”, asked Ramya.  Now he realized he was behaving like a duffer. He was really embarrassed now. “Let me help you”, he said and grabbed the suitcase from Aniket’s hand to help him enter the room and then quickly moved aside. He was thinking ….”What the hell was I doing? What will he think about me?” while putting the suitcase to one corner of the room. After putting the suitcase, he moved to his side of bed, grabbed his vest from the bed and wore it, and said, “Feel at home. Welcome to our room”, and passed a smile to Ramya to make him feel more comfortable and easy with him.

Aniket was surprised with his own behavior. He had never been attracted to men or felt similar attraction for any other males in his life earlier. He was unable to understand what was happening to him now. His mind was totally puzzled without a clue. On top of that, he was feeling embarrassed with how he behaved with Ramya whom he wanted to show the best part of his personality to create a positive first impression. He had been practicing a friendlier smile whole day yesterday with different poses and styles of opening the door and welcoming him in this room but it just did not happen the same way. It was rather totally opposite experience to what he had practiced.

He was abusing himself for stupidity of this Un-welcoming Welcome to Ramya in this room and in his life.

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A & R (Part-4: Un-welcoming Welcome)


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