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The Trick ! (Part -3)

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After reaching in room, the first thing that needed attention was to get a shower and change the clothes wet with mix of rain water and road water. I was taking my clothes and towel from cupboard when the roomie entered in the room after parking his bike properly.

He glanced at me, and then moved forward but I ignored him and went to bathroom to take the shower. After putting my dry (new) clothes on the shelf inside bathroom, I was unbuttoning my shirt when he entered inside bathroom and locked the door from inside. I was thinking why the hell would he do that? What is going on (in his mind)?

While I was making wild guesses without any clues, he approached me. He was appearing as a villain to me at that moment filled with all sort of negativity. I moved back but there was not much scope, I was already standing under shower (close to the wall). In a steps or two I hit the wall behind me. His movements were making me anxious. He came close to me, very close and then blocked my all possible escape routes by covering me in between his arms and walls. His both hands were on the wall on both sides of me. He was staring at me looking directly in my eyes. I could clearly see the over-dose of confidence in his eyes that was making me more nervous. I tried a failed attempt to threaten him of dire-consequences but my stammering voice and low-confidence tone could not produce the desired effect of threatening. Instead, it sounded like I was begging him for something.

I could hardly finish the phrase, “Look ! … I am warning yo…” when he placed his index finger on my lips to make me silent and started it moving from where it was placed to  other end of my lips. And then leaned over and attempted to kiss me. I turned my face away to avoid him. This was for the first time in our 3 months time together that I was feeling afraid of him, nervous, low in confidence and helpless. He paused and said, “Don’t worry ! I am not going to eat you. All I want is to have a bath together.”

I slowly turned back to see him. Mostly the eyes reflect the truth beyond the spoken words. He was still standing in that previous kissing pose, and as soon as turned back to him, he kissed me on my lips. The first kiss was relatively smaller one and surprise to me. But he gave me a little break then resumed with a passionate and longer kissing sequence.

kiss He grabbed my face in his hands when I tried to resist so I was unable to move away. I tried my best to push him away from me using my hands but he was holding me more tightly. Anyways, I am not a match to his gym-toned slightly muscular Body built. I even could not take his hands off my face. I got a chance to feel his rock-hard biceps when I tried moving his hand off my face.

Seeing me fighting hard, he relieved my face a bit and moved his left hand to caress my hair and started massaging gently on my head. My shirt was already unbuttoned. He placed his right hand on my chest close to my nipples and started sliding it all the way from my nipple to my belly and up to my waistline. shirtoff He said, “Relax ! Don’t panic. I won’t harm you darling. Don’t you Believe me? Don’t complicate it and make it harder for both of us.”  It sounded like a threat, a warning to me at that moment. His acts were clearly reminding me of an elephant who is in the “Musth” state (un-controllable state), due to increased levels of Testosterone hormones. I felt like it would be safer to follow his directions instead of fights.

He grabbed my shirt from the collar which was already unbuttoned and then pulled it off gently, and started un-buttoning his own shirt. In a moment, we were both bare-chested. He gave me once again that “hungry” looks and then grabbed my right hand and placed it on his back near waist line. He probably wanted some sort of participation from me, instead of being a victim or behaving like a dead meat.


His seducing actions lowered my fears of “unexpected horrors” and also made me feel sexually aroused. It was a real, warm, smooth human body that I was embracing, which was so far only possible for me in my dreams or fantasies. This was first time experience for me to have such a close and sensational touch of a human body. I don’t find myself capable of describing in words the sensation of touch and feel of a smooth, soft, shiny body which I was embracing and which was touching me from chest to chest and belly to belly. Moreover his moving fingers were accelerating the hormones in required body parts.

 He then folded his knees and pulled my jeans a little down and next I felt was a warm, sensational touch around my waistline. He was licking across my waistline from one end to another. The tickling sensation due to his licking automatically made me move my hands to his shoulders and his head to control his movements.


I assume he was enjoying it because next he pulled my jeans a little more downwards  (that gave me shivers again for the fears of getting raped) and then what I felt was a more passionate kiss and licking around my belly button. He was trying to grab my belly (skin) in his lips and moving upwards. It was forced, passionate and effective on me too. This time he even went farther and started licking from the area where pubic hair start.


His kissing was making me horny too but his actions were also making me fret on next (expected) horrendous part. He moved upwards, kissing most of my belly, chest and then nipple en-route and played around my nipples with his lips for a few moments. That was beyond my tolerance limits as I have very sensitive nipples and one of my weak points in my fantasies. He probably already knew it and that’s why he spent extra time here. It made my penis rock-hard and pumping up and down. I tried hard but could not stop moaning in ecstasy.


While continuing to play with my nipples, he grabbed my crotch and balls in one hand and my hips from other hand and gave them a squeeze.


He then took off his jeans, and socks and now he was wearing only undies.roomie-undies He was constantly staring at my body during all this and passing me smiles. Over does of testosterone rushing through my body had also made me fearless to quite some extent and all I wanted was to reach the climax and unload. The super hard crotch was now throbbing with full pressure. He opened the button of my jeans and pulled down my jeans too. Now I was also in my undies in front of him. But there was a difference in my and his undies. My undie looked similar to following (don’t go on mini or micro style of undie.. the matter is the Tent position):


He stood up straight and pulled my hands up and made me stand in an under-arrest, tied position with his one hand. I was breathing heavily with excitement and was desperately looking to him to stop torturing me like a sex-slave and help me unload my burden fast.

boys embrace pits

He kissed my armpits, and then kissed me passionately and then kissed me on my neck/shoulder and hugged me tightly in his arms and started the shower above us. Probably he also was in a dilemma whether he should proceed any further or if that could be “dangerous” to “our future”. Or, I guess, my surrender to his actions and no resistance might have turned him to re-think and be soft on me.


We kept standing there hugging each other under shower for a long time and he kept on kissing me and rub my back.

This was literally a KLPD event, and my first time with someone, which I won’t be able to forget throughout my life. There were many thoughts, mixed emotions and turbulence after we came out of bathroom finishing our shower but we did not talk to each other even a single word rest of the night.

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The Trick ! (Part -3)


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