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4 Tips For Meeting Men

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If you are a single lady looking for a relationship, your biggest challenge is meeting new men.  The biggest complaint of most women is that they only get approached my men who don’t interest them or even worse that they don’t get approached by anyone at all.  If you can relate to this problem then I have some tips for you. 

Ladies, you have to be conscious of the fact that a lot of men may be afraid to approach you because you look mean, busy, stuck up, or otherwise unapproachable.  These assumptions that men make may be incorrect, but these assumptions will consistently hold you back from getting dates unless you do something about it.  So use the following 4 tips to end your dry spell and tap into the plethora of eligible bachelors who are currently passing you by.

Tip #1- Smile more than you normally would in your daily life.  Men are always watching you to see how you interact with people.  He is judging whether you are nice to the people that you meet or if you treat them like crap.  If he sees you have an attitude with the bouncer, a nice eligible bachelor will chose not to approach you because he feels if you were rude to one man, then why would you be nice to him.  So make it clear to anyone looking your way that you are nice and friendly.  Smile at the bartender, smile at the bouncer, nod your head to strangers as you walk to the bathroom.  You want to put off the vibe of being a kind, sociable, and approachable woman.

Tip #2-Make eye contact with several men who interest you.  Many women make the mistake of being shy about making eye contact.  They are so absorbed in their friends or in their phones that they forget that they need to be constantly scanning the venue for men that interest them.  If you are regularly scanning the room you will eventually lock eyes with someone which is a great thing because it is the first sign that you could have a connection with someone.  So don’t be shy or fall into the habit of looking down and turning away if you catch someone’s eye.  That gives a man the wrong signal.  By looking away the man thinks you are saying “please don’t approach me, I just accidentally looked you way.”  Instead, if a man is even a little bit attractive hold his gaze for a few seconds, give a smile, a head nod, and mouth the words “hey” to him.  This lets him know without a doubt that you are friendly and sociable so that he will build up the confidence to come over and talk to you. 

Tip #3- Separate yourself from the pack.  If you came with a group of friends, be sure to separate from your crew for a while.  Men do not want to disturb your girl’s night out and will rarely approach you while your friends are around.  Therefore, go get drinks at the bar by yourself.  Go to the bathroom to refresh your make-up by yourself.  Take your time, don’t walk fast, smile at everyone you pass, look at the art on the walls, and look at the songs on the junkbox.  It is these moments when you are doing nothing all by yourself that men will approach you. 

Tip #4-Start conversations with several strangers per night.  You can warm-up by chatting up a group of girls by complimenting someone’s shoes, or finding out who the bride is in a bachelorette party.  Then once your social butterfly muscles are already warm, try to approach some men that interest you.  If he’s wearing something nice or is playing on a cool gadget, compliment him for it.  Ask him where he got it from and that that you are looking for something like that for your brother, father, uncle, or cousin.  If he has a nice smile, say “You have a nice smile.  What are you smiling about?  Are you celebrating something?”  Alternatively you could say, “You seem so serious.  What are you thinking about?”  or “This party is great.  Are you having a good time so far.”  Follow up any of these ice breakers with your name and see if you can talk easily with the guy or if conversation with him is an awkward mess.  If you click with him, that’s great.  Keep the conversation going and after 3-5 minutes see if you can get his number.   You could say, “Well you seem like a really cool guy.  Do you mind if we exchange numbers so I can get to know you better?”   However, if you don’t click with him, simply close by saying “It was nice chatting with you.  I hope you have a great night.” 

With a little time and practice, these tips can help you meet dozens of new men making your dating life so much easier.  Never be satisfied with having to choose from the one or two mediocre men who may approach you.  Put yourself out there and pick for yourself the man that is worthy of your time.

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4 Tips For Meeting Men


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