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Wedding Forecast for November/December 2018

November, the beginning of deep emotions linked to holidays and childhood memories. The New Moon on November 7 is in Scorpio, as this sets the tone for November. Scorpio’s superpower is to be able to keep secrets and not reveal the whole story. There is much to learn by this character. This allows your plans to be authentic and innovative as you move forward. Towards the end of November, we are now in the great energy of Sagittarius, adventurous, optimistic energy, and force.

In numerology, November is the 11th month, 11 is the master number, this is the highest in spirituality guidance and movement. December is the 12, equaling a 3 in numerology stands for the Holy Trinity, a completion based on good fortune and Blessings.

Here is what the Tarot Cards have to say for all the November/December Bride & Grooms:

November begins with great magnetism; you are healthy, vibrant and manifesting your needs with little effort needed. A tremendous amount of love and support is rewarding your past efforts. There is some work to be done on the home front, for one of you, if not both of you.  Some patience is needed, as a moment seems to be creating a hold up with time. See the Five of Cups? In Native American the meaning is “The Blessing is in the pause” a five-day delay, rarely does it mean five weeks!

Lady Luck is on your side, as the three of Wands is deep rooted and standing tall! Mr. Sassy pants, the Page of Swords, is noticed somewhere in your lives. This is a child between the age of five and fifteen. He is a direct and Divine messenger saying out loud, “I don’t do it like this anymore!! No, I won’t do this!!”. Although initially it is natural to find him annoying, but the message to you both is that something “needs to go”.  Property, belongings, old furniture, etc.  A deep desire for the fresh and new is Strong. Home takes the forefront, buying or selling a home and/or the pickup and relocation together.  The Hermit represents home, nurturing, reflection and emotions being open and expressed. The Queen of Pentacles obtains her goals by articulating what she expects and how she feels about the structure of plans. It is important for both of you to go deep, and release old feelings of feeling any defeat. This is no longer your reality and it is time to let those feelings go. Doing something symbolic on paper to burn them to ash is a simple effective way to get rid of those old thoughts.

By November 26th, you find yourself having celebrations of New Beginnings in income, home foundation and Love. New people of like minds, become established friends for the long haul!

In addition, establishing some new friends walking a similar path, couples growing with you. A lot of love is present as an older individual, goes behind the scenes to assist your progress without your awareness. This individual can be male or female, they have worked hard in their lives and they are not afraid to continue to grow.

In fact, they bring upon a fresh new idea, prosperous for you…Do you see the Ace of Wand in Red? This indicates New Enterprise in the midst of being really busy!

December begins with a strong female influence, she is strong and in admiration of seeing to fruits of her labor. Love and Commitment are set forward with a strong sense of equality, two full equal cups.  No dominating factors. By December 10th, there is great news coming from a distance, at least three hours from your home location. The momentum has been created, as you have manifested a shower of blessings, the card of synchronicity. This indicates resources coming in, meeting the right people at the right time, and unexpected financial gains.

That Magician appears, he says these two people have all the skills they need to succeed in their endeavors. Do you notice the monkey on his Alter? This is a strong reminder to stay with laughter and humor, as you do your work to move forward. Father God card comes in, this is most profound for he has something to say, following him is the wild card “Star” he channels his words through her actions. Together, this is highly spiritual, she says, “A Wish is about to be fulfilled, I speed up the timing for these two, I only have ONE condition. This is, that both of these people are keeping an equal amount of playtime in their lives as they are achieving their plans”. This is followed by the very best card in the deck, “The World” it means this union is protected by ArchAngel Michael, the energy of Aries, Taurus, and Leo. The Sacred union is in the middle of this body of glass.

Around Christmas Eve/day the Chariot is drumming his drum, raising the vibration for the Grand Finale. This is proceeded by Justice; do you see her standing tall holding the Libra scale? This is an indicator that a finalization has been done, perhaps one that could’ve been done sooner, although we are asked to understand that all is in Perfect and Divine Order.

Many Blessings to You Both

in Your Happily Ever After ~

Written By: Sabrina Lovell, Ask Sabrina Tarot & Spiritual Counseling

This post first appeared on Central Coast Bride, please read the originial post: here

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Wedding Forecast for November/December 2018


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