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Tuesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘a quick little re-print post and then on with the day’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

It has long been understood that each day of the week (as divided by our Greco-Roman-Franco-American culture*) possesses a certain…Simpatía with each of the three worldviews.

Part of the charm, nay, the fun in employing our little personality theory as (an) additional perspective on the world around us is how the Doctrine is everywhere! No, seriously. Everywhere.

The magic is in how the ‘qualities’ of each of the three predominant worldviews are gathered. It is not uncommon, when first seeing the world through the lens afforded by the Doctrine, to be frightened and/or amused by the consistency of the qualities being demonstrated by a person. You learn the nature of the relationship of each of the three personality types to the world around them and you happen upon a:

  1. clark (Outsider) if at work, you’ll think you’re seeing them for the first time. The occasion will be either something crazy funny they say that no one else seemed to hear or you spot them reacting to something going on in the immediate environment and it’s the perfect ‘aside’. You’re pretty sure they must be new, otherwise you’d have noticed them before, given how… oddly they’re dressed
  2. scott (Predator) if at work, you’ll sit back and watch the show. this guy/that woman is, like, ‘how do they even get away with that… but in a fun way. Unless you’re the one they focus on (“Is there someone in the audience who is thinking of…. lets get them up on the stage, come on, folks a great big hand for!!!”) For the eightieth time you wonder: a) how do they keep that up and 2) their spouse is either a saint or the devil
  3. roger (Herd Member) if at work… you’re in luck. Most of the people around you are rogers. But that’s not the lucky part. They surely are easy-going and friendly and so intense when you listen to them…. but that’s not the lucky part. You like how they confide in you and pulling you off to the side or closing the door makes it all the more special… but that’s not the lucky part. The business of their relationship to the world around them is… they are the center of their own Herd. And if you draw anyone away from them, they will lash out. And this is the lucky part. You know, (if you’ve done your Doctrine homework), when that happens, its them, not you.**

So what about the reprint?

(From 2012 ‘Tuesday Morning: how the 3 personality types of the Wakefield Doctrine respond to this ‘mildest of Weekdays”)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine ( three characteristic worldviews determine the 3 personality types: clarks, scotts and rogers )

Almost too easy. But we must be considerate of the New Reader! No telling how many people have arrived here at the Wakefield Doctrine this very Tuesday morning, driven by an insatiable curiosity, a little free-time at their computer at work/school or simply an annoying friend/co-worker (“...yeah, no! just go there! don’t try to read the About page, just read this Post! it’s about these people and these worldview things and…the thing of it is they are so right and I can’t stop seeing these scotts and clark and rogers…rogers!! do you have any idea how disturbing it is now whenever I drive past a bunch of guys riding bikes, wearing the kind of spandex that made Pat Benatar such a star… and  just go there and let me know when you understand how any of this is going to be useful!“)

We all know that Tuesday is the day of the week that is most clarklike, right? The clue was right there in the Title, right? And by the associating of the word ‘mild’, you know have a spot-on assessment of the clarklike personality type, right?


Well, right about the ‘Tuesday is the most clark-friendly Day of the Week’, but t-wrong about the assessment of the clarklike personality type as being ‘mild’. Moderate?, fair… temperate?, sure, why not? even-tempered?, now you are straying… easy-to-get-along-with? getting colder… flat-affect, overly rational? ok…warmer… driven by a disconnected emotional aspect to find the way back home… yow! boiling !

Tuesday is the easiest-going Day of the Week. Rivalled only by Thursday on the lowered expectations scale, Tuesday is the day where you can believe in the promises of the work/school, even commit yourself to giving all to making the week a time of great accomplishment. Without the threat of an Exam (Friday) or even a pop quiz (Wednesday), Tuesday is the day where:

  • clarks relax
  • scotts wake up
  • rogers begin to get annoyed

If you were looking through the eyes of a clark…on a Tuesday morning…and the newspaper headlines read: ‘Meteor to Strike Earth on Friday, Extinction of all Life Certain!’ your reaction would be:

  • relief because the mess you made of your first serious relationship would finally stop bothering you (…hopefully)
  • excitement because now you don’t have to worry about having enough money to pay the mortgage
  • amused because you had a dream in which you felt loved and cherished by all and when you woke up you had a genuine emotional conviction that you were ‘a part of the family’
  • a sense of vindication because you knew that nothing really mattered
  • regret as you finally realized that people did not really care about how strange the inside of your head is, they only wanted to believe that you liked and appreciated them
Well, that was …interesting!
If the rogers and the scotts would form an orderly line (yeah, right) we will register each and every one of your objections to this Post.

* reminder: the Wakefield Doctrine is gender, cultural and age neutral

** clarks will know what that means and that single insight makes everything else worthwhile


This post first appeared on The Wakefield Doctrine, please read the originial post: here

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Tuesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘a quick little re-print post and then on with the day’


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