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TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


This is a regular, weekly feature at the Wakefield Doctrine, in part because I am one of the host(s) (technically a hostus, being the sole representative from the Y Chromia (motto: “it’s a land of loud, fun and relatively short lived passions! Hey!!”) in distinction to my esteemed co-hostinae (Sarah, Michelle, Kristi, Christine, Kristi, Lisa, Dyanne and zoe)… our Miss Lewis, being Founder and Head Mistress.

…and so I write a TToT Post each week, in an attempt to convey those aspects of my life that engender a sense, (and subsequent feeling), of gratitude. I do this because I am  hostus and because I enjoy it and because I believe it is beneficial, both to me for the writing and for you the Reader in the reading. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

  1. I need to hurry my list today. I’m increasingly of the belief that we are all gifted with a certain amount, potential, quantity of whatever you choose to call ‘creativity’. It’s not a pleasant concept, unless you do a ‘double back’  (‘hey! turn that frown upside down!) and say that you’re glad to not have none of it.  I suspect that I might do well to designate this as a (potential) item of hypo-gratitude. It’s just that I need to finish rough-drafting Chapter 20 and I’m only just sitting down to write this… does anyone else have an opinion on the matter of ‘creativity: endless supply or spend it wisely?’
  2. Speaking of Chapter 20.  Blogdominion’s next installment is due to ‘hit newsstands by weekend’s ending’ watch your local listings! (In Chapter 20, things take a turn sinister as the Vantablack limousine pulls up to the front of Hazel Eddington’s house (actually it happens in Chapter 19). Inside the long, dark car was trouble…. for everyone except the Omni Corp. Maribeth Hartley is not having that much better a day, as she finds herself in the shower with her clothes on, again… we do, however get to visit with Orel and Theresa Rees, (who, alert Readers will recall did a guest appearance in Six Sentence Story this week), who are very much a welcome breath of fresh air, after the time in Chicago, in the company of Anya Claieaux… about whom some have whispered, ‘when she walks into a room it somehow becomes 1:30 am and you feel that, somehow, you might have a shot‘ and Ed Willoughby is feeling quite disappointed in how his wife and family are failing to rally around him in the current crisis and decides to work late at the office, not such a good idea.
  3. speaking of Six Sentence Story, you really should try it! Fun and challenging… come on! what’s not to like? zoe is a gracious and supportive host of this fine exercise in creative writing
  4. Speaking of creative writing, zoe (in the guise of Ivy) has this excellent blog Carrot, she mentioned on the phone last night that there was an interesting ‘hop that she is doing on Mondays…where even non-blog writers can participate and send in things…. sounds like fun your should try it!
  5. Speaking of jokes! It’s a given that clarks are not good at telling jokes  (scotts are good at telling jokes…. you know why, really think about it, if you still are not sure, write a Comment, will be happy to enlighten you). which is not to say that clark are not funny… they totally can be, but jokes?  not really. So, being a clark (with a secondary scottian aspect) let me tell a joke. Well, know that I think about it, it’s not really a joke…per se, more of a riddle… but you’ll laugh at the end!  no, really and because we’re online, you won’t be too self conscious to come up here to the front…. hey everyone !! lets get Dyanne to help us out!! come one up, Dyanne!! OK!  I’m going to ask you three question that I want you to answer and then, I’ll ask you a question but I’ll tell you the answer you have in your mind without having to be told…. no! come back!  Quick Answers now:  What’s 3 + 4?  …. ok,  What’s 7+2…. alright!  and 4 + 5?    Now…. name a vegetable!! (Click here and the Answer will be in the Title line of the Post!)
  6. Yep!  that’s where you were (when you clicked out to find out what Dyanne was thinking in Item 5  that’s the Gravity Challenge…. it’s a daily (except for Sunday) effort that we participate in that is fun and healthy and such…. if you want to change something about your weight (or you like to take photos of scales) you should join, Christine, Val, Lisa Kristi, Sarah and… Joy! it’s fun
  7. Speaking of fun… you know how stressful reality can be these days and how, even though you know for a fact, that building a fort in the living room would be relaxing, you just can’t because it wouldn’t be ‘adult’ and ‘mature’, right?  Well,  we have the solution!  Like-since-forever-Friend-of-the-Doctrine Cynthia has this blog…. Contemplative Coloring!  go there try it!
  8. Una and Phyllis…. well, Una for this item because Phyllis hardly ever sticks her face out the window of my car as we drive along.  WARNING! don’t tell Christine about the following photos, well, not the second photo, anyway…. I’ve said too much already!   20160226_17403020160226_173959
  9. the Wakefield Doctrine
  10. SR 1.3
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