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Top Ways Men Unknowingly Self Sabotage in Dating

Dating is hard, especially with the internet making the world seem so much smaller than it actually is. The ideas of dating have changed significantly over time, but some things haven’t changed.

Wear Clothes That Fit

According to The Idle Man, “ Never overlook the wonders well-tailored clothing can do.” One of the biggest mistakes men make while entering the dating scene is wearing ill-fitting clothing. Whether the clothing is too loose or too tight, not having well-fitted clothing is a big turn off to most women. It screams that you don’t care about your appearance enough to update your wardrobe, and if you do not care about your appearance, what else don’t you care about?

Be Sure to Brush Your Teeth

Another example of committing dating self-sabotage is poor hygiene. This is a big red flag for Potential Dates. Making sure you are well groomed speaks a lot to your confidence as a man. Good hygiene includes a number of things, including how often you bathe, brush your teeth, or groom your facial hair.

As Sabal General Dentistry puts it, “Bad breath may be caused by: poor oral hygiene, which can leave food particles to decay in the mouth, external agents including foods such as garlic, onions, and coffee, as well as cigarettes and chewing tobacco, or dry mouth caused by salivary gland problems or by breathing through the mouth.” Going in for a kiss and seeing, let alone smell, what a man had for lunch is just as displeasing as being able to smell the 20 sets you did at the gym. Buy some nice cologne and at the very least get some breath mints. She won’t be running for the hills because of your smell.

Finding Balance

Personality can play an enormous role in how potential dates see you. Being overly confident can be a turn off just as much as being unsure about yourself; finding the balance is key. You can be proud of your accomplishments without coming off as arrogant as long as you remain humble. If you are having trouble with low confidence, try focusing on the good things you have going for in your life or the qualities you and others appreciate about yourself.

Mutual Trust

How you talk about your past dates can be dating self-sabotage. If your potential significant other hears you talk negatively about your ex, it could make them stop and think about how you will talk about them if your relationship does not work in your favor. This may show that you have trouble trusting people, and relationships are built on mutual trust.


Fear of Missing Out

A lot of men deal with FOMO (fear of missing out), this often manifests as not wanting to settle down, not willing to commit to plans, or trying to turn a social event into a date. It is important to realize that potential dates want to know that you are willing to put in the same amount of effort as they are. Depending on how casually you are dating dictates how important making time for your date is to them.

At the end of the day, remember to be yourself. Dating is difficult enough already, but putting a facade on who you really are and what you want will be detrimental to your goal. Hopefully, now that you are aware of these common Ways Men commit dating self-sabotage, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward.

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Top Ways Men Unknowingly Self Sabotage in Dating


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