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Are You Suicidal?

Isn’t it strange but most likely that our loved ones and friends who have passed on will have something to say if they were still here? Won’t these be the questions they might ask if what they did never sent them away from us?

“I wish I never took my life?”

“I wish I waited one more hour or said this or that before I left?”

I wish I gave one more push?”

As crazy as those questions are, it isn’t a question those who have once tried to take their precious lives may have thought about when whatever they did to do so failed them.

It is most often grief stricken when a person with so much dreams and aspirations and so much to offer the world loses their life; either to natural death or personal suicide, especially at their youth. It’s inevitable that everyone will one day leave this world but when a dear fellow goes away through suicide; questions arise for their loved ones as to what it was they never noticed that would lead anyone to take their life. The puzzling effect often stays on for a long time and most times it leads to family members wishing they had said or done things differently for that fellow. Truth is man has a great urge to live, just as much as he has the urge to have sexual and emotional fulfillment- and this urge isn’t gender related. So why will a specie with so many reasons to live ever want to take his life?


The urge to stay alive and be better than we are the day before is in each and every one of us but due to our human circumstances, because we seek for satisfaction in things and people we can see, we easily get unsatisfied. Ever heard nothing good comes easy, well when it also comes easily towards you, depression can also come with it when it doesn’t Satisfy. And in all honesty, nothing does satisfy; it might give immediate gratification but not one that will touch your Soul. Little wonder music goes a long way for a while and we understand the lyrics at that moment, but then when all is out we are back to the spot and reason we got depressed all over again.

The hardest and simplest truth is that nothing satisfies. No music, sex, drug, relationship or friendship fills us up. Our body itself can never at a time function fully. When we have a good meal, we take it out of the body to process another meal; when we can’t, we say we have a disease and if the body we own cannot fully function to satisfy us, how much more something external? How much more can something we acquire fully fill our every being and soul?

A lot of suicidal adults roam the earth and some have been suicidal kids that have grown up with the pain and idea that they are supposed to be at a level at a particular time and that this or that is what it will take for them to be accepted; a mindset that is built up to make them think life happens as such. However, is it possible for anyone to be happy without knowing what happiness means? Isn’t happiness different for each and every one of us?

Our journey in life is a memorial of what makes us happy enough to do things or to go about the idea we call life. If a lover doesn’t make us happy, we think life has failed us, if the money we make doesn’t satisfy our needs, we think we can’t be fulfilled or be happy with what we have. Nothing satisfies, what a big Sigh! Not a husband, a wife, kids, money, cigarette, cars, food, sex or anything man made.

If therefore we are truthful to ourselves, we can begin to admit that there is something bigger than us, something bigger than the universe, the creator of the universe itself. Who forms all things and knows the root and existence of wisdom and the things that lead to happiness which we may only come to consume within our souls if we go to the creator himself for we neither know what love satisfies or what fulfills our soul without getting to the root of the soul and the creator of the soul.

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Are You Suicidal?


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