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Orijin Bitters:Do Bitters really Cleanse?

Many years ago, consumers of alcohol preferred locally made herbal concoctions for the love of bitters to well brewed international alcoholic beer great standard. The age-long tradition of foreign beer consumption was on its way out into the drain and out of fashion. This is as a result of the multitude consuming bitters belief that it contains anti-aging agents,body purifiers, anti-malaria components and ingredients that strengthen the virility of men.Thus the birth of Orijin bitters which is similar to Alomo bitters.

What Are Bitters like Orijin Bitters?

Bitters;Orijin Bitters

Bitters are drinks that are prepared from a mixture of plants and alcohol.Bitters have a bittersweet or bitter taste.

Originally, bitters were used as medicine but are now popularly used as mixers for alcoholic drinks.

What Do Bitters Contain?

Most bitters contain a mixture of alcohol and water (in varying proportions depending on the brand) in addition to various plant products.

Some of these plant products include a variety of:
Tree barks

Examples of some of these ingredients include but not limited to Cinchona bark,Orange peel, Gentian, etc.
The nutritional provision of bitters is to provide energy majorly in the form of carbohydrates.

There are two types of bitters namely:

Digestive bitters: these are used as medicine. They are either consumed without any additional product or with ice after a meal.
Cocktail bitters: these are added to alcholic drinks in drops to add flavour.
Do Bitters Really Cleanse?

Research has shown that BITTERS ingredients helps to cleanse the digestive system.

It is believed that bitters enhance the intestines and keep it in good condition so as to be able to digest food easily. Bitters like Orijin and Alomo also simulate the intestines to produce large quantities of
digestive juices and aid bowel movement.

Can You Take Bitters?

Bitters really cleanse

Since it’s emergence,No harm has been proven to occur from bitters so far although it must be consumed with moderation to prevent possible harm.A little too much is said to cause pot belly.

A quarter of a teaspoon several times a day is generally safe. It either be swallowed directly or added to soups, salad dressings, fish, apple pies etc.

It should be taken that not everyone can take bitters. People with the following conditions should avoid bitters:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Known allergy to any of the constituents of the bitters.
  • Pregnancy

Keep in mind that the digestive system is self-cleansing and does not usually need any help to do it’s job but People with a liking for herbal medicine can enjoy bitters; in moderation of course.A healthy lifestyle is sufficient to keep the intestines in good condition.

Remember that bitters contain alcohol and can intoxicate.

Orijin bitters owned by Guiness Plc

The emergence of locally made herbs in Nigeria made the top dogs(guiness nigeria) struggle with sales as smaller beer brands manufacturers were running at a loss forcing some to shut down their
business due to sickening drop in sales.Amidst all these,manufacturers of the local herbal drink known as ‘orijin bitters’ were smiling to the banks on a daily basis. There was serious crisis in the marketing of
most beer brands. Many big brands in the alcohol business battled with branding and rebranding of various new products while ‘local herbal drink makers’ take over the alcoholic beverage industry continue to
increase in numbers monthly.

Launched in 2013, Orijin Bitters was the newest and fastest growing bitters drink on offer in the Nigerian market.Unfortunately, the major ingredients in these products are ethanol, caffeine and hemp in different
proportions. Also common in some of them is a dark substance called ‘muru’ from northern Nigeria. The substance mainly used in the treatment of pile in that part of the country is the main reason for the bitter taste of some of these products. The combination of ethanol and hemp in most of them is why they are highly intoxicating.There are many health benefits and side effects associated with the consumption of Orijin Bitters and most importantly how you can get your hands on a bottle of bitters.One of the many benefits of this drink is the stimulation of sexual organs after consumption;the mix at which the alcoholic fruit bitter are used determines how well they stimulates sex organs providing it’s users that temporary and deadly sex energy required to satisfy their sexual urge.

  • Orijin is Bitter Sweet

If you have tasted Alomo Bitters which dominated the Nigerian bitter market for the past few years. Although Alomo Bitters has a really bitter taste (as you can imagine!), Orijin Bitters aims to differentiate itself from the competition by having a taste which is more sweet than bitter. We understand that the ingredients of the drink include neutral spirits, sugar, caramel extracts, chamomile, thyme, cinnamon, orange ,citric acids, and trisodium citrate.

  • Orijin is made Locally

Orijin Bitters is made by Guinness Nigeria Plc which is owned by the multinational drink company named Diageo. Kindly note that the drink is made locally in Nigeria. It even says so on the label! This of

course means that the drink is made by workers here in Nigeria as we believe that any drink claiming African heritage must be produced and packaged in an African country.

  •  Orijin bitters spirit drink Alcohol composition

    Orijin Bitters is available in both a 75cl and 20cl bottle. The 75cl and 20cl bottles cost about 1400 Naira and 400 Naira each. You can purchase Orijin Bitters spirit drink in shops across all the major cities in Nigeria as well as in on-line shopping market place like Konga

  • The later released Sister Product

The manufacturer also released a sister product “Orijin Zero” which comes in at a lower 0% and is named “Orijin zero”. This herbal drink is available in a 33cl can or a 33cl or 60cl bottle and is described by the manufacturer as bittersweet blend with flavors of African herbs and fruits”. A few critics argued that the new Orijin herbal drink is tasteless and lacks chocoholic taste. Maybe that’s true. However, it’s difficult to argue with the pace at which Orijin has become popular here in Nigeria. The drink was even endorsed by comedian Seyi Law in a video which quickly went viral on You-tube.

What are the Health Benefits Of Orijin Bitters?

Health benefits of Orijin

Keep in mind that Orijin Bitters spirit drink is a very strong alcoholic drink, with an ABV of 30%, always remember to drink in moderation. While its manufacturer does not say anything regarding the alchoholic beverage having any particular health benefits, the drink does contain chamomile and thyme. Both of these herbs have significant health benefits. In fact, Chamomile has been used for millennium to cure stomach pains and anxiety.

But does Orijin Bitters have any side effects? It goes without saying that you will end up with a hangover if you drink too much of Orijin Bitters given its very high ABV! However, the fact that Orijin is made by a well known and respected multinational company gives us more confidence that the drink will not have the same side effects that some of its competitors in this space have been accused of. Want to make a Chapman cocktail at home for a special occasion? Try out Orijin Bitters instaed of Angostura Bitters for a twist of taste on your buds.

Final Thought:Bitters like Orijin Bitters does contain health benefits but should be consumed moderately.

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Orijin Bitters:Do Bitters really Cleanse?


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