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Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely?Who does not anyway?Thats the sole purpose of using Craiglist.
But wait…..
I’ve to tell you something.
That’s not easy as Scammers now turn the place into a safe haven-there are ways to know if you are getting scammed on Craiglist but not to worry,you can still transact safely following this guide.
Don’t worry .You’re not alone.In this guide,I’m going to share with you everything that you need to do before and after deciding to use the website.Some common questions that you may have are :

1)What is Craiglist?
2)What do they run on there?
3)What are some Craig Scams?
4)How to sell your car on Craiglist without getting Scammed
5)What is Craiglist Personal ads?
6)How does Craiglist,Utah fight Online Sex Sales?
7)How do I identify a Craiglist Scammer?
8)How do I do a Craiglist Scammer revenge?
9)How do you know if you are getting scammed on Craiglist?
10)How to report fraud on Craiglist? or how to do craiglist fraud report?

This post is going to answer all your questions in details.It’s over 3000+ words so grab a cup of Coffee

Okay google open me Craiglist!

Craiglist Tips:Beginner's Guide Trading SafelyWhy Is Craiglist So popular?

Craiglist(otherwise known as Craig Listing) is an Online American Classified advertisement website with sections such as jobs,housing,services,romance,Local activities,advice,goods,forums,Personals-Just about anything.We analyzed Craigs Listing to better understand how Craig List website works.Specifically,we looked at the relationship between users and the website;other factors such as sections devoted to jobs,for sale,housing,personals,Community,gigs,resumes,wanted services and discussion forums.Do you want to know what we discovered?

Okay google give me Craiglist
Here is a summary of what we discovered:
1)Craiglist started out in 1995 as an email distribution list to friends(Craiglist email),featuring local events in the San Francisco Bay Area(SF).

2)Jim Buckmaster has been the CEO of Craiglist SF and other Craiglsit Search(region) since the year 2000.

3)Craiglist  became a For profit body in the year “1999”(It was incorporated during this time).

4)’CL’ is the popular nickname for Craiglist/Craigs Listing.’CL’ is also an easy alternative web

5)Craiglist has More than 60 million visitors in the US alone.

6)CL has more than 50 billion page views per month.

7)Craiglist in 2009,operated with a staff of 28 people as compared to the now population of 40 staff CL now manage

8)Craiglist listing supports the following Languages :Catalan,Dutch,Danish,English,Filipino,French,German,Italian,Norwegian,Portugese,Spanish,Swedish and Turkish.

9)The Craig Craiglist users post Over 80 million classified ads each month(including repost and renewals).

10)CL Charitable Fund(CCF) donates millions each year to worthy Charities.

11)Craiglist sites are over 700 local sites in 70 countries.

12)Craiglist supports the following countries and regions:craigslist
US Canada Europe Asia/Pacific/Middle East Oceania Latin America Africa

13)Craiglist Tips:Beginner's Guide Trading SafelyBack in 2012,when pumps are not working due to lack of electricity at some stations,while others have simply run out-Majority of Craiglist users traded sex for Gas amid Post-Sandy Fuel Crisis

How Can I subscribe to all countries feed On Craiglist using Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely?

Craiglist Tips:Beginner's Guide Trading SafelyA really easy way to make the RSS is to go to Put in all the parameters you want and press enter. Click the “Get feeds for this search” and follow the prompts until it downloads an OPML file to you. Import the file to any RSS reader you desire and takes less than 5 minutes to do.

With a site this large,the presence of Scammers on Craiglist listings cannot be avoided as infact there are scammers on Craiglist who will send you Craiglist email in form of text on your device(s).Craiglist itself is a great service but when dealing with people you haven’t or aren’t meeting face-to-face ;precaution and caution are necessary.

Craiglist listing is a great resource for selling items,locating services,job hunting and meeting people.Many times,transactions go smoothly when you deal locally,face-to-face as this is Safer-few Craiglist fraud are recorded when dealing locally.
However danger awaits an unaware buyer or seller on Craiglist.Most Craiglist fraud especially email scams on Craiglist follow a similar pattern to paypal text Scam,ebay Scam and other Online auction site.These Scammers are usually attracted to precious jewelry of high value and Cars as these items cannot be easily mailed;Don’t beleieve me?

Try this:Post on Craiglist that you have a piece of Jewelry or some other easily-mailed valuable for sale and the first mail you will probably get will be someone trying to scam you.

What are some Craig Scam to be aware of through Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely?

Primary Craig list fraud will be discussed (including how to report fraud on Craiglist).This article details every possible Craiglist Scams(be sure to add more in the comment section If I missed any)but no list is ever complete because new versions of old scams appear all the time.Once you know and undertand the common themes these criminals use,you can usually spot them a mile away and they become little more than a subject of amusement to you.

CRAIGLIST NIGERIAN EMAIL SCAMS : Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

This scam is gotten from the Nigerian Prince email-an advance fee type of scam popular in the 21st Century.The Nigerians email fraud usually offer you more than your selling price if you accept their check,Money order or paypal to use Craiglist search,Craig Sf,Craiglist Sf,Sf Craiglist com, for Sf Craiglist Jobs,Craiglist post and other Craiglist in local countries-a variation of email scams on Craiglist.The fact that this is a scam may seem obvious when close attention is paid to the text-you can find lots of grammatical errors and mispellings which can point a craiglist Fraud out but there are lots of varieties of this theme that fool peopkle everyday.Be smart!,don’t add your name to the growing list of Craiglist fraud victims who report fraud on Craiglist. Stay alerted,be aware and if /when in doubt ask your family,friends or someone who is Internet savvy what they think if things sound fishy.You could always come back to this blog for more…..

How to Identify a Craiglist Scam? via Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

To help keep yourself safe from fraud,Craiglist advises that any business dealings be done with people in your own local area.Business should not be done with folks who live far away.As with any online financial transaction on a classified site,wisdom in the way of caution, provision and instinct(they never betray you) are supreme.I once received an offer for the purchase of a jewelery item where the person said they lived in San Diego but requested that I mail the item to a remote place in England.Do you not suspect that something is fishy here?-it clearly is,I agreed and as usual ‘a counterfeit check was sent;’.I didn’t go through with the transaction.

Beware when anyone offers you more than what you asked for.This is weird and No!,the person is not being nice,he/she wants to scam you.Other cues include but not limited to poor grammar and misspelled words.In the Craiglist email Scam I mentioned above,both England and San Diego were misspelled and English Language was obviously not this Scammer native Language .This inquiry could not be coming from abroad or my local area but these cues certainly point this email Scam text as a red flag.

  • Craiglist provides the following advice on avoiding Scams when using their website :
  • Trust your instincts
  • Deal locally-Only deal with local buyers and sellers
  • Never agree to wire funds to a distant buyer via Western Union or any other carrier.
  • Be careful if other party wants to use an escrow service such as squaretrade,Bidpay or even Paypal
  • Never give your or another person personal financial information(eBay or Paypal Info,Checking account number,SSN,etc)
  • Always remember the most important rule-BUYER BEWARE!This advice is very useful when dealing with other online Classified websites and Scams generally.Most Craiglist Scams usually start off with the following:
  • Someone claims your transaction is guaranteed,that a buyer/seller is officially certified OR that a third party of any kind will handle or provide payment.
  • The buyer or Seller doesn’t live near you.

The buyer/seller offers a genuine looking(but fake) cashiers Check

Heres how to identify a real and a fake one:Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

  • The buyer or Seller only wants to pay by Cashier’s Check,US Postal Service,Money Order,Western Union or escrow Service(Bidpay,Squaretrade,Paypal etc)
  • Buyer or Seller asks for a partial payment Upfront after which they will ship the good(s)
  • The buyer/Seller won’t agree to meet with you in person

How to make a Craiglist fraud report?Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

You must be wondering how do I do this?To start with, never put your contact info directly in the ad. Then, here’s what you can do to report the fraud.This Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely will help you
Report it on Craigslist: There is a link at the bottom of every email sent through Craigslist’s routing system that says “Please flag unwanted messages (Spam, scam, other)”. Click that link.
Report as Spam in your email program: This will help make sure that similar emails are marked as suspicious or filtered in the future.The police can’t really do anything about it – there are hundreds of guys overseas sitting in Internet cafes sending one-off emails to Craigslist posters. The only solution is to try to educate people not to believe the scam responses.
To report fraud on Craiglist,Send an email to ‘[email protected]’ and give them as much detail as you can about the Listing.Make sure you include URL or 8 digit Post ID in your mail.The sad part is , the people’s government might not care as much as we do. But continuous scams and the evidence of it , could get a federal warrant. They’d have to either hand the people over, or exile them. Craigslist also have a contact form that you can use to report scam postings or fake Craigslist web pages – here: craigslist | contact form

Okay Google Open me Craiglist!Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

If you are a Seller,here’s how to report fraud on Craiglist :If you think  a Spam-mer/Con artist/Cat fisher/fraud has expressed interest in your items,forward it to “[email protected]

Are there Other Variations Of Craiglist?Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely
Yes,although the real web address for Craiglist is “”; “WWW” in the URL can be replaced with the name of the city whose listings you wish to explore e.g, newyork.craiglist

Are there fake Craiglist domains?
Yes,there are fake domains who want to capitalize Craig Craiglist success to Scam people.These fake extensions are or some other common misspelling of craiglist domains.

What do I do when I land on these wrong address?
Go back and re-type the URL or do a search for “craiglist” to be sure.

ANOTHER POPULAR SCAM IS THE CRAIGLIST CAR SCAM-Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

Buying and selling Cars(new or used) has been made a whole lot easier with craiglist,but scams awaits the unwary.This makes the “Auto Category in craiglist’s For Sale Section” very active,especially in urban areas when compared to rural areas.Both parties expect to make or save more when compared to sale(s) to a dealership.It was only a matter of time before the “Fraudulent world” took notice of this.Fraudulent postings,are are now a common occurrence by fraudulent craiglist accountant(s).The unsophisticated /Simple attempts can be easily ignored,.but some schemes can be more complex.Some huge Car Scams are operated by experienced cat-fishers/fraudsters have an answer for every of your questions.

These Criminals usually use stolen checks,counterfeit checks,and bounced check for their schemes-people often lose their money,Car(s) or both to thse guys.The fraudulent scheme plays like this:

You get contacted by a buyer who claims he or she “accidentally” payed more by money order,or cashiers check than the requested price of the item and then asks you to refund them the excess.If you send them the money before money order clears the bank,you are more stupid and less smart-you have just been scammed as these money orders often turn out to be counterfeit/fake and the money sent to them is lost forever.

Selling and buying cars on Craiglist can be done safely if you follow the tips(warning signs) below:

  • Avoid postings whose car is priced far below current market value
    Never proceed with the transaction if the seller claims to be in the military and is stationed
  • overseas.
  • Dismiss if the posting does not include a phone number
  • Be wary if the seller demand that you use an online escrow service of their choice
  • Stay off when the person receiving the call is referred to as a ‘pickup agent”
  • Neglect(do not follow through) if payment must be wired to or from another country to another.Western Union is mostly requested for this.
  • Be wary if the buyer or seller is very anxious to conclude the transaction.

CRAIGLIST TICKET SCAMS-Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

Craiglist(give me craiglist) provides an excellent means to sell unneeded tickets from sporting events to shows,concerts,festivals,fairs and even airline tickets.All you got to do is make a post with a post with a short description from your Craiglist account,wait for the emails and phone calls to start coming in. Craiglist Ticket section has earned itself a popular reputation for providing deals,tickets to hot shows or ‘sold out’ events especially when such events are premiere events.You have to be careful when purchasing tickets from people on craiglist. The tickets could be stolen,counterfeit or they could be ridiculously priced far beyond the face value.The tickets might be a used one at a previous similar event.There are lots of fraud out there awaiting the unwary.Lucky for you,here are tips that helps avoid Craiglist Ticket Scams:

Tips for avoiding Craiglist Ticket Scams

  • If you are buying an ENTIRE SEASON’S WORTH,ask for a copy of the seller’s invoice stating that the tickets have been completely paid for.If the whole amount was not paid or the seller does not have tickets,they might still have an invoice though.Check it carefully
  • Asks the seller for their account (the account is usually on the top of the ticket),In legitiamate transaction,it must match their name from the ticket representative and the tickets itself.People who have legitimate season tickets have no problem giving you their tickets reps name-So call the team or ticket agent to verify the person has an account and has tickets.
  • If possible,always meet in person.You should pay with a cashier’s check and not a personal check as this protects your account information.If you decide to pay without meeting,pay with a bank check or paypal as it protects your money against fraud.
    Note:If the person is mailing you the tickets,make sure you get some type of written receipt or contract via email stating how and lastly,remember to track your communication via phone or email
  • If you meet someone to buy tickets,ask to see their ID to view their first and last name-If they decline,know that they are probably scammers-Trust your INSTINCTS!
  • Before deciding to buy tickets-Make a research about the tickets authenticly,seating charts,the cost of tickets,the date of game(s),concerts,Show,etc.Research the tickets you are buying to know what you are getting as tickets can be easily reproduced-Be scam alert!

CRAIGSLIST ESCROW SERVICE SCAMS-Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

Phony Escrow Service Site Scams on Craigslist

Escrow services are best preferred for transaction(s) when big-ticket items such as boats,houses etc are being bought and sold on Craigslist, but many consumers are being ripped off in these fraudulent escrow service schemes

Purchasing something expensive over the internet can sometimes be a problem. You find yourself asking:How do I pay for it when I know nothing about the seller and vice versa when you’re the one selling something. The solution for many is to use a third party escrow service. Escrow services(legitimate ones) are preferred because they protect buyers and sellers making transactions but the same cannot be said for fake Escrow services as they rip people off blindly without the person even knowing as in most cases.

The role of escrow services in online transactions especially those involving big-ticket items is well-established. Over time, some of the businesses offering escrow services have become trusted by the public for example, has been around a long time and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them. Unfortunately, scammers have devised a way to take advantage of the trust people place in escrow services and rob them off their hard earned money.

How Craigslist Does Escrow Scams Work?

Here is how it works:

  • These scams usually involve two parts: First, a scammer creates a listing(s) on Craigslist for an item or service, often at a bargain price. Potential buyers who respond to this posting(s) eventually want to know how the transaction will be handled. Responders are told that the transaction will be handled by an escrow service-This feels This feels like there’s nothing to worry about right? Wrong!there is !
  • The second part is when the trap is goes off. Many people like to use escrow services which are trustworthy third parties who pay the seller once an item has been received and accepted by the buyer. This is a perfectly normal method of doing business on the web or elsewhere as long as the escrow service is legitimate. Unfortunately, in the case of an escrow scam, the seller recommends an escrow service of their choice usually created and owned by them/.an associate to handle the transaction(s). The escrow service will have an official-sounding name like and a professional-looking website for you to visit. However, if you don’t do your homework first and send them your money you may end up losing everything. This is exactly what’s happened to many people purchasing expensive jewelry, cars, and boats on Craigslist. The moment the money is sent, the seller is never heard from again and then it usually hurts the seller for losing such huge amount of money.

That’s why it’s important to do your research before using any escrow service for a Craigslist transaction. Watch out for sellers insisting you use an escrow company you’ve never heard of, especially if it’s abroad. Don’t get tricked into using Western Union thinking that it’s perfectly safe because it’s a name you know and trust. Smart on-line shoppers know to steer clear of buyers wanting you to transfer money to them via Western Union or engage in currency transfers. They know better than allowing another party to draw money directly from their bank accounts. Never hand “phi-shy or phony” sounding escrow sites the keys to your account or you could end up paying a lot more than you expected in the name of purchasing an item that doesn’t exist.

How can I prevent Craiglist Escrow Scams? through the use of Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

If they contact you-be superstitious. Ask yourself why you are being contacted? Did I make any inquiry on any listing? Am I just lucky?
If they cannot talk on the phone be suspitious as these people are usually phony person(s) with Nigerian or Russian accent
Don’t send money!Research it online first. If anyone else spotted the scam before you did, you may be able to save yourself a lot of time.
If you decide to use an escrow service and want to know how to detect and avoid phony operations, we offer safety tips:

How do I spot phony escrow websites?

Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

  • Check their privacy policies for errors or indications the content was lifted from another site
  • Check out their contact information. Do they have actual offices somewhere or the only way to contact them is via email?
  • Check for grammatical errors
  • Investigate the escrow service by searching for both the domain and business name with your favorite search engine to see what you find
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they have information
    Note:The above phony Escrow identification tips are great and works 99% of the time, but failing to find such an error on an escrow site does not guarantee the escrow service(s) as authentic

CRAIGLIST PURCHASE PROTECTION PROGRAM SCAM: Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

A new scam named “Craigslist Purchase Protection scam”. You usually get a mail in this format after you email someone about an item:

Craigslist Transaction Confirmed! Purchase Protection Granted!

Per your request, we have verified all the details of this transaction. We concluded that they are accurate. Please follow our instructions to complete the transaction safely.

Craigslist Transaction Confirmed!

Current status: Payment pending

Here would be some details about the Craigslist purchase you supposedly made

Complete your Craigslist transaction in 5 easy steps:

* Craigslist accepts the transaction and offers purchase protection to the buyer

Next you’ll receive a document that may appear to be an invoice. Relax, it’s a scam. There is no official Craigslist buyer or purchase protection program. Craigslist doesn’t officially back any transaction as taking care of transactions is your job.

Always Pay attention to the alert boxes at the top of Craigslist postings because they are there for your benefit and warn about these and many other scams on Craigslist.You can also follow our Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

FAKE MONEY ORDER AND BAD CHECK ON CRAIGLIST: Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

Fake Money Orders and Bad Check Scams on Craigslist!

There are some things that should immediately raise “red flags for anyone buying or selling on Craigslist”. A few of these are:

  • Buyers wanting to pay only by money order
  • The buyer is from another country or continent such as Nigeria in Africa
  • The inclusion of “business partners” in what should be “just a simple sale”
  • Over-complication of payment method and shipping processes in their bid to trick you into shipping the item for sale first and then they pay later.There are many variations on this theme and many will involve official looking packing slips and money orders or checks from institutions you trust such as Western Union. Many times the wording of the emails sent to you will seem odd and the grammar is usually poor.
  • Sometimes you will receive a money order first. If you decide to take the risk and accept payment by money order, make sure it clears at the bank before you send them your goods! These money orders will often bounce or be counterfeits and if you ship your goods to the buyer right after you drop the payment you received off at the bank you may be in for a rude surprise. If someone wants what you are selling so badly that they want it shipped halfway around the world then they can probably wait a few more days for it to be shipped. Don’t be swayed by threats if the buyer starts using them on you. Insuring that someone’s payment is valid is quite fair.

Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely : How to tell the difference between genuine USPS postal money orders and fake ones ?

U.S. Postal Service Money Orders have many security features that distinguish them from other Country money order(s). Learning to recognize them will protect you from becoming a victim of this scheme. Postal Money Orders have special inks, watermarks, and security threads. The two most prominent security features can be viewed by holding the money order in front of a light source. Look for these features:

A watermark of Benjamin Franklin who is infact the oldest and one of the most famous signers of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, is visible on both the front and reverse side of the money order when held to the light.
A dark security thread running (top to bottom) to the right of the Franklin watermark, with the tiny letters “USPS” facing backward and forward.

The Postal Service issues domestic and international money orders. Domestic Postal Money Orders cannot exceed a value of $1,000. They are distinguished by their green, yellow, and blue colors. Most counterfeit Postal Money Orders are domestic, with a face value of $750 to $950.

International Postal Money Orders are printed in pink, yellow, and gold and cannot exceed a value of $700. There has been an increase in counterfeit international money orders printed with values of $500 to $700.

Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely:How does Counterfeit Money Order Scams Work?

In a typical counterfeit money order Scam/con, the seller of an item is sent counterfeit postal money orders that together amount to more than the cost of the item being paid for. The buyer then asks the seller to keep the cost of the purchase and ship back the money difference between what was sent and what is owed, in cash( or on some cases along with the merchandise). This is popularly known as a “Nigerian Scam” because many variations of this scams originated from Nigeria and other African nations.

Over many years,these scams have become very sophisticated and there are like a thousand variations of this fraud now. If you want to ensure you won’t and aren’t accepting a counterfeit money order, never decide to accept one from anyone especially stranger(s) unless you have some way of verifying its authenticity. You can also protect yourself by being smart and watching out for warning signs such as offers to pay more than the actual worth of an item. Paying attention to “red flags” instead of ignoring them can save you a lot of sadness,tears…and money.

Seller be careful!

Investment Schemes, Internet Scams & Consumer Fraud

CRAIGSLIST APARTMENT RENTAL SCAMS:Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

Apartment Scams

Craigslist’s apartment Classified especially New York apartment classifieds are a con artist favorite, milking individuals and families out of their hard-earned deposited rent money.Be smart and trade safely on Craiglist by using this free Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

Fraud in New York City’s Craigslist classifieds has grown so strong over the years that Craigslist has considered charging a fee for its ads. Their hope is that by putting a charge in place, they will discourage fraudulent listing(s). Most of these fraudulent postings are common schemes. However, some of the cases reported involved more elaborate schemes run by professional criminals. These scam artists have managed to milk dry apartment seekers of thousands and millions of dollars per day,week,month and billions per year!

The New York apartment market is competitive, with too many people looking for far too few apartments. Some bold con artists have capitalized on this situation and used it to their advantage.

People sub-renting the same apartment to multiple people and making off with their money numerous time(s) is enough to warn everyone and anyone using Craigslist or any other online service that they should thoroughly check out their landlord before handing over their money.

Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely :  How do I avoid Craigslist apartment rental scams?

  • Ask to see the landlord’s ID – record all the information you see from it.
  • Use a browser to search for the person’s name who you’re dealing with. Be sure to add quotes around their name. You could add the words “fraud” or “scam” at the end of your search terms.
  • Use reverse directory look up the person if he/she has given you their telephone number. It’s important to double check that they are who they say they are.
  • Visit the local county courthouse to look up property ownership for the apartment in question. Who really owns it? Is it the person you’re dealing with? Or someone else?
    Scan any provided photographs carefully. Do they match up with what you’ve seen in person? Do they look like they all came from the same place?
  • They don’t ask for an application or permission to check your credit? That’s a red flag!
    ask the landlord if the property id on mortgage payments, and then get their answer in writing.
    Consider using another method for obtaining a rental, i.e. real estate agent, going through a legitimate rental agency, etc…

CRAIGLIST PERSONAL ADS: Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

Craiglist Personals

Craiglist has been a popular website for personal ads because it is free and the great part is,you don’t have to create a profile or sign in to browse listings-you stay anonymous!.However,its reputation took a big hit in 2009 after the high-profile case of the ‘Craiglist Killer’ who goes by the name ‘Philip Markoff’ murdered a masseuse he met through Craiglist and later committed suicide in his jail cell after being caught by the police. Craiglist was forced to take off its ‘Adult Services’ listings ,but “Casual Encounters” listings still remain. A woman was sexually assaulted by a date she met on subscription dating site that charges its users a fee).this demonstrates that any online dating sites,free or paid carry some degree of risk.

The Utah Attorney federal on Thursday,2008 along with 42 other states signed an agreement to reduce inappropriate content and illegal activity on the state.This agreement uses both law and technology to try and stop prostitution,child abuse and human trafficking,”said Paul Murphy,a spokesman for the attorney general’s office.The use of technology to send child abuse with programs such as and Web Wise kids to assist agencies in identyfying missing persons,children and human trafficking victims.

Craiglist Casual Encounter Section Scam And Other Dangers: Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

Craiglist Casual Encounter section was introduced in late 2000 and is available in all cities served by Craiglist-for all users(gay,straight,Lesbian,Bi,Male and female).The ads range from normal to raunchy to weird and to get the best out of the site, a clear picture is needed.Casual Encounters was created in response to user demand for a section that allowed a wide range of personal ‘no strings attached meetings’ and new relationship option.If you do decide to give Casual Encounter a try,do keep the following in mind for a smooth user experience and to protect yourself from Scam

  • Craiglist Encounter Section favors straight people than gay and Lesbians
    Don’t expect success on your first try,your second or your twentieth as not everyone will find you appealing but eventually you will get laid
  • Know your Craiglist Vocabulary words.For example NSA means “No Strings attached”.DDF means “drug and disease free.ISO means “In search of” on Craiglist
  • Avoid Party N Play(PNP) Listings as it usually means sex while high on drugs
  • People Looking for Generous Men on CL Casual Encounter Are Prostitutes
  • People lie on CL Casual Encounter about their race and post what they look like and not who they really are
  • Not everyone who responds to your CL Casual Encounter will show up/turn up
  • Be Realistic about What Ads you answer on CL Casual Encounter
  • No Pic,No sale-Its a No Brainer on CL
  • Trust your guts instinct

Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely :  How can I browse CL Casual Encounter Safely without falling victim Of Scam and other dangers?

  • There is a huge list of websites(free and paid) out there with the vision to connect people who would like to hook up and build relationships but sadly Scammers and Serial Killers take advantage of this.The safety rules for all of these websites are pretty similar:
  • If it sounds too good to be true,then it probably is.People especially scammers lie online all the time.Make sure to read ads on CL with a skeptical eye
  • Create a separate email address to respond to postings,one that does not contain any identifying information(such as your names-first and last,place of employment,birth date,Place of education, etc.).Use this email for this purpose to stay anonymous so your contact details cannot be gotten this way..Be Smart!
  • While you cannot always rely on others to be honest,it’s in your best interest to be clear as possible about your desires,interests,needs,wants, etc.).So establish your interests and boundaries(everything) via online communication(chat,email or communication through the site) before deciding to meet in person
  • Always learn to trust your instincts.If you believe that someone is lying on CL Casual Encounter, then you are probably correct.Stop the communication and move on as “it is better safe than sorry”
  • If you decide to meet up with someone ,first make arrangement to meet first meet in a public place,one that is very likely to have a lot of people around.While you are there,chat with this person and re-establish your interests and boundaries.Create an agreement(that is clear and mutual) on what you would like to do with this person and want you want.If your guts are alarmed,kindly leave as you do not owe them anything(be brave about it).
  • Make sure that at at least one person knows where you are going and when you plan to be back.You might even make your friend agree to call you mid-date to make sure things are going OK .Make sure you have your cell phone with you.
  • Avoid alchohol and any other drugs when meeting up no matter how tempting this offer might be.Alcohol clouds your judgement and makes you an easier target for someone who is looking to Scam you,rob you or assualt you sexually.It might be tempting to have a few drinks or a quick shot to “relax” or calm down your nerves but it’s safer to avoid this.Some manipulative people are known to deliberately offer someone alchohol so as to take advantage of them
  • If your meeting goeas well and you want to proceed to someplace where your privacy is guaranteed,make it an hotel or a secluded area in punlic space, Never decide to use your home or the other person home.
  • Always practice safest sex option.Use condoms(male or female),dental dams and latex gloves for all genital contact.Sexual transmitted infections can be transmitted through oral,vaginal,anal sex and any other activity that exposes you or your partner to infected blood,infected semen,infected vaginal fluid or the skin of the genitals and anus.
  • If you are into kinky sex,be smart and cautious.Never allow a partner you just met to fully restrain your limbs or take away your ability to call or help.Bondage play and sex is best practiced with someone you know and trust or in a public setting,such as a play party or club where others can intervene if things go out of hand.

Note:There is an element of risk in involved in all sexual encounters(online and offline),so even if you follow all suggestions above,you may still have a bad experience.Many websites have terms and conditions that you must agreer to before access to content is given.Keeping all this in mind ,there are a lot of people(genuine people) online who are looking for genuine partners for sex.Be smart and Goodluck using our Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely

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Craiglist Tips:Beginner’s Guide Trading Safely


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