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How to maintain Long Distance Relationship

Once Again Hi Guys ……

Long Distance Relationships is dreadful. I know this because from last 3 years I am currently living one , You watch other couples Hanging out, Going to restaurant , Walk down the street hand in hand, Smooching etc., Everyday i watch but you can’t do anything but envy them.

Due to long distance most of the relationships are END, But don’t worry guys i will tell you how to maintain the  long distance relationship, Because i will tell you my own experience and it really helps you

So How can a  Long Distance Relationship  Work? How do you do it? ,

Well Guys i will tell you , How to maintain the Long Distance Relationship

Set some Rules between you and your Partner

Long Distance Relationship

First both of you need to be clear with what you except of with each other during the long distance relationship, Between you and your Partner keep some rules , so that what will happen now will surprise

Daily COMMUNICATION with your Partner

Long Distance Relationship

Communication is the best key to maintain relationship, Whether is near or far, Guys keep in mind if you are not doing regularly communication with your partner, Your partner will understand after going on Long distance you forget , And if you do communication with your partner after a long  time,  She will not interact properly

At least every day you say “Wish you a Very happy Good Morning” or “Wish you a Very happy Good Evening “ and always tell her what you are doing? What’s going in your life? Your Job Profile, etc she will happy, Send Your pics , audio clips , Short videos, Do Some Funny chat. By putting in this kind of effort, you make the other person feel loved and attended to

Do some Dirty Talk with each Other

Long Distance Relationship

Sexual talk is one of the most important communication between couples, Without this best couples can’t leave and in long distance relationship is very important, Sexual talk is like glue it keeps both parties attract to each other, Not only biological need , It is an emotional also you can do it, Your conversation with your partner should be in funny but in  Naughty manner (Sexual Talk)  , So what happen guys your partner will get more attract to you

Don’t Create any “Dangerous” situations


Keep in mind guys be sure don’t create any dangerous situations, because on little little things most of the relationships are end, so don’t create any dangerous situations

If you are thinking going to club or on party for drinking with your friends late night, if you are doing true love to your partner you must tell her about this , before going to any party, It means that she will understand my partner is very honest each and Every thing he is telling me , He is not hiding any thing, and if you  not tell she will disappoint and she will angry

And if you are doing another relationship with any girl , be sure my friends don’t tell her anything keep secret always , Don’t tell about your “Hanging Stories, Sexual Relationship etc”,Guys keep calm in mind Don’t just listen to your heart. Listen to your mind too.

Enjoy Your Time with your Friends when you are Alone


When you are partner is on Long distance you feel very lonely , Because you spend your maximum time with your partner, In starting days its hard to manage everything but you love your partner, We have to do for our partner only . If you will sad  your partner which is seating on long distance he/she will also sad.

So don’t take a load I will tell you

  • Keep Busy yourself in work
  • Watch movies
  • Do any job
  • Hang out with your friends
  • Make some new dishes in kitchen and share your recipe with your partner

Some things Do Together

long distance tips

When in you are in long distance relationship, be sure my guys , always do conversation with your partner, Some funny some Emotional , Some Dirty , about your favorite memories , Gifts etc

While on Long distance relationship “Do some things Together”, Online Video chats , Online Video Conversation, Online Games, Most Important my friend “Go For Online Shopping with each other ” it really lovely

Do Some Similar Things

Long Distance Relationship

When you are in long distance relationship, some small things are very important, In such small things there is love,

Daily take update with your partner what you are doing , which show watching , Music , Videos Movies etc. You also do like that only he/she feel better , And it will create some unforgettable memories

Meet Each Other After Coming

Never let you go you

So guys after all that moment come when you come and Finally you will meet each other after a  huge long distance , I know guys you will cry when you see your partner after a long time and your partner will also cry, On that moment you will forget everything and you will hug very tightly to your partner all happiness will come in your hand, That moment will become a  best moment in your life, After meeting you hug him/her , Soft kiss it.

When you hug your partner, “that all of your broken Pieces fit back together”

This all are the steps when you are on long distance ,Thank you guys for reading this article Hope you like this

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How to maintain Long Distance Relationship


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