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How to Handle Friendship Problems

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In this article, i will tell you best tips on How to Handle Friendship Problems Because if you Don’t want to loose your friendship  you must read this article

So Maintain your best relation with your friends

Act now

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The moment you’re aware that the two of you start growing apart, do something about it. Waiting will only bring about an inevitable permanency of the loss of your friendship. Be prepared to be the one who makes the initial steps; your friend may be labouring under the belief that it’s something you’ve done to harm the friendship, so it’s not worth waiting around for them to solve things

Do some honest analysis of the situation.


Sit down and think back to where it all went wrong. Was it your fault? Was it something you said or did or didn’t say or do although you should have? It is important to think about your inaction at certain points such as all those times you failed to make a call to see how your friend was, or when you missed appointments, or failed to show up at important events. Think carefully and do not make irrelevant decisions.



Briefly explain your side of the story and avoid making excuses or shifting the  By taking responsibility for your part in damaging the friendship, you prove that your desire to keep your friend is more important than your pride or sense of self-righteousness

Talk with your friend


If you can’t seem to find the reason for the growing interpersonal distance between you and your friend, suggest that the two of you simply talk. Tell your friend that you’re sad that things don’t seem to be that great between the two of you anymore and that you’d really like to work out whether it might be possible to restore the friendship you had in the past. Your willingness to work through the issues will be appreciated, especially if you make it clear that you’re totally open to hearing their side of the story. Whatever you do..DO NOT lash out and become angry upset or make your friend upset. This will make the barrier between you bigger and it will evidently be harder to get her/him back.

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Listen your Friend Problem


If a third party has been telling different stories to both of you to cause conflicts, listening to your friend is the best way to spot it. Ask who told them that if you hear that you said something you’d never say in a million years. It’s amazing how fast a third party liar’s mind games blow up in their face once the victims compare notes. So even if someone is trying to avoid you, ask why and be prepared to listen no matter what your friend says.

Solve Issues Points


If your friend has the wrong end of the stick and has misunderstood things that you’ve said or done (or not done), then by all means clarify what you believe to be the case. However, do not be argumentative or confrontational, as this will cause your friend to feel defensive and it will simply speed up the end of the friendship. Try not to expect the friendship to fix itself. You must try yourself to break the barrier between you and get along. Be patient, explain clearly how you see the situation and give your interpretation of past events without judging or defensiveness

Acknowledge your Differences


Your friend might be footloose and fancy free while you’re a dad to three kids. As life changes around us, friendships change too. However, this doesn’t mean that you lack that vital connection that sparked the friendship in the first place and shifts in your working, personal, and lifestyle doesn’t have to undermine your friendship. Talking openly about the changes is important, as well as accepting that the two of you have different trajectories but still have space, love, and respect for one another in your lives.

Find  Compromise Solutions


Assuming your friend has talked and listened, and both of you have cleared the air, look for ways that you can reach compromises on the things that have undermined your friendship to this point and look for ways to set the relationship back on track. If you mean as much to this person as they means to you, through mutual compromising in the end you will have at least made some progress in the right direction

These all are the basic steps to sort your problems with your friends , hope you all like this article


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How to Handle Friendship Problems


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