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Your 61 Info-Product Ideas Swipe File

One of the keys to making 5 figures income online is to put out multiple products. But a lot of people hit a roadblock – they put out an info-product or two, and then wonder what else to write about. They end up squinting at a blank page, trying to come up with profitable ideas.
That’s where this “swipe file” comes in, because you’re about to discover 61 ideas for your next report, book, video or other info-product.
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But here’s the best part…
These 61 ideas will easily lead you to hundreds of other ideas – all you have to do is plug in a different hot Topic.
For Part 1’s Infoproduct Ideas Swipe Files, we’re going to focus on these 3 hot topics_ Make Money Online, Health and Fitness and Personal Growth.
Let’s take the example of #7, which is “What the World’s Most Successful Direct-Response Marketers Know About Writing High-Converting Sales Letters”
You could easily change that to, “What the World’s Most Successful Social Media Marketers Know About Growing a Business Using Twitter.”
Let’s jump in…

Internet Marketing/Make Money Online

Whether the economy is good or bad, people are always looking for ways to make money with their own business. There are parents (especially mothers) who want to stay home with their kids, people who just hate their jobs, and those who just crave independence. Here are some ideas for products catering to this market…
1. The #1 Secret to Getting Traffic
This topic is a perennial favorite among internet marketers, as everyone is always looking for the secret that will pull in the traffic they desire. Another variation on this report is to create something like, “7 Secrets to Getting All the Traffic You Need.”
2. How to Create a Bestselling Kindle Book in Just Two Days
Kindle books continue to be hot, while ebooks on Google Play and Apple are gaining popularity. You can cash in on this trend by teaching people how to research and write a bestseller.
3. Outsourcing Secrets: How to Find, Hire and Motivate a Team of Talented Freelancers
Here’s another enduring trend, because people like to make money without lifting a finger. This sort of product would show people how to outsource all or part of their business.
4. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is a changing landscape as new platforms arrive, some gain popularity, and some change the way they do business with you. You can keep people abreast of these changes with a report, video or even a live seminar.
5. Blogging 101: The Quick and Easy Way to Set Up and Run a Successful Blog
Blogging is still hot, and a great way to join a community, display link bait content, and get traffic from the search engines. Problem is, some people have no idea where to start. You can solve this problem with your product.
6. The Incredibly Easy Way to Create Apps and Software (Even if You Don’t Know a Lick of Code)
As smart phones continue to gain popularity, more marketers are looking at how to cash in on this trend. That’s why this is such a great topic. Think of this as selling the shovels to the gold miners.
7. What the World’s Most Successful Direct-Response Marketers Know About Writing High-Converting Sales Letters
Copywriting is one of the key skills marketers ought to know, yet they generally overlook. You can teach people how to create sales letters, pay per click ads, classified ads, and other sales materials.
8. How to Turn a Simple Idea into a Six-Figure Income
People often have business ideas, but no idea what to do next. This sort of product will give them a blueprint to follow to turn their ideas into cash.
9. The 10 New Traffic Sources Every Internet Marketer Ought to Know
This report taps into the newest traffic sources, either in one specific niche or for all niches. Sources might include marketplaces, new social media platforms, or even offline advertising opportunities.
10. 21 Amazingly Simple Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate and Make More Money
Here’s a good idea for a general report to show people actionable ways to make more money. Examples include testing copy, learning how to write effective email subject lines and more.
11. How to Set Up Your Order-Taking Website in Less Than an Hour
Some people are “idea people,” but the tech side scares them. That’s why your “easy to understand” report or video on the topic will be welcomed with open arms.
12. Viral Mania: The Secrets of Creating Content That Sweeps Across Your Niche Like a Prairie Fire
Most marketers dream of hitting it big with a viral video or other content, but they don’t know where to start. You can show them how to get more views on their videos, blog posts and other content.
13. Video Star: How to Create Professional High-Quality Videos
Here’s another idea for presenting a technical topic in “easy to understand” terms. Be sure to include recommendations for the latest and greatest video production tools. (Hint: this is a great opportunity to insert your affiliate link for backend sales.)
14. 21 Best Practices for Service Providers
Plenty of people are looking to sell their services, but they struggle with finding and maintaining clients. Your infoproduct could show them how to build a stable service business.
15. Customer Care: The Secrets of Creating Great Customer Experiences That Keeps People Coming Back for More
People often don’t give too much consideration to customer care. This is why you need to really emphasize the benefits of this topic, such as customer retention, more referrals and more backend sales.
16. Million Dollar Ideas in a Snap: How to Brainstorm and Research Killer Business Ideas
Every day we hear stories about simple ideas that explode into profitable businesses. People love hearing these stories and they dream about doing it themselves, which is why this is a great topic.
17. Competition Crusher: Five Proven Ways to Dominate Any Niche
If your market includes business folks who are competitive, then they’ll enjoy learning about how to crush, dominate and win more marketshare in their niche.
18. Mastering Internet Marketing: How to Go From Five Figures to Six figures in Less Than Six Months
This is for the business owners who’ve had some success, but they’re ready to take it to the next level. Bonus benefit: this tends to be a market with money, and they’re happy to purchase high-ticket products to solve their problems.
19. The 10 Secret Habits of Extremely Successful Marketers
Anyone who’s earning for success wants to get their hands on “secrets” than can advance their goals, which makes this sort of product popular.
20. Super Charge Your Productivity: 27 Ways to Make More Money in Less Time
A lot of business owners dreamed of all the free time they’d have once they started their own business, but instead they found themselves working long days. You can help people achieve their dreams by teaching them how to streamline their business and be more productive.
21. Kiss Your Boss Goodbye: How to Brainstorm, Research, Fund and Start a Thriving Six Figure Business This Year
This encapsulates one of the most common dreams – telling the boss to “stuff it” and then going on to start a successful business. Your product can show them how.

Health and Fitness

This is a great category because your solutions can help people feel better, and in some cases make them look younger, slimmer or otherwise more attractive. Take a look…
22. Amazing Abs: How to Get Impressive Washboard Abs in Just Six Weeks
Another enduring trend – people are forever looking for ways to lose weight and look great. You can create a general product, or one geared towards males, females or some other demographic.
23. Pain Be Gone: The Simple Three Step Method for Reducing Chronic Arthritis Pain
There are a lot of baby boomers who are feeling the effects of age, including ailments such as arthritis. You can tap into this growing market with this sort of an infoproduct.
24. How to Beat Insomnia
There is a “sandwich generation” of people who’re raising their kids while they take care of their elderly parents, and many of them are feeling the effects of stress such as insomnia. Still others suffer from sleep problems due to other stressors, physical problems or mental problems. Thus you tap into this large market with a product like this.
25. 7 Crucial Weight-Lifting Secrets Every Bodybuilder Ought to Know
This sort of product is in demand because bodybuilders are always looking for an edge in developing the perfect, symmetrical body. You might even angle the product towards those who participate in bodybuilding competitions, or you could nichify it by writing it for female bodybuilders or natural (non-steroid use) bodybuilders.
26. Weight-Loss Magic: How to Tap Into Your Body’s Natural Ability to Burn Fat
Any diets promising natural methods or ancient methods (think “Paleo Diet”) are popular right now. Just come up with a clever name for your specific diet, and you’re off and running.
27. The Delicious Diet: 101 Low-Calorie Recipes You’ll Love
If there’s one thing that never changes, it’s that dieters don’t want to suffer. That’s why this sort of cookbook is popular.
28. What Personal Trainers Do When They Want to Lose 10 Pounds Fast
This type of product is in demand because it promises “insider secrets” for fast weight loss. For a better product, you may even want to interview personal trainers to get their specific tips and tricks.
29. Sugar is Evil: How to Lose Weight, Feel Better and Looks 10 Years Younger by Breaking Your Sugar Addiction
More and more people are realizing how bad sugar is for their health, yet they feel powerless to break their soda, candy or processed foods addiction. You’ll have a popular product if you can offer a viable strategy.
30. The Top 21 Super Foods to Make You Look and Feel Better Than Ever
You can gear this towards the “anti aging” crowd, or position it as a way to better health for all ages.
31. Stress Busters: 37 Ways to Reduce Stress, Feel Happier and Get Healthier
Plenty of people are looking to get happier and healthier. This sort of product goes right to the heart of the main obstacles to those goals.
32. Danger Signs: 101 Health Symptoms You Don’t Want to Ignore
Here’s another topic with a big market – primarily the baby boomers who’re aging and starting to see health symptoms that they’re worrying about.
33. Sports Dangers: How to Protect Your Teenage Athlete From Concussions, Torn Ligaments and Other Common Injuries
This is a topic that’s really popular right now, as parents, coaches, and doctors discuss the dangers of high school athletics.
34. Ultra Marathon Motivation: How a Former Couch Potato Became an Elite Ultra Marathon Runner
One common obstacle to people getting more active is that they don’t know how to get going from their current level of fitness (couch potato). You can offer true stories and a specific blueprint to make it easy and fun for people to get active.
35. Unlocking Your Health: 99 Keys to a Healthier Body and Mind
You can position this as a general product (as stated above), or you can “nichify it” a bit. Example: Unlocking Your Health: 99 Keys to a Healthier Heart.
36. The No-Fail Diet: A Surefire Nutrition Plan for Stoking Your Metabolism and Getting a Leaner Body
Here’s a product that overcomes a common weight-loss obstacle (that the diet won’t work), while promising a good benefit (a leaner body).
37. The Ob-Gyn’s #1 Secret for Beating Morning Sickness
This product promises professional, “insider” secrets on beating a common problem for pregnant women.
38. How to Recognize a Child That’s Being Bullied
This topic is in the news a lot, as so many bullied children take their own lives. You can also change this topic to recognizing children with depression, eating disorders, ADHD or other ailments that parents worry about.
39. Hidden Hammers: Uncovering The Surprising Reasons You’re Always Getting Headaches (And How to Ease the Pain)
Here’s another topic of enduring popularity, as headaches cause problems with lowered productivity or even missed work and social engagements.
40. Non-Smoker for Life: How to Give Up Smoking for Good
This is a great topic to offer at the beginning of a new year, since so many people make their “stop smoking” resolutions at that time.
41. HIIT It! How to Use High Intensity Interval Training to Burn Fat Fast
High Intensity Interval Training continues to be popular because it takes less time and yet seems to burn more fat than traditional “steady state” cardio.

Personal Growth

There is a subset of the population who’s always looking to become a better version of themselves. They want more motivation, confidence, happiness and love. Here are 20 product ideas to help them achieve those goals…
42. The Magic of Meditation: How to Find Happiness and Inner Peace Through Meditation
While meditation has been in existence for thousands of years, every day beginners are wanting to explore the topic and find out what it can do for them.
43. The Three Secrets of Getting More Done In Less Time
Here’s another favorite topic that you can nichify if you choose. (E.G., The Three Secrets Busy Moms Use to Get More Done In Less Time.)
44. Success Unleashed: How to Unlock Your Unlimited Potential for Success
A lot of people dream about success, but they never quite reach it. That’s why this sort of topic is useful and popular. You can nichify it too, towards business people, aspiring writers, or anyone else.
45. Clean Sweep: The Surprising Benefits of Getting Organized (And The Easy Way to Get Started Today)
A very common problem for many people is getting organized, which will improve their efficiency. You can create a book or video on the product, or send out daily emails like
46. Assertiveness 101: Reclaiming Your Personal Power and Setting Boundaries
Many people are tired of getting trampled on at work and in their personal lives. You can bring them more power and happiness by teaching them how to be more assertive.
47. Personal Power: The Secret of Turning Your Personal Flaws Into Your Greatest Assets
This is a traditional self-improvement product where you can show people how to change the things in their life that they’re unhappy with, while accepting the things they can’t change.
48. Resolution Recalibration: Why You Can’t Stick to Your Resolutions, And What to Do About It
The #1 problem in February of every year is that people fizzle out on their New Year’s resolutions. If you can solve this problem, you’ll have a popular product.
49. You 2.0: Three Easy Steps to Developing Healthy Habits That Last a Lifetime
Here’s an idea – show people how to transform their lives by creating one new healthy habit after another. It’s like the question, “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: “One bite at a time.”
50. Set the Bar Higher: How to Meet and Exceed All Your Personal and Professional Goals
A lot of people make goals, start strong, and then lose interest. Sometimes they make a mistake which takes them off the path. Your product can address how to get around these obstacles.
51. Motivation Magic: What the World’s Most Successful People Know About Sticking to Their Goals
This would be a great compilation product, where you interview a couple dozen successful people to get their insights about how to get and stay motivated.
52. Wallflower to Party Animal: The Quick and Easy Way to Overcome Shyness in Social Settings
This is a hot topic, as you’ve no doubt seen the drug ads to help people overcome social anxiety. If you can offer a drug-free solution (not a “cure” necessarily, but some solid tips), you may have a popular product.
53. Dream Big: A Blueprint for Changing Your Life in Just 30 Days
Here’s another product idea that you can nichify. For example, the blueprint could be for changing one’s social life, professional life or even marital life.
54. Amazing Achievements: 99 Inspirational Stories of Ordinary People Who’ve Done Extraordinary Things
This product naturally lends itself to doing interviews with inspirational people. Once again, you can nichify if you choose. For example, these could be inspirational stories about weight loss, parenting, or overcoming poverty.
55. The 7 Immutable Laws of Finding Love
Here’s another product you could nichify. Ideas including finding love for people over 40, finding love for busy people, or finding love for single parents.
56. Happiness is an Inside Job: 365 Daily Affirmations to Attract Love, Happiness and Success
If there’s one thing that almost every human on the planet wants, it is to be happy. That’s why this is an enduringly popular topic. You could turn this into a daily calendar, or even a year-long email series.
57. Unlimited Creativity: A Proven Strategy for Breaking Through Your Mental Blocks and Finding Your Muse Again
You could target this product towards specific types of people, such as aspiring authors, painters, musicians or other creative types.
58. Why Fear Destroys Your Life – And How to Get Rid of It for Good
The root of many problems in life tends to be fear. For example, fear of getting a divorce, fear of not being good enough, fear of losing one’s job, etc. This sort of product could tackle this broad topic.
59. Saying Goodbye: A Mourner’s Guide to Gently Navigating Grief
Here’s one problem that will never go away: people who have to deal with the death of a loved one. You can also nichify this to target people who’re mourning specific people (like a spouse or mother) or even pets.
60. The God Guide: How to Find God’s Loving Influence in a Chaotic World
Many religious people go through a crisis of faith – even Mother Teresa confessed to this problem. Your product could help them through this dark period and regain their faith.
61. Make Your Own Luck: Why Some People Have the Midas Touch
A lot of people look around and think others have it so easy in their professional and personal lives. This product can teach people how they too can find more success.
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Your 61 Info-Product Ideas Swipe File


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