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Before You Buy A Toilet | Features To Look For

If you’re searching for a Toilet, you should be aware of the fact that a high price isn’t always going to bring you top performance. You can obtain the best performance only if you choose the right unit for your particular application.

You should know some important issues about Toilets before buying a certain model. For example, before checking their main functions and features, you should know what models are available in the market. Only by learning about different models, will you be able to distinguish one from another and be able to find the best toilet to fit your particular application.

The first model that you can easily find almost in any specialized store is the pressure-assisted toilet. As you’ll find by reading our toilet reviews these units perform well but have a distinct drawback of being very noisy. Whenever you purchase such a unit, you should always consider water pressure, bowl shape and height. If the water pressure in your area doesn’t reach the minimum required, the pressure-assisted toilet isn’t going to work properly.

Another type of toilet that you’ll be able to find described by our toilet reviews is the gravity-feed model. As suggested by its name, this unit functions with the aid of gravity. The water drops from the attached tank into the unit bowl, which works with only about 10psi of water pressure. These units are quieter than the pressure-assisted toilets. Another thing that might present interest to you is the fact that both types, the pressure-assisted and gravity-feed toilets, show similar production costs and as a result, have similar price tags.

Various manufacturers also produce vacuum-assisted toilets. However, these types of toilets have almost disappeared entirely from the market because of their poor performance.

All of these toilets are constantly coming out with brand new features and better functionality as manufacturers are striving to ensure more style, comfort and efficiency. In this way, we’re able to discover continuous changes that do not only refer to the shape of toilets but also to their functionality. Our toilet reviews highlight the fact that most toilets manage to provide the aforementioned characteristics and even more at moderate prices.

After deciding on a specific toilet type, you can start looking for styles and additional features. Even though most homeowners don’t pay attention to these aspects, they are very important for completing the comfort grade, utility and even the bathroom design. You’ll find toilet units that come as a set with a bidet, bathtub and sink. As you can see, those homeowners who want to create a unified appearance and enjoy the best possible comfort at the same time have to consider several important things with regards to purchasing a toilet, making it a much more complicated decision-making process than it might seem without considering these same things.

More water doesn’t always mean better flushing. For the best performance, a homeowner should also consider other important things such as the bowl shape and height. Most manufacturers are running various tests and all of them show big differences between the flushing abilities of various models, which mainly depend on the bowl style. In addition, if you check our toilet reviews and toilet ratings you are going to discover that most toilets do not show an overall maximum rating, although some do come quite close.

For this reason, whenever you are purchasing a toilet, you must consider some of its top features and ponder whether they fit your necessities or not. The following paragraphs explain what things you should consider whenever you intend to purchase such a unit.

Water-Saving Technology: As water saving is an important issue in today’s world, many homeowners are concerned with the conservation of this valuable resource. For this reason, they consider investing their money in this great technology. However, you must know that most toilets do not function too well in the water-saving mode, something that is quite discouraging. If you want to save water, you should consider purchasing dual-flush units that come along with two different buttons on the water tank.

Sitting Height: This is a very important matter as it relates directly to people’s comfort. For the moment, manufacturers are still trying to find the optimum height, something that is quite difficult because of differences between people’s height. The latest proposition brings in a toilet rim that doesn’t only provide a higher seat but also more comfort.

WaterSense: If you want to purchase a reliable unit, you should search for those toilets which are bearing the WaterSense label. These toilets usually use a maximum of 1.28 water gallons per flush, which is much more than the conventional toilets use (about 1.6 gallons).

Bowl Shape: This feature is very important especially if you have a small bathroom. It is important to know that the round bowls require less room than the elongated ones. However, if your bathroom can accommodate an elongated design, you should go for it, as this model is usually more comfortable by providing more seating room.
If you want to find out even more details about toilets, features, models and other important things to consider, take a look at our toilet reviews. You’ll find different people’s opinions about different toilet models, brands and manufacturers which should go a long way to clarifying any of the questions or issues you may have with regard to these details.

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Before You Buy A Toilet | Features To Look For


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