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Enlaces interesantes 455

Enlaces interesantes

Ahí van los enlaces recopilados durante la semana pasada. Espero que os resulten interesantes. :-)

Por si te lo perdiste...

  • Crear bloques de código Razor reutilizables en Blazor con Render Fragments
    José María Aguilar
  • Crear y utilizar librerías multiplataforma con C++ y .NET Core (Parte 2)
    Jorge Turrado

.NET Core / .NET

  • Adiciones a LINQ en .NET 6.0
    Octavio Hernandez
  • 6 Essential Tools to Detect and Fix Performance Issues in .NET
    Michael Shpilt
  • Generate PDF files using an html template and Playwright
    Gérald Barré
  • How to sign XML using RSA in .NET & ECDSA and Custom XML Signatures in .NET
    Scott Brady
  • Source Generator For INotifyPropertyChanged
    Anu Viswan
  • A look at the upcoming improvements to LINQ in .NET 6
    Matt Eland
  • C# tip: define Using Aliases to avoid ambiguity
    Davide Bellone
  • C# XML Comments in Visual Studio Code
    Dennes Torres
  • C# 10.0 implicit global using directives
    Ian Griffiths
  • C# 10.0: File Scoped Namespaces – Get More Space For Your Code
    Thomas Claudius Huber
  • .NET 6 / C# 10 Top New Features Recap
    Wade Gausden
  • Implicit Usings in .NET 6
    Scott Hanselman

ASP.NET Core / ASP.NET / Blazor

  • Creating Microsoft Teams meetings in ASP.NET Core using Microsoft Graph
    Damien Bowden
  • Comparing WebApplicationBuilder to the Generic Host: Exploring .NET Core 6
    Andrew Lock
  • Minimal APIs in .NET 6 but where are the Unit Tests?
    Scott Hanselman
  • ASP.NET Core 6: Streaming JSON responses with IAsyncEnumerable, example with Angular
    Anthony Giretti
  • Authentication Support in Syncfusion Blazor Template Studio: A Complete Guide
    Kalirajan Ganesan
  • ASP.NET Core 5 Microsoft Power BI Reporting
    Eric Vogel
  • Blazor JavaScript Interop Batching
    Zanid Haytam

Azure / Cloud

  • Azure Table Storage with ASP.NET Core
    Marinko Spasojevic
  • Is Accessing Querystring Values in Azure Functions Hard?
    Adam Storr
  • Announcing Azure Functions 4.0 public preview with .NET 6 support
    Anthony Chu
  • Is it time to start creating C# Azure Functions in isolated mode?
    Mark Heath

Conceptos / Patrones / Buenas prácticas

  • Keep IDs internal with REST
    Mark Seemann
  • Separating Concerns with Pipes & Filters
    Derek Comartin
  • Understanding the difference between Queue and Stack Data Structure
    Gary Woodfine


  • Enable and Disable Full Text Search for SQL Server Databases
    Manvendra Singh

Machine learning / IA / Bots

  • TensorFlow Serving gRPC Endpoint in Docker with a .NET 5 ClientVasil Kosturski

Web / HTML / CSS / Javascript

  • ES6 Handbook: Everything You Need to Know
    Shreya Purohit
  • How to Hash and Decrypt With MD5 in JavaScript
    Sajal Soni
  • 7 Practical Uses for the ::before and ::after Pseudo-Elements in CSS
    Habdul Hazeez
  • Exploring the CSS Paint API: Polygon Border
    Temani Afif
  • Determining OS Platform Version
    Eric Lawrence
  • Systems for z-index
    Chris Coyier
  • How to detect if the User's OS prefers dark mode and change your site with CSS and JS
    Scott Hanselman
  • Improve Rendering Performance With The New CSS ‘Content-Visibility’ Property
    Wesley Smits
  • Just Redux: The Complete Guide
    Sanjeev Sharma
  • marker.js Live — Display Dynamic, Responsive, and Interactive Image Annotations
    Alan Mendelevich
  • Container Units Should Be Pretty Handy
    Chris Coyier
  • Comparing Methods for Appending and Inserting With JavaScript
    Eric Markfield
  • Working With GraphQL Caching
    Jamie Barton
  • Simplifying Form Styles With accent-color
    Michelle Barker
  • contenteditable vs designMode - What is the difference?
    Fatos Bediu

Visual Studio / Complementos / Herramientas

  • Git: 6 alias para disparar tu productividad
    José Manuel Alarcón
  • Introducing Collection of New Visual Studio Themes!
    Grace Taylor
  • Announcing the Availability of RAD Studio 11 Alexandria
    Stefan Zientek
  • Introducing the New Package Details Page
    Jiachen Jiang
  • Operators with different color in Visual Studio
    Jiří Činčura
  • List Recent Git Branches
    Elijah Manor
  • 1 Tip to Double Your Productivity in Postman
    Jordan Burroughs
  • Avoiding Memory Leaks in Visual Studio Editor Extensions
    Christian Gunderman


  • Design beautiful gradients — practical guide in Xamarin.Forms with Magic Gradients
    Bohdan Benetskyi
  • Getting Device Information with Xamarin Essentials
    Leomaris Reyes
  • Tips and Ticks when creating a Custom Control in Xamarin Forms. Part. 1
    Charlin Agramonte


  • Cómo leer cualquier artículo de Internet sin publicidad, ni comentarios y sin aceptar cookies
    José Manuel Alarcón
  • Como compartir una contraseña de forma segura
    Daniel Córdoba Cárdenas
  • Interesting Technology Tips - Vol. 1
    Khalid Abuhakmeh

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Enlaces interesantes 455


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