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Enlaces interesantes 454

Enlaces interesantes

Ahí van los enlaces recopilados durante la semana pasada. Espero que os resulten interesantes. :-)

Por si te lo perdiste...

  • Cómo mostrar por consola las líneas que se van añadiendo a logs o archivos de texto, en tiempo real
    José María Aguilar
  • ¿Se pueden introducir directivas o lógica de inicialización en todas las vistas y páginas sin duplicar código?
    José María Aguilar

.NET Core / .NET

  • Announcing .NET 6 Release Candidate 1
    Richard Lander
  • Introduction to System.Text.Json Through Examples
    Marinko Spasojevic
  • Investigating an infinite loop in Release configuration
    Gérald Barré
  • Getting Started Tweetinvi .NET Twitter
    Bradley Wells
  • Looking inside ConfigurationManager in .NET 6: Exploring .NET Core 6
    Andrew Lock
  • CoreWCF 0.3.0 Release
    Matt Connew
  • Deep C#: Strong Typing
    Mike James
  • Using .NET To Validate JSON with JSON Schema
    Khalid Abuhakmeh
  • What I Like About C# 9
    Joseph Guadagno
  • Introducing Package Source Mapping
    Nikolche Kolev
  • Debugging a .NET App on Linux from Windows Visual Studio with WSL
    Patrick Smacchia
  • HTTP/3 support in .NET 6
    Sam Spencer

ASP.NET Core / ASP.NET / Blazor

  • ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 6 Release Candidate 1
    Daniel Roth
  • ASP.NET Core 6: Multi-tenant Single Database (Parte 2)
    Isaac Ojeda
  • Minimal APIs at a glance in .NET 6
    Scott Hanselman
  • Is Blazor the Future or Just Another Walled Garden?
    Matthew MacDonald
  • Creating a Game in Blazor - Part 1 - Moving Objects
    Paul Michaels
  • OData (Open Data Protocol) in ASP.NET 6.0
    Anuraj Parameswaran
  • Deploy ASP.Net Website on IIS in Our Local Machine
    Malvik Bhavsar
  • Async processing of long-running tasks in ASP.NET Core
    Thomas Ardal
  • WebSocket per-message compression in ASP.NET Core 6
    Tomasz Pęczek
  • Schedule Your Tasks Like A Pro in Blazor Applications
    Alan Sangeeth
  • Blazor updates for .NET 6 using Visual Studio 2022
    David Grace
  • Multilanguage support to a Blazor WASM application
    Luis Harvey Triana

Azure / Cloud

  • Add Calling Communications to your Application with Two Lines of Code
    David de Matheu

Conceptos / Patrones / Buenas prácticas

  • Unit testing private helper methods
    Mark Seemann
  • Processing Large Payloads with the Claim Check Pattern
    Derek Comartin
  • Should Controllers Reference Repositories or Services
    Steve Smith
  • C# - Always valid value objects
    Daniel Wertheim


  • Working with DevOps friendly EF Core Migration Bundles
    Anuraj Parameswaran
  • How to Query JSON Data using SQL, LINQ, and ADO. NET
    Kartik Sagar
  • Getting started with Azure Cosmos DB – end to end example, part 2
    Cyrille Visser

    Web / HTML / CSS / Javascript

    • ES6 Cheat Sheet – JavaScript
      Rezaul karim
    • Entendiendo Destructuring (Objetos y parametros)
      Franco Cuarterolo
    • Next.js "New Post" Node Script
      Elijah Manor
    • Orchestrating Complexity With Web Animations API
      Kirill Myshkin
    • Implementing Angular Code Flow with PKCE using node-oidc-provider
      Damien Bowden
    • Grainy Gradients
      Jimmy Chion
    • Entering Invalid Dates Is Not Possible Anymore in Angular Apps
      Saravanan G
    • Reconstructing TypeScript, part 1: bidirectional type checking
      Jake Donham
    • 4 Ways to Remove Element from an Array in JavaScript
      Gaël Thomas
    • Minding the "gap"
      Patrick Brosset
    • An Intro to JavaScript Proxy
      Travis Almand
    • An Easy Guide to React useReducer() Hook
      Dmitri Pavlutin
    • HTTP Refresher: Things You Should Know About HTTP
      Anish Kumar
    • Designing Beautiful Shadows in CSS
      Josh Comeau

    Visual Studio / Complementos / Herramientas

    • Crear un clúster de Kubernetes para desarrollo con k3d
      Gisela Torres
    • IDE as a Code con Remote Containers en Visual Studio Code
      Gisela Torres
    • Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4 is now available!
      Mads Kristensen
    • Static Analysis Fixes in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.11
      Gabor Horvath
    • Introduction to GitHub Codespaces
      Chinedu Imoh
    • How to customize fields generation in Visual Studio 2019
      Davide Bellone
    • Advanced Git Workflow Tips
      Khalid Abuhakmeh

    Xamarin / Maui

    • Animando transiciones entre páginas en Xamarin.Forms
      Jorge Diego Crespo
    • Regla de validación para contraseñas en Xamarin Forms
      Luis Matos
    • Update on .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI)
      Scott Hunter


    • Crea una unidad de disco duro ultrarrápida en memoria para tus juegos o archivos temporales
      José Manuel Alarcón Aguín
    • Cloudflare Images Now Available to Everyone
      Zaid Farooqui

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    Enlaces interesantes 454


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