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Enlaces interesantes 410

Enlaces interesantes

Como ya adelantamos en la entrega 404 de enlaces interesantes, los códigos de estado 404 y 410 son muy similares, pues ambos permiten al servidor expresar que el recurso solicitado no existe.

La diferencia entre ambos es que HTTP 410 (Gone) que el recurso existió pero ya no está disponible, mientras que HTTP 404 no permite distinguir entre un recurso que jamás ha existido y uno que simplemente ha desaparecido.

Y ahora vamos con una nueva recopilación de enlaces que, como siempre, espero que os resulten interesantes. :-)

Por si te lo perdiste...

  • Streaming en gRPC, parte II: Streaming bidireccional
    José María Aguilar
  • Personalizar la negociación de contenidos en ASP.NET Core MVC
    José María Aguilar

.NET Core / .NET

  • Announcing .NET 5.0 Preview 6
    Richard Lander
  • Introducing dotnet-monitor, an experimental tool
    Sourabh Shirhatti
  • Introducing C# 9: Improved target typing & Top-level programs] & Improved pattern matching
    Anthony Giretti
  • Empty try with finally
    Jiří Činčura
  • Task.WhenAll / Select is a footgun
    Johnny Reilly
  • Reduce mental energy with C# 9
    Dave Brock
  • Introducing Secret Store
    Tom Kerkhove
  • Differences between String and string in C#
    Marinko Spasojevic
  • It’s all in the Host Class – Part 2: Configuration
    Christian Nagel
  • Multi-Targeted NuGet Package Gotchas!
    Derek Comartin
  • Contribute To The Top 10 Impactful .NET OSS Projects 2020
    Khalid Abuhakmeh
  • Developing Cloud Applications in .NET
    Damir Arh
  • Parse Markdown Front Matter With C#
    Khalid Abuhakmeh


  • ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 5 Preview 6
    Sourabh Shirhatti
  • Partial Classes, RenderFragment and Lifecycle in Blazor WebAssembly
    Marinko Spasojevic
  • Building End-to-End Diagnostics: User-Defined Context with Correlation Context
    Jimmy Bogard
  • Creating a Repeater component with Blazor
    Gérald Barré
  • A Guide To Migrating From ASP.NET MVC to Razor Pages
    Khalid Abuhakmeh
  • 3+1 ways to manage state in your Blazor application
    Jon Hilton
  • Getting started with ASP.NET Core
    Andrew Lock
  • Creating a simple real-time chat with .NET Core, ReactJS and SignalR
    Andre Lopes
  • Solved: Blazor IdentityServer 500.30 Error (ANCM Issue)
    Sean Killeen
  • A bunch of your Blazor questions answered
    Glenn Burnside & Kevin Ackerman
  • Convert DateTime to user's time zone with server-side Blazor
    Gérald Barré
  • JSON-RPC in ASP.NET Core With StreamJsonRpc
    Tomasz Pęczek
  • Healthchecks in ASP.NET Core
    Mukesh Murugan

Azure / Cloud

  • Rules Engine for Azure Front Door and Azure CDN is now generally available
    Megan Beatty
  • Introducing Azure Load Balancer insights using Azure Monitor for Networks
    Erich Robinson-Tillenburg

Conceptos / Patrones / Buenas prácticas

  • No, MediatR Didn't Run Over My Dog
    Scott Hannen
  • Avoiding exposing identifier details to your users
    Oren Eini
  • Functional Programming – You probably already know it!
    Chinmoy Mohanty
  • Onion Architecture In ASP.NET Core With CQRS
    Mukesh Murugan
  • What Unit Testing Tells You About Your Code
    Joe Eames
  • Introduction to quantum computing with
    Filip Woj
  • How to Unit Test an Abstract Class
    Vladimir Khorikov


  • Announcing Entity Framework Core EFCore 5.0 Preview 6
    Jeremy Likness
  • Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 2.0.0 is now available
    Davide Mauri
  • Entity Framework Core in ASP.NET Core 3.1

    Web / HTML / CSS / Javascript

    • Version 10 of Angular Now Available
      Stephen Fluin
    • Expanded Use of box-shadow and border-radius
      Stephanie Eckles
    • v-tooltip: A custom directive for showing tooltip in VUE JS
      Karthik Chintala
    • Using Custom Property "Stacks" to Tame the Cascade
      Miriam Suzanne
    • RoughNotation: A small JavaScript library to create and animate annotations on a web page
      Preet Shihn
    • A Visual Introduction to Arrays
      Kirupa Chinnathambi
    • An Overview of Scroll Technologies
      Zach Saucier
    • Create a React Teleprompter using the Web SpeechRecognition API
      Elijah Manor
    • A little bit of plain Javascript can do a lot
      Julia Evans
    • JavaScript Interview Questions: Objects
      Manu Bhardwaj
    • 3 cool CSS tricks to impress your friends at parties
      Vitor Paladini
    • Let's Make a Multi-Thumb Slider That Calculates The Width Between Thumbs
      Simdi Jinkins
    • How to manually pass the value of ‘this’ object in a JavaScript function
      Dhananjay Kumar
    • How to Get the Screen, Window, and Web Page Sizes in JavaScript
      Dmitri Pavlutin
    • Spicing up your Browser Console
      Muhammad Rehan Saeed
    • Using Angular's Live Reload Web Server to Refresh Pages on a Phone
      Rick Strahl
    • Create Microsoft Teams App Using Vuejs, Azure, JavaScript SDK
      Sibeesh Venu
    • Hide Scrollbars During an Animation
      Chris Coyier
    • A JavaScript function inside a Block Scope: Simplified
      Dhananjay Kumar
    • ECMAScript proposal: private static methods and accessors in classes
      Axel Rauschmayer
    • The Mad Magazine Fold-In Effect in CSS
      Thomas Park
    • Grid for layout, Flexbox for components
      Ahmad Shadeed

    Visual Studio / Complementos / Herramientas

    • Git: Cómo evitar problemas con cambios de línea al trabajar en equipo
      José Manuel Alarcón
    • Habilitar IPs públicas para los nodos de AKS
      Gisela Torres
    • 10 Visual Studio Ninja Code Editor Productivity Tips
      Patrick Smacchia
    • GitHub: Use Actions to Publish Artifacts
      Eric L. Anderson
    • Native Commands in PowerShell - A New Approach
      Jim Truher
    • Windows Terminal Preview 1.1 Release
      Kayla Cinnamon
    • Migrating Code to Azure DevOps Repos (4 Different Scenarios)
      Gouri Sohoni
    • It NDepends! Part 3: New dependency graph in NDepend 2020.1
      Alexander Tsvetkov
    • Delivering on a promise – the essential extension pack
      Mads Kristensen

    Xamarin / MAUI

    • Schedule UIReplicating Schedule UI in Xamarin Forms
      Leomaris Reyes
    • 5 useful Xamarin Forms Snippets
      Damien Tohin Doumer
    • 7 Things to Enjoy in Maui and .NET MAUI
      Sam Basu
    • Introduction To Dialogs In Xamarin.Forms
      Matthew Robbins
    • Scroll to any item in your Xamarin.Forms CollectionView from your ViewModel
      Marco Siccardi
    • Learning about Converters in Xamarin Forms
      Leomaris Reyes
    • Xamarin.Forms Fancy Flyout Menu
      Andrew Hoefling
    • Goodbye Xamarin.Forms, Hello MAUI!
      Vicente Gerardo Guzmán Lucio

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    Enlaces interesantes 410


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