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Enlaces interesantes 358

Enlaces interesantesComo entretenimiento para la Semana Santa, ahí van los enlaces recopilados durante los últimos siete días. Como siempre, espero que os resulten interesantes :)

Por si te lo perdiste...

  • Indicios de que tu interfaz de usuario fue creado por un programador
    José María Aguilar
  • ¿Dónde está la directiva @helper de Razor en ASP.NET Core?
    José María Aguilar

.NET / .NET Core

  • Best 20 dot Net Core Libraries Every Developer should know
    Shehryar Khan
  • C# 8: indexes and ranges
    Olivier Giss
  • string vs. String is not a style debate
    Jared Parsons
  • Why You Should Prefer a Single Line for C# Properties
    Thomas Claudius Huber
  • Using, using, using with C# 8
    Christian Nagel
  • Tuesday Quickie: When closure bites (or how not to configure Newtonsoft.Json)
    Joel Hammon
  • Using strongly-typed entity IDs to avoid primitive obsession Part 1 & Part 2
    Andrew Lock


  • Troubleshooting Common ASP.NET MVC Problems
    Jennifer Marsh
  • Add Authentication to Angular 7 App using ASP.NET Core 3
    Talking Dotnet
  • Using ASP.NET Core Identity users in integration tests
    Gunnar Peipman
  • Using Vue CLI Inside an ASP.NET Core Project
    Shawn Wildermuth
  • .NET Core 3.0, VS2019 and C# 8.0 for ASP .NET Core developers
    Shahed Chowdhuri
  • Getting Started with TypeScript for JSInterop in Blazor
    Chris Sainty
  • Implement Middlewares using Endpoint Routing in ASP.​NET Core 3.0
    Jürgen Gutsch
  • File uploads in ASP.NET Core integration tests
    Gunnar Peipman
  • Introducing Syncfusion's ASP.NET Core Blazor / Razor Components
    Ajith R.
  • Debugging ASP.NET Core with Visual Studio and Docker Desktop
    Nick Randolph
  • Accepting payments with Stripe and ASP.NET Core
    Kristoffer Strube
  • Integration Tests in ASP.NET Core SignalR
    Luis Ruiz

Azure / Cloud

  • Skype migrationHow Skype modernized its backend infrastructure using Azure Cosmos DB: Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3
    Parul Matah
  • Getting Started with Azure Front Door
    Michael Crump
  • Microsoft Graph: Webhooks
    Fernando Escolar
  • Introducing the App Service Migration Assistant for ASP.NET applications
    Calvin Keaton
  • Determine available runtimes on Azure App Service
    Jerrie Pelser
  • Instalar una clave SSH en Azure DevOps
    Gisela Torres
  • Terraform: Dando forma a nuestra infraestructura
    Jorge Turrado
  • Trabajando con Azure DevOps, presentación
    Daniel Córdoba Cárdenas

Conceptos / Patrones / Buenas prácticas

  • Principios de diseño #8: procedural polymorphism
    Iván Reinoso
  • C# Design Patterns - Strategy
    Marinko Spasojevic
  • What Web Developers Need to Know About Content Security Policy
    Shao Voon Wong
  • From dependency injection to dependency rejection
    Mark Seemann


  • Designing Highly Scalable Database Architectures
    Samir Behara
  • Updated: Implementing Missing Features in Entity Framework Core – Part 5: Getting the SQL for a Query
    Ricardo Peres
  • Entity Framework Core 3.0 and SQL Server Performance Optimization, Part 1: Parameters Sniffing
    Bassam Alugili
  • Domain modelling and persistence with EF Core
    Scott Logic
  • Code review #1 - dapper and varchar parameters
    Michał Białecki

Machine learning / IA / Bots

  • Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) with TensorFlow
    Marco Peixeiro
  • Machine Learning with JavaScript and TensorFlow.js Series
    Nikola Živković
  • How to build your first Neural Network to predict house prices with Keras
    Joseph Lee Wei
  • Machine Learning with ML.NET in UWP: Recommendation
    Diederik Krols
  • Random Forests for Complete Beginners
    Victor Zhou
  • Preguntas naturales: un conjunto de datos con 300.000 entradas para entrenar inteligencias artificiales

Web / HTML / CSS / Javascript

  • Loading attributeNative image lazy-loading for the web!
    Addy Osmani
  • Creating a custom HttpInterceptor to handle 'withCredentials' in Angular 6+
    Rick Strahl
  • Digging Into The Display Property: The Two Values Of Display
    Rachel Andrew
  • Type of Undeclared Variable in JavaScript: What is it?
    Dhananjay Kumar
  • An Overview of Popular CSS-in-JS Libraries for React
    Christian Nwamba
  • Using a Mixin to Take the Math out of Responsive Font Sizes
    Martijn Cuppens
  • Understanding Subresource Integrity
    Drew McLellan
  • Using the ng-BootStrap TypeAhead Control with Dynamic Data
    Rick Strahl
  • Vanilla.js — Getting Started
    Jeremy Likness
  • Squeezing Angular Directives
    Aleix Suau
  • Under-Engineered Toggles
    Adrian Roselli
  • Edge Goes Chromium: What Does it Mean for Front-End Developers?
    Ollie Williams
  • Using the Web Speech API for Multilingual Translations
    Steven Estrella
  • Get a CSS Custom Property value with JavaScript
    Andy Bell
  • Inline SVG... Cached
    Chris Coyier

Visual Studio / Complementos / Herramientas

  • View Clipboard Ring History in Visual Studio 2019
    Abhijit Jana
  • Agrupación de tabs en Visual StudioIntelligent document tabs grouping in Visual Studio 2019
    Sergey Vlasov
  • 5 Top, No-Cost .NET Core Extensions for Visual Studio 2019
    David Ramel
  • Visual Studio Tips: Test Explorer
    Jeremy Hutchinson
  • New features for extension authors in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.1
    Mads Kristensen
  • Azure Kubernetes Service: tu clúster manejado en la nube & Acceder a tus aplicaciones en Kubernetes a través de Ingress & Usar Port Forwarding para acceder a tus aplicaciones en Kubernetes & Helm: el gestor de paquetes para Kubernetes
    Gisela Torres
  • Configure Visual Studio across your organization with .vsconfig
    Heath Stewart
  • Fixing Intellisense and Go To Definition in Visual Studio 2019
    Matthew Jones
  • Compartir código en Visual Studio: proyectos compartidos o librerías
    José Manuel Alarcón
  • Performance Timing in Chrome DevTools
    Christian Nwamba
  • Advanced Visual Studio search in Watch, Autos and Local windows
    Mark Downie
  • The Git Stash Functionality in Visual Studio 2019Thomas Claudius Huber
  • Cómo resolver el problema MSB4018 CreateAppHost en Visual Studio 2019
    Jorge Serrano


  • Working with Barcodes in Xamarin.Forms
    Gerald Versluis
  • Share Files as Email Attachments with Xamarin.Essentails
    James Montemagno
  • Adding fingerprint authentication in Xamarin Forms
    Enmanuel Toribio
  • Using Font Icons in Xamarin.Forms: Goodbye Images, Hello Fonts!
    James Montemagno
  • Novedades en Xamarin.Forms 3.6 & Un vistazo a Aurora Controls
    Javier Suárez


  • Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019
    Stack Overflow
  • What to expect in the new Microsoft Edge Insider Channels
    Jatinder Mann & John Hazen
  • Windows 10 ha cambiado la forma en la que expulsamos los dispositivos USB, y quizás te interese cambiarla de nuevo
    Gabriela González
  • Odio los framework
    Javi Santana
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Enlaces interesantes 358


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