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Ways Through Which MCommerce May Replace Regular Commerce

Ways Through Which MCommerce May Replace Regular Commerce

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Mobile Commerce has grown as a branch of E-commerce, and in recent times, has grown to advance regular commerce like never before. Nowadays, consumers can simply order the products they require online without having to leave the comfort of their home. With mobile commerce, this is even easier because you do not even need to reach out for your computer. An online shopper can make all purchases from the comfort of his or her mobile phone. This ease is transforming the retail industry, and will replace a large number of departmental stores in the near future. This convergence between the online and offline world, is greatly transforming the world of retail. However, there has been a growth that most people did not even foresee. Mobile commerce may just eclipse regular computer based commerce, and will in the near future, drive a lot of commercial shops out of business. In the U.S alone, mobile commerce is expected to climb up to an estimated $60 billion by the end of 2016. With this tremendous amount of growth, it is only likely that regular shop owners should start to rethink about how they can effectively compete with a force as strong as this. The next question you may ask is, how does M-commerce manage to do this? How can it replace regular commerce? Not to worry, in this article, I will be explaining how M-commerce is gradually edging out regular commerce. Stick around!


Ways through which M-commerce may replace regular commerce

  1. M-commerce has the ability to adapt: This is one feature of mobile commerce that greatly threatens the existence of regular commerce. The ability of mobile commerce to adapt to consumer needs, wants and behaviour is simply tremendous, and is something that regular commerce just may not be able to do. For example, a mobile commerce outlet that deals in fashion items can adapt to consumers needs for clothes according to size by simply creating a click button for consumers, where they can click and then all the clothes get sorted according to size. This is easy for the mobile commerce outlet to do because even if they don’t stock all the products according to size, they can simply contact a larger warehouse and request those items. With regular commerce, this option is not available. If the store a shopper walks into doesn’t have the required size, the shopper simply walks into the next available shop.Ways Through Which MCommerce May Replace Regular Commerce - ability to adapt
  2. Advertising potential: Since there is large potential for growth in mobile commerce, it makes it a viable place for large companies to advertise. Once an industry is having no problem generating capital, it makes such an industry one to be feared. A lot of the companies that fund trade shows and exhibits also fund companies, or mobile shopping platforms because of the immense potential that lies in mobile commerce.Ways Through Which MCommerce May Replace Regular Commerce - ability to adapt
  3. Variety and comparison: With mobile commerce, consumers have the option of comparing products and prices without having to move from shop to shop. Unlike regular commerce where a consumer walks into a shop and then realizes he or she may get a better offer somewhere else, mobile commerce gives a shopper the ease of simply minimizing a page and checking another site. It is literally that simple with mobile commerce. This is the kind of ease that regular commerce simply cannot provide, which makes mobile commerce a very dangerous competitor.Ways Through Which MCommerce May Replace Regular Commerce - variety and comparison
  4. Promoting the ubiquitous shopper: With mobile shopping, an individual can literally purchase products anywhere and at anytime. More and more customers because of the ease that it presents are increasingly appreciating this concept. For example, one can purchase that coat you have been dreaming of while sitting on the toilet seat, or while you are in a cab in rush hour traffic on your way to work.Ways Through Which MCommerce May Replace Regular Commerce - promoting the ubiquitous shopper
  5. Success is making it cheaper: Since it is getting a lot of wide acceptance and success, mobile commerce platforms have the opportunity to throw in amazing price slashes, discounts, free shipping and other benefits for shoppers that regular commerce just cannot provide. It is not that regular storeowners do not want to offer these discounts; they just are restricted by too many constraints. Rent, bills and other constraints mean that regular commerce does not have the attracting power of M-commerce.Ways Through Which MCommerce May Replace Regular Commerce - ability to adapt - success is making it cheaper

The reason why M-commerce just may replace regular commerce is down to one word, ‘ease’. This ease is greatly noticed by consumers, and is making more and more people favor mobile commerce over regular commerce.

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Ways Through Which MCommerce May Replace Regular Commerce


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