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10 Tips To Become Better Java Developer in 2020

If you want to become a better Java developer, this article is for you. This article regarding Java development focuses on pro tips to improve and enhance your programming skills and make you a better programmer. It explains in detail different ways to improve the programming and coding skills that are pivotal to become a successful Java developer.

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The tips discussed in the article are for both Java web developer and Core Java developer that would help and guide them to write web applications by using Java technology such as JEE, Servlet, and JSP.

10 Tips To Become Better Java Developer

In this column, we will discuss a few tips and tricks to become a successful Java developer with a few recommendations of helpful courses and books.

1. Learn Spring Framework

It is so significant and essential for Java developers to learn Spring framework as nowadays, companies prefer to do work by using spring frameworks such as Spring MVC, spring cloud, or spring boot. Spring Framework has all those specifications that are a necessity for other modern-day software. The spring framework is not only the best for developing the web application and REST APIs Microservices, but it also promotes the best practices of the dependency injection.

If you are a beginner Java developer, you should watch and learn a few tutorials of Spring and Java to get to know about the basics of the framework. On the other side, if you know the basics information of Java and spring, you should learn further steps like Spring Boot and Spring Cloud to design next-generation Java apps. To find out tutorials and guidelines, you can search Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru to get references to begin with as a Java developer.

spring framework beginner to guru

2. Get to Know about JVM Internals

JVM Internals is for those who seriously want to become the great Java developer. You need to spend extra time learning about how JVM works, its different parts, JIT, and garbage collections. You also need to learn about profiling the JAVA application and finding performance bottleneck so that you get to know about things that consuming your CPUs. Once you get to know more about JVM internal, you will be great at writing about robust and high-performance Java applications.

A Comprehensive Introduction to Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is the best course for structured learning as it has a comprehensive course that is incredible for curious JAVA developers.

JVM course

If you are not a kind of website person and always prefer to read books, The Definitive Guide to Java Performance by Scott Oaks is the most informative book to learn JVM internals thoroughly.

3. Learn Microservices (Spring Cloud, MicroNaut)

In the world of Java software, the architecture is constantly changing as many industries are moving from huge application to Microservices because of the advancement they offer. If you are seriously want to become a JAVA developer, you should invest your time to learn Microservices architecture and how to develop Microservices in Java. It will help you to become one of the competitive Java developers.
Spring Cloud and Spring Boot are the most popular frameworks as they have simplified Microservices in Java.

On the other side, if you like surfing internet instead of being a book worm, you must go through Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloudto start your work as a Java developer.

4. To Learn IDE Better (Eclipse or IDEA)

One of the most important tactics of Java developers that they are well aware of their tools. They not only know Java tools but also know how to use them for work. Different IDEs like Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and NetBeans are considered the critical tools which require dedication and time to learn in a better way. If you get to acquire some keyboard shortcuts, you will perform better in it. If one is serious about taking the IDE skills to the professional level and use Eclipse like a pro, he should check Eclipse Debugging Techniques And Tricks on Udemy. This course is the perfect course to improve your knowledge of Eclipse and make you achieve the next in IDE skills.

eclipse shortcuts

5. Learn Java Better (JDK 8 to JDK 14 features)

Java gets updated every six months and introduces a new version for the audience. It is significant for the interested JAVA developer to be up-to-date. Java 8 features have many programmers with different codes, such as lambdas and Stream API. If you want to make your career as a Java developer, you should learn Java 8 skills to do and perform well. Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers on Udemy teaches all Java features from feature 8 to feature 14. You should have a look to learn the basics of JAVA 8.

Java Programming Masterclass

If you want to learn more advanced courses, you can check out Modern Java - Learn Java 8 features by coding it for a more hands-on Java 8 course.

6. Acquire DevOps tools (Docker and Kubernetes)

It is pivotal for a Java developer to know about DevOps, or he/she should have little familiarity with continuous integration also should know how Jenkins assists in learning the integration. Learning DevOps has become essential for those developers who are responsible for building scripts, giving guidelines, creating the environment, and for setting the coding best practices. One can learn different tools like Docker, Chef, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and Maven to get to know more about DevOps.

devops course

If you also require some other resources, Learn DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins using Pipelines and Docker from Udemy. It is an informative Java link to begin your career. In this course, one will not only acquire about CI and CD but also learn about Maven and Jenkins in quite a detail.

7. Get to know about Unit Testing (Junit and Mockito)

Unit testing skill is the only thing which separates good Java developer from an average Java developer. Today, several tools are available for unit testing, automation testing, and integration testing for Java developers. Junit is the best library to begin your work in unit testing. Its new version, JUnit version # 5 is powerful and robust, and it is a must to learn it.

If you are looking for some overview regarding Java and testing skills, JUnit and Mockito Crash Courses are the best Java courses to start with your testing skills.

8. To Learn Design Patterns (GOF Patterns)

If you want to learn Java application from the start, you probably need to know about design patterns and tested solutions of a few Java problems. You can make the application more flexible and more powerful to change in the future by incorporating the design patterns into the code. Design patterns also improve the performance and quality as other Java developers are also familiar with design patterns, and ultimately they would get the solution quickly.

9. APIs and Libraries (Jackson, Log4j) for Java Developers

Java is considered the well-known programing language, and there are so many libraries and APIs available for doing everything for Java developers. A Java developer is well aware of the Java ecosystem and APIs to resolve the problem. A serious Java development always looks for some key APIs like JSON processing, Jackson and Gson, XML processing, JAXB and Xerces, Mockito and JUnit, etc.

10. Learn JVM language Kotlin (Android)

It would be great if Java developers learn a new JVM language. The best option to learn JVM language is Kotlin. It is from the company JetBrains and is also the official language for Android development since 2017. Kotlin will not only enhance your productivity but also assist you in the Android development area.


In this article, we have tried to give you thorough information and tips about becoming a pro-Java developer with numerous suggestions for courses and books. It is a little bit challenging to follow the Java developer tips with consistency. If you give enough time learning Java 8 to 14 and Spring Framework, you will be able to acquire other topics too. These topics can include DevOps, Unit testing, JVM internal, etc. it would be great if you begin the learning from the basics to advance as it helps you to learn everything in sequence. If you want to learn something practical apart from unit testing, learning IDE would be the right option to make you a better Java developer in a short period of time.

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10 Tips To Become Better Java Developer in 2020


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