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Multi Channel Fulfillment – Features

Seller Fulfilled Prime

It is a Prime program offered by Amazon that enables you to serve your domestic Prime customers. For this, Amazon provides excellent transportation Support from your warehouse to the end-customer. You must fulfil all your orders within 2-business days once you sign the contract. Also, you will be not charging any extra delivery charges for this.  

Our well-built application offer assists you in delivering within schedules time. It helps you to improve your operations and enhance your customer experience level.

Key features:

  1. It helps you in becoming an Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime. If you are already a Prime seller, then it will help you in holding this position for a specific period. Further, you will be allowed to choose shipping providers of your preference. But, you will be given a particular list of Amazon Prime carriers for this purpose.
  2. It allows you to ship the items directly to your Prime customers without charging any fees. Since there is no need for storing your products at the Amazon Fulfillment Center. As a result, you will be enabled to offer your customers the lowest prices and more discounts.
  3. Offers single-point solutions for all your issues linked to shipping and delivery. Because our application has a strong engagement with customers, shipping providers, and supplies.
  4. Handle your prime orders with utmost accuracy and efficiency at a higher speed. Also, it facilitates easy recognition of orders related to Seller Fulfilled Prime.
  5. Facilitates both offline and online order synchronization along with the quick stock adjustment. Besides,  it supports picking, packing, and shipping of various items from your warehouse.
  6. Makes addition of shipping presents or default attributes quite simple. Also, offer affordable shipping rates from a few selected Prime shippers.

Other features:

  1. Supports quick filtering of orders based on date, location, stores, tags, etc
  2. Assist in managing bulk Prime orders with higher efficiency
  3. Facilitates import and export of sale orders/shipment details in bulk
  4. Helps in generating and printing batch orders’ labels, packing slips, and picklist
  5. Offers end-to-end tracking of product delivery process and return orders
  6. Assist in generating notification emails and shipment alerts

Our application is an approved integration with Seller Fulfillment Prime (SFP). So, opt for our application at the earliest and manage your Prime order(s) shipment much easily. Also, there is no need to login into many order fulfillment portals for processing orders.

Returns Management

Easy handling of product returns plays a great role in enhancing the customer shopping experience. Further, it minimizes the rise of issues related to customer dissatisfaction and grievance. As a result, your customers show more loyalty towards you and buy your product more.

Our robust application strengthens your product return and replacement process. Besides, it helps in meeting your customers’ expectations as well. 

Key features:

  1. Facilitates quick processing of product returns by quick verifying and confirming returns. It also makes packing and transporting items much easier. Further, it assigns your preferred warehouse for storing your products.
  2. Offers a centralized network for multi-channels to ease the return process. You can access all the details related to receiving return items as well as their inspection. It also provides data related to the classification of returned items. With this classification, you will be able to find out the next step. You may return the item to its manufacturer or supplier. Else, you may even resell it or dispose of it.
  3. Assist in generating and downloading custom return labels. Also, it mentions all the particular reasons for returning. Further, it customizes rules for product returns to build an effective return policy.
  4. Helps in real-time tracking of shipment status by integrating with many e-commerce platforms. Apart from that, it also synchronizes with any shipping provider. By doing so, it assists in keeping your customers updated about returns. The update information will include return confirmation, pickup dates, and refund status. All these updates will be sent through automated emails and text messages.
  5. Offers proper support in sorting return items as resalable, unsaleable, and refurbished items. After sorting, it directly sends back these items to their original Inventory. For instance, a vendor, drop shipper, or warehouse.
  6. Allow you to analyze the costs associated with returns processing. With this, you can easily determine the efficient ways of managing these returns. You can either opt for a refund or replacement for this purpose.

Other features: 

  1. Facilitates warranty checking based on serial numbers
  2. Supports spare and service part maintenance
  3. Help in sorting product returns by their status as well as dates
  4. Supports integration with accounting software

By simplifying your return/refund processes, our application enhances your customers’ satisfaction level. Thus, subscribe to our application to boost your customer’s interest in your products.

Amazon FBA Inbound Shipment

Under this service, Amazon allows you to ship your products to any of the Amazon Fulfillment Centre at affordable pricing. The large boxes consisting of small individual boxes serve this purpose. Each of these small boxes will have delivery slips.

Our powerful application provides you a one-stop platform for managing all your FBA inventory. The products will be picked up at your doorstep to ensure the convenient shipping of your cargo.

Key features:

  1. Simplifies FBA inbound shipments by making use of interactive UI (User Interface). Also, hassle-free creation of workflow is promised. The addition of shipment items is made easy.
  2. Offers a single page for setting up all the preferences linked to shipment preparation and labeling. Besides, you will be enabled to generate a replica of the entire stock transfer with just a single click.
  3. It provides you full freedom on deciding the pickup dates for your products. Based on these dates, the shipping schedules will be arranged. Further, sort each product into different shipments based on their nature. Further, auto-splits these shipments as per their locations to ensure cost-effective shipping.
  4. Assists you in creating shipping schedules for transporting your stock to FBA warehouses(s). For this, you just need to visit a single portal to select any SKU for preparing the shipment list. The rest details related to product cost, batch, description, image, and current location can be directly imported.
  5. It also provides an operation manual to ASIN and SKU. Further, it assists in sending single merchant SKUs to several different fulfillment centers.
  6. Facilitates easy access and updating of all the data through sync with Amazon Seller Central. This data can relate to warehouse inventory or FBA inbound shipment orders.
  7. Supports easy creation and updating shipping schedules for your FBA stock. It enables you to save your valuable time by managing multiple settings/preferences from one platform. Further, you can easily track the inventory levels at many warehouses and selling channels at once.

Other features:

  1. Ensures that the shipment labels done as per the standard-rules
  2. Generates and prints shipping labels
  3. Facilitates updating of present inbound shipment
  4. Offers an estimated time for every transport request
  5. Automates the generation of FBA stock replenishment alerts
  6. Provides inbound visibility for every shipment from a small parcel to LTL shipment

Our application assists you in managing every stock’s movement available in different FBA locations. So, buy our application without making any delay.

Invoicing & Payments

Invoice creation and quick payment are quite important in online business. The ease in this process boosts your trust towards online payment platforms.

Our application offers ease sending invoices and collecting payments. All the transactions related to these will be safe and secure.

Key features: 

  1. Offers a single platform to access all the details of your accounting and finance. Since it supports integrations with many accounting software and payment options for this. For instance, Quickbooks, Xero, Stripe, PayPal, and
  2. Facilitates quick creation and processing of invoices. Further, it assists in downloading, printing, and emailing of these invoices.
  3. Makes the payment much simpler through the integrations with online payment service providers. It offers a multi-currency conversion facility and multiple payment options by doing this. Besides, it saves your credit card details and sets due dates for the payments. These can be beneficial for both you as well as your customers.
  4. Offers invoice customization that allows you to create any number of templates. You can choose payment terms depending on your location, sales channels, or customer base. But, a few standard invoice templates are available for your assistance. 
  5. Gives you the power to create consolidated, split, or partial order invoices. Also, you can add any number of custom fields as per your needs. Further, you can generate invoice reports, mobile invoicing, and automatic invoice reconciliation. 
  6. Simplifies record keeping of transactions by offering integration with many software. By doing that, it provides quick access to real-time financial and accounting data.
  7. Ensures clarity in financial transactions to build strong business ties. Further, it alerts your clients with outstanding balances regularly. 

Other features:

  1. Facilitates invoice accounting and order-to-invoice conversion 
  2. Supports multiple payment features including log payment 
  3. Offers many tax options and assist in the tax returns prep
  4. Enables to create an invoice at multiple stages of the order

Buy our application for streamlining your accounting and financial processes. It is the best option for managing all the financial aspects of your business.

Analytics & Reporting

Reporting describes what has occurred with your business for a specific period. Analytics explains why something has occurred. It provides all the necessary details and insights related to your sales strategies. Based on these, you can make key decisions to increase your sales activities.

Our application provides you real-time reporting and analytical insights. These are highly accurate, reliable, trustworthy and valid.

Key features

  1. Offers expertise on your products that are performing better in the market. It helps you in planning the inventory for the future. As a result, you will never face any miss any sales order due to understocking.  Also, you will never face any condition related to over-stocking.
  2. Provides easy access to accurate and real-time business data linked to many key aspects. For instance, changes in price, inventory levels, sales performance, and profitability. It also helps you to understand new trends in the market and change your business plans.
  3. Facilitates automation of reporting cycles. This ensures a minimum difference between the manually entered data and the actual numbers.
  4. Also, it helps in planning all your resources for increasing overall efficiency. You can plan better strategies for increasing your sales and improving your turnover.
  5. Assists in accessing the movement of every product across the warehouse, shipping, and delivery. For that, it offers powerful filtering options which can be also used for quick analysis. 
  6. Supports proper inventorying as per batch, location, cost, and expiry. Also, enables you to make inventory valuation with the help of product cost and last purchase price.
  7. Offers precise sales reports containing essential information on various aspects. For instance, you will not only get the sales order summary but also get detailed data on sales by products, stores, and customers. You will also get data on sales by cities, states, and countries. With the help of it, you will understand what are the best and the worst performing products and sales channels. Also, this valuable data makes it easy for you to identify who is your top shopper as an individual customer, store, and country.
  8. Provides purchase reports and purchase summary. It helps you to know your purchases – product-wise, supplier-wise, and average purchase price-wise.
  9. Offers access to precise and valid real-time analytical reports. These reports will provide insights on invoice transactions, shipments, customers, and order returns. Further, you can access the summaries of shipments, payments, returns, and invoices. In return summary, the data will be classified by product types, customers, and locations.

Other features:

  1. Supports inventory summary, inventory audit, and back-order inventory
  2. Assist in calculating the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  3. Keeps you informed about the status of your inventories
  4. Helps to identify unpaid orders, unpaid invoices, and the moving average of products
  5. It helps you recognize the carriers who offer service on affordable prices

Use our application to get precise insights based on the actual business data. We promise you that our applications will drive your business to success

Warehouse Management

It refers to optimizing the functionalities of the warehouse(s) or distribution center(s). With the help of it, you can easily organize your resources to enhance your efficiency. Also, you can control many products’ movement within your premises.

Our application offers a well-built warehouse management system for your online business. It assists in increasing your warehouse output without putting much effort.

Key features:

  1. Assists you in managing inventory with the Just-In-Time (JIT) approach. With it, you can easily optimize usage of the available labor force, space, stock, and resources. Besides, you can store products based on their nature, cost, and expiry which makes them easy to pick up. In the case of expiry, it is more beneficial as you can move out the product with a lesser expiry date first. 
  2. Channelizes the movement of every product to increase your warehouse(s) productivity. It assists in checking the quality and quantity of the product at each control point. 
  3. Facilitates quick picking and packing of your products through automating the workflows. These are highly configurable to suit your needs and can be used to create picking manifests. Also, fast group picking and quick packing slip easy generation can be performed. 
  4. Boosts your output level and helps in shipping the right order to the right customer. It increases your customer satisfaction level and also reduces the number of returns. 
  5. Provides real-time inventory updates to monitor all inbound and outbound activities. It will reduce the risks linked with low-stocking, over-stocking, and dead-stocking. You will get alerts on these at regular intervals to make essential decisions. Also, it enables the auto-replenishment using reorder points.  
  6. Helps in storing the products based on their serial numbers, batches, and locations. With it, you can easily locate or track any product with exact details without wasting much time. Apart from that, it supports receiving products at your preferred location.
  7. Supports automatic updating of product details in bulk. Also, it eliminates the need for any kind of paperwork and/or manual errors. Also, it facilitates barcode tagging as well as scanning. By doing so, it helps in saving time/effort of your warehouse staff. 
  8. Enables you to manage every activity linked with warehousing with the utmost ease. The orders with a single product or with bundled products can be smoothly handled. Also, both online, as well as offline orders, can be unified at a single point. You can add multiple unique-identification tags for each order and fulfill them quickly. 
  9. Facilitates effective handling of multiple warehouses as a single warehouse. By doing so, it helps in smart managing of multi-location selling and multi-channels. It also eliminates the paperwork while transferring any stock between multiple warehouses. Further, you can easily add any number of warehouses and set stock policies for them. You can even assign your desired warehouses for purchase and sales orders as well. 

Other features

  1. Supports sync of warehouse transactions with the accounting software 
  2. Handles Amazon FBA and any third party logistic much effectively
  3. Manages return handling and even sending returns defective products to the vendors
  4. Facilitates quick product movements through scanning
  5. Supports partial fulfillment and inventory locking
  6. Automates Purchase Order creation and stock picking rules such as FIFO and LIFO 
  7. Assist in generating warehouse inventory reports and handling bulk import orders
  8. Supports smooth allocation of products based on shelf, aisle, bin, or zone
  9. Helps in linking multiple products to handle the same stock level
  10. Facilitates order-based inventory replenishment and bulk shipping with presets 

Buy our application for managing your warehouse activities more precisely. By doing, so achieve more efficiency without putting much time and effort.

Purchase Management

It refers to the effective handling of your day-to-day business purchases. These purchases can be related to the raw materials to the finished goods. You can reduce the associated costs through the handling of these purchases effectively. Also, you can analyze and determine the best suppliers for your purchases.

Our smart application simplifies your on-time purchasing. At the same time, it also eases the procure-to-pay process flow.

Key features:

  1. It makes the sale process flexible and hassle-free. Automated workflows and integrations with business software make this process easy. It also monitors the entire PO life-cycle right from creating POs to receiving products.
  2. The list of all suppliers is available at one point. This makes accessing real-time data easy. The list has information related to every supplier transaction history and supply prices. Also, it ensures smooth communication between your suppliers for stock replenishment whenever required.
  3. Helps in handling your accounting system and managing all the POs from one place. As a result, it reduces the occurrence of double-entries and saves your valuable time. You can also generate error-free POs.
  4. Supports automated PO functionality for approving, tracking and escalating the POs. Besides, it also enables you to raise and send/email the PO from the orders at any stage.
  5. Facilitates generating PO alerts for every reorder point. Also, it offers role-based access to the PO approval process and clone PO for creating PO accurately.
  6. Assists in importing, exporting, downloading, and printing of POs in large volumes. Also, facilitates adding and receiving PO items without much difficulty through barcode scanning.
  7. Ensures smooth pre-and-post-inwarding processes by providing accurate data. For example, correct docket number, supplier name, and mode of shipment. Further, it facilitates easier approval for invoices and conversion of POs into invoices. 
  8. Helps in receiving shipment both in parts or in full. Besides, it also provides support for effortless warehouse transfers at the PO stage. You can assign the POs to your preferred warehouses as well.
  9. Supports efficient management of your supplier system by evaluating the supplier credentials. With it, you can choose the best supplier(s) as per your budget and other requirements. You can also have easy access to supplier contacts and supplier transaction history. 
  10. Enables you to import as well as export suppliers in a large quantity. Besides, you can also assign default or multiple or desired suppliers to products during the PO creation process. 
  11. Offers customization functionality for different aspects of the purchasing process. You can easily customize a PO format by adding more custom fields and different identification tags. Also, you can choose the desired payment options and relevant tax brackets & discounts. 
  12. It provides real-time data and precise insights into your purchases. Also, you can access the history of all purchase transactions. With the help of it, you can easily find out the delays and bottlenecks. It also assists in identifying your frequent purchases and best suppliers. 

Other features

  1. Assists in tracking each PO’s status and also updating status related to payments 
  2. Automatically generates and sends GRN (Goods Received Note)
  3. Assist  in making the right purchase decisions at the appropriate time

The subscription of our application enables you to handle every buy more efficiently. It helps in investing your money in the best buy and get more benefits. 

Product Listing Management

It refers to the effective handling of your product listings across multiple sales channels. A product list will include the entire portfolio of your offerings. For instance, prices, stocks, and sales history. Handling it becomes important to run your business successfully. 

Our feature-rich application helps you in managing many sales channels with a single listing. It assists in handling multiple product listings through quick planning, monitoring, and revising. With it, you can work with many marketplaces including Amazon, Shopify, and eBay at once.

Key features

  1. Offers synch of a single product listing with multiple selling-channels. It saves a lot of time that is needed for creating/managing listings on different sales channels. Also, you will also be allowed to modify this listing regularly as per your preference. 
  2. Makes importing and exporting of listing data/catalogs much easier. Also, receiving and sending bulk product data becomes simple with the CSV file format support. 
  3. Create the product listing and bulk-list the same to any channel you choose to sell on in no time. 
  4. Supports multi-variation listing, push listing, bulk product listing, and data mapping. 
  5. Facilitates easy addition of specifications, descriptions, and images for each product. By doing so, it saves your energy level and offers you more time to engage yourself in some other tasks. 
  6. Helps you expand your presence across several channels at once. It helps to reach more customers and bring a rise in your sales.
  7. Supports customization of listing templates along with the usage of defaulted ones. The customization can be done as per the needs of various sales channels. You can create or save any number of templates and further group these templates as well.

Other features

  1. Assist in adding custom fields and customizing HTML template creation
  2. Facilitates updation and edition of various fields/listings across multi-channels
  3. Supports real-time sync of multiple channels and inventories

Our application will boost the efficiency of your product listings and sales channels. So, subscribe to it at the earliest to enjoy the most benefits.

Shipping Management

It refers to the handling of many shipping aspects to fulfill the orders within schedules. If you fail to deliver the right product at the right time without any damage, then all your efforts go wasted. If perfect shipping is achieved at a least price then it will be more beneficial for your business. 

Our powerful application supports the automation of many shipping aspects. It assists you in quickly transporting your products to your customer locations at the lowest prices.

Key features:

  1. Transports your products smoothly by speeding up the shipping process. For this, it uses flexible workflows that are customized as per your needs.
  2. Compares the services and prices of various shipping service providers. For instance, FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, or any other unified service provider. It helps you in choosing the best one to minimize your shipping costs.
  3. Provides easy access to all the orders at one single dashboard. For this, it facilitates the integration of multiple shopping carts, sales channels, and 3PLs. Even, it facilitates Amazon FBA and drops shipping to transport your products. 
  4. Assist in computing shipping rates and then to compare them. By doing so, it helps you in choosing the good shipping option by taking various aspects into account. For instance, costs, discounts, weights, locations, and delivery dates. 
  5. Facilitates quick processing of orders with smart and quick actions. The filtering of products can be done based on their tags, location, stores, delivery dates, etc. 
  6. Helps in generating and printing packing slips, batch order labels, shipping picklists/manifests. Also, makes adding shipping presets, due dates, and default attributes for shipping orders. 
  7. Supports customization of every shipping aspect as per your needs without any trouble. You can easily add, delete, or edit a template whenever at any point of time. Also, you will be allowed to modify shipment packages and packing slip templates.
  8. Offers customization of form templates and preferences. Also, shipping label templates and print formats can be easily modified. 
  9. Facilitates you tracking every shipment from your warehouse to the final delivery. Besides, it also tracks return orders and multi-piece shipments.

Other features

  1. Compares different services and insurance rates, and shipping labels
  2. Automates shipping workflows and label/insurance payments 
  3. Supports barcode product scanning and international shipping
  4. Sends notification emails and shipment alerts
  5. Assists in buying shipping labels from more than 300 service providers
  6. Helps in importing and exporting of orders in bulk 
  7. Assist in studying different shipping discounted rates based on order size and area

Our application helps in streamlining the shipping process for enhanced productivity. The faster transport of products improves your seller ratings. So, buy it as soon as possible.

Inventory Management

It refers to the systematic procuring, storing, and selling of your inventory. This includes raw materials, in-process products, as well as finished goods. It offers many benefits such as reducing storage costs and optimizes fulfillment. Also, it prevents or minimizes the chances of theft or decay or damage.

Our easy-to-use application keeps you up-to-date with your inventories. By doing so, it not only improves your productivity but also keeps your customers happy.

Key features:

  1. Assists in keeping inventory at a standard level by tracking all the products. As a result, you will be knowing which product is doing good business and which is not. You can make decisions on storing most-frequently sold products in large volumes. And, also avoid storage of other products that are sold in lesser quantity.
  2. Offers centralized visibility by facilitating viewing, managing, and sync of all your inventories. With it, you can access the data of every warehouse, sales channel, 3PL, etc. 
  3. Offers centralized visibility through inventory management.  Plus, you can access the data of every warehouse, sales channel, 3PL, etc.
  4. Offers just-in-time inventory management and thereby reducing inventory storing costs. It helps in moving the inventory much faster and also minimizes the risks of spoilage or damage. Also, supports quick picking, packing, shipping, and counting of products. You will be further notified in case of low-stock or out-of-stock conditions.
  5. It helps in setting reorder levels for every product. Adjusting the stocks or prices is easy. Reordering of back-ordered products and automation of PO creation is easy
  6. Automates the handling and tracking of every product across the inventory. With it, you will be having complete information on which product is going to be delivered to whom. Also, you will get full details related to its shipping and delivery.
  7. Simplifies product management through a virtual storage dashboard. It facilitates the easy handling of multiple SKUs and stores. It also assists in creating single, distinct, and bundled products.
  8. It supports product catalog management. Also, it helps in assigning many suppliers for each product. Plus, it helps  you in deciding pricing options for different customer segments and marketplaces.
  9. Managing the details of inbound and outbound products in bulk becomes easy. Besides, it also eases the product linking from different warehouses to manage the same stock level.
  10. Supports many tagging options and quick generation or printing of product barcodes. It helps in storing products in a proper way. Quick recognition of product location is another key benefit.
  11. Offers real-time inventory reports, inventory audit reports, and inventory movement summary. Also, it provides you inventory valuation reports and back ordered inventory reports. The availability of these helps you in making better business decisions.

Other features:

  1. Facilitates both online and offline inventory handling
  2. Provides reports on low-stock, out-of-stock, and dead-stock
  3. Helps in accessing history linked to the purchase of various products
  4. Automates the setting of inventory rules like FIFO and LIFO
  5. Supports easy handling of products based on serial numbers, batches, and expiry dates

Buy our feature-rich application at the earliest to make smart inventory decisions. With the help of it, control and reduce your inventory associated costs to a great extent.

Order Management

It involves the integration of many aspects of different sales channels. For example, inventory databases, order processing, and fulfillment systems. With it, you can achieve efficiency in fulfilling sales orders within schedules.

Our robust application eases all your order fulfilling tasks. With it, reduce your delivery timings by increasing shipping accuracy. 

Key features:

  1. Brings all the important data related to every order across many selling channels. Only one platform is used for handling all order fulfillment activities. Due to this, most of the issues related to repetitive tasks will greatly reduce. It also helps in minimizing many costs linked with the administration. 
  2. Offers seamless sync with many sales channels as well as shipping partners. Thereby, assist in quick processing of orders as soon as you receive them. Also, it offers quick product adjustments from different sales channels in case of low-stock. 
  3. Supports integration with many sales channels at once through a single dashboard. By doing so, it synchronizes many inventories and order timings. 
  4. It allows you to customize the order workflows based on product availability, shipping costs, and locations.  Also, it provides filters for searching orders based on categories.
  5. Simplifies repetitive tasks such as recording of inbound and outbound products in bulk. Besides, it also eases confirming or canceling orders in large volumes. You can also clone the repeat orders to save your valuable time and effort.
  6. Facilitates quick addition of tags, due dates, comments, and instructions to every order. It also eases the creating, downloading, and printing of invoices. Further, it assists in creating PO for out-of-stock products as well. 
  7. It gives a complete view of all the crucial data and day-to-day operations. It also eases your activities with suppliers, shipping providers and customers.
  8. Facilitates customization of tags for quick identification of products. For this, it eases adding and deleting custom fields to orders. Also, supports sync of online and offline orders. 
  9. Provides access to the real-time status of orders and every customer’s details. Also, the complete order history can be viewed easily.

Other features:

  1. Eliminates the need for logging into many websites or systems for order tracking
  2. Supports FIFO inventory method
  3. Facilitates order processing through 3PL, FBA, and drop shipping
  4. Offers simple viewing of many orders in the form of Kanban and List 
  5. Supports multi-currency conversion and standard/custom invoice templates
  6. Helps the setting of warehouse priorities to fulfill orders
  7. Supports pre-order, partial order, and back order fulfillment
  8. Assist in adding more items in order through barcode system or manual entry

Subscribe our robust application as soon as possible. Improve your order processing and enhance your shipping capabilities.

Ecommerce Automation

Automation of many processes is essential for your online business. With it, many processes such as invoices and warehousing can be simplified. Also, your customers will benefit by offering a better service.

Our powerful application offers automation of many processes at a low cost. It assists in simplifying processes to improve efficiency. Besides, it eliminates manual data entry to reduce errors as well.

Key features:

  1. Saves your time and efforts by fastening various tasks and processes
  2. Offers accurate and valid data to make business decisions
  3. Generates and sends automatic confirmation emails
  4. Eases the creation of shipping orders and log payments
  5. Eliminates the need for paperwork and repetitive tasks
  6. Supports trigger-based automation by offering inbuilt, custom, and time-based trigger options
  7. Facilitates automation of drop shipping, Amazon MCF, and many more
  8. Assist in adding tags, notes, and due dates to any order
  9. Auto-updation of order details and fraud order handling is made easy
  10. Supports automation of PO creation and emailing
  11. Auto-folderization and splitting of orders is made an easy job
  12. Facilitates automation of invoicing, order processing, and shipping (with presets)

Our application assists you in optimizing all the resources through automation. Thus, opt for this service to improve your output.

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Multi Channel Fulfillment – Features


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