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How to Write an Irresistible Blog Post?

Blogging has become one of the mainstays of content marketing in the present times. It has become one of the popular ways to engage with your customers and in order to bring qualified and targeted traffic to your website, a well-developed blog plays a major role. There are some elements in blogging, which if followed properly, can lead to excellent results in diverting quality traffic to your website. These elements can be followed by anyone and can be mastered through due diligence and practice and you don’t have to be a master writer to write an excellent quality blog post. However, you need to be in sync with the persona of the people who visit your website and hence getting a mastery over visitors persona is a must.

The art of writing an irresistible blog post lies in fulfilling the perceived need of your readersThe point which is being conveyed here is that needs of every section of your audience are different. Hence, while you explain the retirement benefits to a group of predominantly senior citizen or people nearing the retirement age, you would not be able to appeal to the younger section of your blog viewership. Hence, you should accept the fact that you cannot make everyone happy, and hence a B2B blog’s voice and approach is going to be totally different from a blog dedicated to first time moms.

Now, as we have this sorted out, let us now consider some other points that can help us write an irresistible blog for our targeted audiences. First and foremost, you have to make the headline catchy. Headlines are of various types. However, you have to ensure that the headline is neither too small and nor too large. The ideal length should be less than 60 characters so that it is long enough to arouse interest in your viewers and can be fitted entirely in the search results description in the Google search pages. In addition, headlines can be of various types. The first is the list type, i.e. 5 ways to improve your blog traffic.

The other type of headlines are the ones highlighting the benefits, i.e. 5 benefits of blogging consistently. One other type of headlines is the curiosity type, i.e.  The headline generates curiosity by text like Mistakes that every blogger should avoid. Are you making that mistake? Such type of headlines egg on the visitors to read on the actual blog and they are curious to determine what type of blog is it all about.

Hence, by knowing the full potential of a headline in determining the popularity of a blog post, you are all positioned to leverage it to the fullest. Remember, most of the people are going to start your blog by reading the headline of the blog post. And if it going to be inviting and able to generate curiosity to learn more about it, you have succeeded in the first step of writing a great blog post.

Then comes the opening paragraph of your blog post. Remember, this is the most important part of your blog post and the first sentence should be able to deliver the requisite punch to your opening paragraph, egging on the visitor to know more about what you have written. Also remember that the first paragraph of your blog post should be in sync with the headline of your blog post, trying to give more information about the thing or the information that you have given out in the headline of your blog post. Don’t ever try to divert from the topic or the main headline of your blog post, since that is enough provocation for the blog reader to steer away from your post.

You always deliver the promise you have made. Same goes with your blog post. The opening paragraph should totally be devoted to a sound introduction about the topic that you have already revealed in the headlines and now you are going to elaborate more about how you can make your readers aware of the topic that you have mentioned. The opening paragraph should be able to hold the attention of your audience to take them to the next sub heading and the next sub heading in turn should also be clear enough and having the same qualities as the first paragraph. Remember, clarity in your language and consistency in your style of writing play a vital role in keeping your audiences glued to your blog post. Hence, you have maintain that clarity and consistency in style throughout the blog post.

Now come the sub headings. Remember, the main purpose of your blog post is to keep the viewer or the reader glued to the blog post till the end so that they are able to come to the call to action stuff. Call to action is nothing but the action that you want the readers to take, by making them give their email, by taking them to the order page or any other section of your website. However, it is not fair that you take everything of value from your reader and give them nothing of value in return.

The subheadings do the part of returning to the viewer something of value so that they don’t feel that nothing of value has been added to their knowledge by reading your blog post. They should feel that they have received something valuable and something of real significance to them so that they are able to solve a problem of theirs or get some important knowledge about the subject they were seeking information about. Thus, the subheadings sections form the very skin and blood of your blog post and they play a significant part in determining the satisfaction value of your readers.

Then comes your last paragraph. This should give some important piece of advice to you customers and also contains usually the call to action stuff. However, make sure that call to action is clear enough so that the readers of your blog post know what is it that you want them to do next and how they can follow your call to action. This also means that you have to care for a proper blog optimization so that it helps both the reader and you. Also, the last sentence of your closing paragraph should thank the readers of your blog post.

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How to Write an Irresistible Blog Post?


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