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Linear Programming With Energy Data
2023-07-15 15:48
In the previous post, we made some back of the envelope estimation of what an optimal solar, wind & storage based power grid could look like. For the analysis we were using a standard li… Read More
What Should Be The Fair Cost Of Carbon?
2023-02-25 01:37
With an energy crisis looming across Europe, some people were joking that those who believe in the American Santa Claus should rather be naughty than nice, because coal would be more valuabl… Read More
From MrBeast To MrBot?
2023-02-10 13:40
Generative AI seems to have entered the mainstream hype cycle with the recent release of ChatGPT becoming the fastest growing website to reach more than 100 million users, generating a lot o… Read More
Energy Data Analysis With Pandas
2023-01-26 22:19
The organisation of Europe's power grid operators (ENTSO-E) is providing an open-data transparency platform with a lot of interesting data about the state of the  power grid in its vari… Read More
The Case For Batch-mode Electricity
2022-11-14 19:57
Historically the service provided by electrical utilities has been that of 24/7 instant power, available at the flip of a switch. The keys to providing such a service are power sources which… Read More
The History Of Dehorsification
2022-02-03 21:40
De-carbonization will require in particular a radical transformation of the energy and transportation sectors over the next few decades. Many people find this daunting or fear that it might… Read More
Tragedy Of The Commons Vs. Social Contract
2022-01-20 14:50
The recent pandemic has provided a lot of insights into how societies and governments around the world respond to a collective crisis, where the potential cost or harm faced by each member o… Read More
Bias Towards Inaction
2022-01-03 21:20
The trolley problem is a famous thought experiment to illustrate an ethical dilemma where the needs of the many may outweigh the needs of the few : a trolley is assumed to be barre… Read More
Entgendern Nach Phettberg
2021-04-16 15:20
Liebe Lesys,Ich möchte auch auf Deutsch gerne inklusiv schreiben, ohne dass jeder Satz nach identitätspolitischem Kulturkampf schreit. Mein Vorzug wäre ein grammatisches Neutr… Read More
Email To Disaspora* Posting Bot
2019-04-20 21:15
What I still miss the most after moving from G+ to Diaspora* for a my casual public social network posting is a well integrated mobile app for posting on the go.The main use-case for me is p… Read More
Extracting Location Information From Photos
2019-04-18 20:53
Photos exported from digital cameras often contain meta-data in Exif format (Exchangeable Image File Format). For images taken with cellphone cameras, this info typically also includes (GPS)… Read More
The Fallacy Of Distributed = Good
2018-12-28 13:06
I have recently been looking for an alternative social media platform and started using Diaspora* via the pod. Not unlike the cryptocurrency community, the proponents of the va… Read More
2018-10-21 21:54
For the last 7 years, I have been using Google+ as my primary social sharing site - with automated link-sharing to Twitter. With Google+ going away, I am looking to migrate my public posting… Read More
The Internship
2017-09-03 19:04
During the summer month, our offices are buzzing with young, enthusiastic people from all over the world - a sign that it's intern season.Internships are the closest that academic profession… Read More
A Host By Any Other Name
2016-05-29 12:07
In the previous two episodes about IP networking, we have seen a lot about raw addresses and port-numbers, because that is how the networking stack operates internally. But this is not how w… Read More
2016-05-15 15:31
In the previous two episodes about IP networking, we have seen a lot about raw addresses and port-numbers, because that is how the networking stack operates internally. But this is not how w… Read More
A Matter Of Protocol
2016-05-15 15:12
Today, we are taking a look at the TCP/IP Internet protocols by using a few commands which allow us to see what is going on in the Linux kernel, all the way down to the Ethernet wire.For exa… Read More
2016-05-15 11:51
The Linux command line has a rich set of powerful tools. Today we are looking at some examples of commands which allow us to troubleshoot networking issues.Let’s picture a situation wh… Read More
2016-05-14 13:47
The first Linux command-line command which a user might encounter, would typically be bash, the default Linux command-line interpreter itself.For many newcomers, the Linux command-line inter… Read More
OwnCloud Server On Raspberry Pi 3
2016-04-30 14:26
<- Raspberry Pi as Classroom Server and Digital PetEncouraged by the performance of running a basic wiki engine on the new Raspberry Pi 3, we can try a more resource intensive service. Ow… Read More
Learning Computers
2013-10-06 13:05
On Feb 29, the Raspberry Pi foundation launched the sales of a $25 credit-card sized computer, which sold out in minutes. The goal of the Raspberry Pi is to stimulate computer literacy educa… Read More
Raspberry Pi Internet Access Monitor
2013-05-25 23:24
If your Internet access is down and you are not watching, is it really down? For most people the answer is most likely - who cares!Since our Internet connection had recently been down a few… Read More
2013-05-13 22:02
About 3 years ago, I speculated in this post, that "user curated content" would become the next logical step to the "user generated content" wave unleashed by the interactivity of web 2.0. B… Read More
2013-02-28 22:11
The management edict to ban telecommuting a Yahoo has stirred up quite a controversy. It seems a bit ironic for an Internet company to admit that telecommuting isn't working for them. Kind… Read More
Raspberry Pi Tethering
2012-11-29 21:32
 After some initial experiments with using a Raspberry Pi as a home server, I wanted to try out some configurations  useful to the intended purpose of the Raspberry Pi: p… Read More
Automated Dependency Injection
2012-08-25 22:46
In the tradition of modular and object oriented programming, we have long learned to design software by hierarchical decomposition - divide and conquer engineering, where each modu… Read More
2012-07-01 15:53
It's been about a year since Google+ launched with great fanfare and even greater anticipation in the tech media. Being late to the party of the currently much hyped "social networking" spac… Read More
2012-03-18 22:26
The most widely and commercially used languages today are largely based on the imperative and structured programming paradigms and many have a direct and strong roots in the C language of th… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Many people, specially outside the technology industry are surprised that something like open-source software could exist, specially at the scale and sophistication it quite obviously does… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
When looking for a platform to learn Linux and Python programming, Raspberry Pi would be on top of most peoples mind today.The success of the Raspberry Pi brand has created an active and nov… Read More

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