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NodeJS - Can't implement asynchronous function

NodeJS - Can't implement asynchronous function


I'm newbie in NodeJs. This is my code for learning Asynchronous Function.

//--------------------- MAIN ---------------
console.log("Endpoint 1\r\n");

testThread(1000000000,function (result){

console.log("Endpoint 2\r\n");


function testThread(data,callback) {    
    //take a long time

Run it:

node testthread.js

Always the result is:

Endpoint 1


Endpoint 2

System prints "Endpoint 1", take 2 seconds, it prints ">>>>4.335387639806787e+32" after then it prints "Endpoint 2"

I'm not found the asynchronous here. It should be:

Endpoint 1

Endpoint 2


Please explain me.

Problem courtesy of: Allan Vo


Asynchronous functions are functions that call other functions that are asynchronous. There is not other way to implement asynchronous functions in javascript/node.js. Which at first looks like a chicken and egg problem doesn't it? How can one write an asynchronous function if the requirement is that it must call another asynchronous function in order to be asynchronous?

The answer is that the lowest level asynchronous function must be implemented in C.

Fortunately, javascript/node.js has several built-in asynchronous functions implemented in C that we can use as building blocks in javascript to build our own asynchronous functions. Examples of such functions include the http.request() method, the socket.listen() method and probably the simplest setTimeout() and setInterval().

Here's an example of how one could rewrite your code to achieve asynchronous processing;

function long_task (repeat_number, callback) {
    // setTimeout is asynchronous, so keep calling it until we're done

    function loop () {
        if (repeat_number > 0) {
            repeat_number --;
        else {
            callback("I'm done!");


console.log("calling long task");
console.log("long task started");
Solution courtesy of: slebetman


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NodeJS - Can't implement asynchronous function


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