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Node.js Programming Pattern for getting Execution Context

Node.js Programming Pattern for getting Execution Context


I am writing a web app in node.js. Now every processing on the server is always in the context of a session which is either retrieved or created at the very first stage when the request hits the server. After this the execution flows through multiple modules and callbacks within them. What I am struggling with is in creating a programming pattern so that at any point in the code the session object is available without the programmer requiring it to pass it as an argument in each function call.

If all of the code was in one single file I could have had a closure but if there are function calls to other modules in other files how do I program so that the session object is available in the called function without passing it as an argument. I feel there should be some link between the two functions in the two files but how to arrange that is where I am getting stuck.

In general I would like to say there is always a Execution Context which could be a session or a network request whose processing is spread across multiple files and the execution context object is to be made available at all points. There can actually be multiple use cases like having one Log object for each network request or one Log object per session. And the plumbing required to make this work should be fitted sideways without the application programmer bothering about it. He just knows that that execution context is available at all places.

I think it should fairly common problem faced by everyone so please give me some ideas.

Following is the problem


  app = require('express').createServer();
  app_module1 = require('AppModule1');
  var session = get_session();
  app.get('/my/page', app_module1.func1);


  app_module2 = require('AppModule2');
  exports.func1 = function(req,res){

     //  I want to know which the session context this code is running for




   exports.func2 = function(req,res){

    // I want to know where the session context in which this code is running

Problem courtesy of: Raks


You can achieve this using Domains -- a new node 0.8 feature. The idea is to run each request in it's own domain, providing a space for per-request data. You can get to the current request's domain without having to pass it all over via process.domain.

Here is an example of getting it setup to work with express: How to use Node.js 0.8.x domains with express?

Note that domains in general are somewhat experimental and process.domain in particular is undocumented (though apparently not going away in 0.8 and there is some discussion on making it permanent). I suggest following their recommendation and adding an app-specific property to

Solution courtesy of: Matt Smith


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Node.js Programming Pattern for getting Execution Context


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