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SOLVED: Jersey Jackson Serialize Subclass


Hi I am creating a restful service using Jersey. To return the result I need to convert to json format. I have a Parent and child Class where only parent class values are sent but child class is not getting serialized.

Parent Class -

@JsonTypeInfo(use = Id.CLASS, include = JsonTypeInfo.As.PROPERTY, property = "type")
@JsonSubTypes({@JsonSubTypes.Type(value = Child.class)})
public abstract class Parent {
private String test = "hello";

public Parent () {
public Parent (String test) {
this.test = test;
public String getTest() {
return test;
public void setTest(String test) {
this.test = test;

Child Class -

public class Child extends Parent{
private String name;

public Contact() {
public Contact(String name, String test) {
super(test); = name;
public String getName() {
return name;
public void setName(String name) { = name;

Actual Class -

public class RestResponse {
private List result;
// default and one argument constructor...

public List getResult() {
return result;
public void setResult(List result) {
this.result= result;

Rest Controller -

public class MyRestController {

public RestResponse getContacts(@Context HttpHeaders headers) throws URISyntaxException {
Parent p = new Child("myName", "testString");
List parentList = new ArrayList();
RestResponse resultResponse = new RestResponse();
resultResponse .setData(parentList );
return resultResponse;

But below is the result I get,

"result": [
"test": "testString"

Where the subclass's property name is not serialized. I tried the solution given in Jersey and Jackson serialization of subclasses does not include extra attributes, but still I see subclass properties are not getting converted.

Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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SOLVED: Jersey Jackson Serialize Subclass


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