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How to Convince Your Boss That Your Company Needs a Video Meeting Platform

It’s a common situation for you to see the use in something that your superior may not be able to. While people in positions above you may be all for innovation, usually that’s if it’s free. On the other hand, sometimes they simply need to be convinced using the right tactics and shown relevant information.

Video conferencing is one of the most useful Communication tools to emerge in the last few decades, but it’s only in the past few years that it’s really taken off due to an increase in accessibility, affordability, and scalability. In other words, both large and small businesses can use video without a big budget or a huge enterprise. Whether you’re in a small, entrepreneurial environment or in a large corporate setting, video can benefit everyone. Here are a few ideas about how to convince your boss of the same, and make everyone’s lives easier.

1. A Good Way to Foster Leadership

Leadership is one of the most essential skills to have within a company. It’s a Talent that is looked for in any candidate hired, from the most lowly assistant to the highest executive position. The assistant might move up in the ranks, and the executive undoubtedly requires excellent leadership skills to begin with. Companies can’t afford to skimp of leadership capabilities, and this can actually be helped with video conferencing.

Inc. points out that one of the most important types of culture to foster within a company and especially amongst your immediate team is one of open honesty and trust. Allowing staff to speak freely is proven to improve productivity and the flow of communication, as well as making sure that you’re being inclusive. However, that can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re dealing with off-site workers.

Many businesses use telecommuting workers, or even people who work from home, which poses brand new leadership issues. The last thing you want is a disconnect between someone who’s only able to join into a meeting via video, versus a group of people who are sitting in a room, looking at one another. This is a good reason to host all your meetings via video, since it levels the playing field, and creates that useful sense of trust, openness, and inclusivity.

2. Getting Around the Free Services

The fact of the matter is that you get what you pay for, and although there are plenty of free video chat services out there, they’re not appropriate for a business setting according to Business 2 Community. If you experience glitches, pixilation, or other common interruptions, you have little to no recourse. You’re using free software, after all. However, you and your boss’s worst nightmare would be to have this happen during an important call with a client.

This is why using an actual product like BlueJeans for video meeting services is the only proper way to invest in this type of technology. While your boss will undoubtedly do his or her own research into video communication, it’s your job to be prepared to provide further information and reasoning as to why using a paid service is superior. The bottom line is that if you’re going to use it, you should go all the way and do it properly. Don’t use sub-par free services that may put relationships with clients at risk.

3. Expand Your Talent Pool

People power is just as important as cutting edge technology in business, and the race to find talent is just as intense as it is to improve creativity and communication within a company. One of the biggest pros video offers is the ability to find candidates for positions all over the world, and not limit yourself due to the restrictions of geography. Whether you’re suggesting that video can be used to simply search and interview over long distances with the intent of relocation, or even to go so far as to branch out with more telecommuters, the fact of the matter is that you’re able to tap into far more talent with video than not. This can be a huge incentive to any boss to get in on the game and dip into a worldwide talent pool that other companies have already started to take advantage of.

It can be a real challenge to get your boss on board with something that’s going to cost money, but if they see the true benefit, then it’ll be a wise investment. Always put the money where your mouth is, though, and bring up the benefits that will come financially. For example, while video communication certainly makes life easier, it also potentially improves clients’ views of your company. It makes you seem cutting edge and on the ball, versus if a competitor communicates solely through email. Being able to put a face to a name, and a voice to a sentence, can have a profound impact on others. Therefore, if the dollar is the bottom line, which it usually is, approach the suggestion from that standpoint. After all, you have to spend some money to make money.

Georgina is a part time business consultant with a tech company.

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How to Convince Your Boss That Your Company Needs a Video Meeting Platform


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