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I could never say such a thing, but…

The patron saint of the Fifis.

One of my favorite fictional villains of all times is Francis Urquhart, the devious conservative prime minister in the original “House of Cards”.  Whenever Forced to make a statement that would give away his (reactionary and undemocratic) views, he would say “You may well think that, but I could never say such a thing”.  Ana Lozano’s short piece in SDPNoticias on the anti-anti-new Airport protest today (“March of the FIfis”) made me think of Urquart, leading the charge to undermine democracy and uphold elitist traditions (including bribery and murder):

(my translation)

As of this writing, a group of Mexicans are marching to voice their discontent over the cancellation of the Texcoco Airport. To not build it, they say, will negatively affect the nation’s economy and that cannot be allowed to happen.

For them the construction of a first world airport is essential; but they forget that Mexico is a third world country, which is always among the most violent and corrupt in the world.

The showcase development of the Peña Nieto administration has been canceled and this has generated great indignation. The “Fifis” forget that the multi-million (er.. billion) project only benefits the businessmen and politicians involved. That inhabitants of Texcoco were dispossessed of their lands or forced to sell at ridiculous prices:  the same land that was resold to the builders at more than seven hundred dollars a meter.  Nor does the ecological impact and high maintenance cost of that airport matter.  It is not important that it is being built in a seismically active swamp. Nor that the glass- The glass-clad works of architect Norman Foster have a history of maintenance issues:  libraries that leak; a Las Vegas tower that had to be demolished: a structure in the City of London with an eye-poping 3.5 million peso window washing bill… and the new airport would have 100 times as much glass to clean.  Who would pay for the upkeep?

The thousands of disappeared, clandestine graves, murders, tractor-trailers hauling more than three hundred corpses, femicides, corruption, insecurity, impunity … those atrocities appear not to merit demonstrations, but an over-priced airport?

Ironic and shameless, no doubt …

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I could never say such a thing, but…


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