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Texas Progressives: End of Lege session and more

Let's dig right in to this week's roundup.

General Texas

DeSmog Blog reports that cleaning up methane flaring and pipeline leaks in the Permian is, in terms of climate change, "low hanging fruit."

Despite national and state opposition from both sides of the duopoly, the fight for Palestinian rights, lives and statehood is here in Texas.

House Dems' walkout also killed SB 14, at least for now, which combines Texas Rethuglicans' two wet dreams — suppressing local government autonomy and also killing anything that smacks of empowering labor. (It was also another bill that illustrates how much of a ConservaDem state Sen. Eddie Lucio is.)

Off the Kuff did his precinct analysis thing on State House districts.
Robert Rivard gives the voter suppression bill the scorn it deserves.

Pee Bush's Trumpy butt-kissing lips against yet-unconvicted con artist Ken Paxton in an AG primary! Have fun with that one, Rethuglicans.

And, nutbar of various types Allen West has resigned as Texas GOP chair ... to possibly run for something. INTEResting that it's not a definite run for something and not necessarily a statewide race. He dropped a hint about eyeing Strangeabbott's seat even though the Dreamy Don Huffines (think about it) is already in, Jeebus Shot Sid Miller has dropped hints, and Trump has endorsed Abbott. (Unfortunately for Dreamy Don, he had originally been planning on running as "the Trump guy," Texas Monthly notes, also describing him as a Ron Paul-tard and more.) The Trib, per the graf above, notes that Pee has left the land commish position open, and that West also has crossed swords with Lite Guv Danny Goeb. Was he pushed out for attending the QAnon confab?

Robert Francis O'Rourke is on a "voting rights listening tour," which many are saying is a secret start to a gubernatorial campaign. Given that Beto the firebrand flamed out early in the 2020 prez run, will good old Beto Bob the ConservaDem come back?

Texana and regional

Southwest Airlines launched 50 years ago. A Texas Monthly longform has the details. That said, while Southwest has ditched the hot pants and go-go boots for flight attendants, what it hasn't been able to ditch is various discrimination claims by passengers. Here's the latest.
D Magazine was first to report on Lake Highlands High School valedictorian Paxton Smith and her amazing pro-reproductive rights graduation speech. 
Joel Montfort tells you about the Pride-themed cookies of Confections Bakery in Lufkin.
Mandy Giles celebrates Pride with a hope for more inclusion and love within the church. (I grew up hearing "love the sinner, hate the sin, too. A seminary prof, conservative wing of Lutheranism, said that was BS too. That said, contra Ms. Giles, I know that a literalist reading of the bible shows it IS anti-gay; the Tanakh and Paul vocally so, and Jesus by silence. I know. So, liberal Xns, that's why I'm not one of you; I don't take any of your scripture's metaphysical claims for real, either.)
Irene Vazquez profiles Dee Dee Watters and her work carrying on the legacy of Monica Roberts.
Odus Evbagharu explains his candidacy for Harris County Democratic Party Chair.


SocraticGadfly looked at the Fauci emails, and the twosiderism and tribalism by the two most vocal of the more than two sides that exist on the emails in particular and Fauci’s performance the last 18 months in general.

Hucksterman Central continues to wash its/his hands of kowtowing to wingnuts, including pre-Jan. 6 runups.

BlueAnon surely continues to celebrate Obamacare and Biden's around-the-edges expansion and propping it up. The reality? It still sucks (even as Daily Poster head Sirota remains a Dem).

Turnabout is fair play: Feds threaten to sue state.

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Texas Progressives: End of Lege session and more


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