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A real #RIPSmithee — take #VoteGreen action, #DuopolyExit

If you are a person who really cares about the core message of worry over campaign finance that Christopher Chopin, aka Actual Flatticus as Alan Smithee, did on Twitter, you'd be serious about not taking half measures.

First, this problem didn't start with Citizens United. It started with Buckley v Valero in 1976. And, until McCain-Feingold, most national politicians of both halves of the duopoly tinkered with the problem at the edges at best, ignored it at worst. And it, even, was not a whole lot more than heavier tinkering around the edges.

And, I just mentioned that word "duopoly."

Second, you'd realize that if the current Republican and Democratic parties stay anything close to as they are, things won't change on campaign finance. Period. Note that "reform" DNC chair Tom Perez is down with lobbyists being superdelegates. And placing Donna Brazile on the rules committee.

And, apparently, per that second link, the DNC either actually believes Bernie's "$27 donor" claims or else thinks it can reduplicate his email list which it still hasn't gotten and certainly won't now.

So, per another hashtag, #VoteGreen.

Yes, here, you'll be ignoring the messenger while noting that there is a message first.

Follow ideas, not people.

Chopin, for whatever reason, wasn't sold on the GP. Kind of dissing about it, in fact, it seems.

His problem, and the problem of those who won't move outside the duopoly box.

What are your options? Lesser evilism? Not voting?

I don't care, right now, whether you vote Green because you actually believe in its principles more than those of the Democratic Party, or if it's just to "send a message." We'll cross that bridge more later. Just do it, first.

Hell, vote Socialist Party USA if you want. (I almost voted Soltysik instead of Stein, last year, and thus show that I take voting more seriously than most duopolists, who probably don't even know Soltysik's first name.)

DO NOT vote Democrat, and then complain.

Per Einstein's definition of insanity? You're part of the problem. I'm sorry, but that is true.

Also, do not "not vote." Actually voting for a third party sends a more active message, even if Greens don't win.

Vote D instead of R at the state legislature level, maybe. But, by the time you get to governor, let alone House and Senate outside the presidency at the federal? If you have a non-duopoly choice on the left, TAKE IT.

And, frankly, if you're a centrist, I don't care that much if you vote Libertarian if it undercuts the GOP. If you're an actual capital-L Libertarian, not sure why you followed Flatty on Twitter.

Oh, and instead of just bitching about dark money, you might even throw a few of your enlightened dollars at the GP, or at a Green candidate, presidential level or lower.

In short, make the clichéd slogan "Be the change you want" a little more actual.

Or, if Spike Lee's your flavor?

"You got to fight the power. You got to fight the power that be."

I'm not perfect, no, BUT ...

I've voted Green for prez every election this century, and most other races where I had a Green alternative and it was reasonable. (In other words, no Brandon Parmer candidates.)

Per another Twitter friend, it would be fun, possibly great, if Greens actually replaced Democrats as the second major party. That said, in my semi-idealistic world, I'd prefer multi-party parliamentary democracy.

Third, support related ballot issues, especially at the state level.

I'm talking about getting states who bar fusion candidates to allow them again. Better yet, press states for proportional representation.

Fourth, you have to note the problem is bigger than domestic issues.

Most of both halves of the duopoly are warmongers because of the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned about. (That said, he partially replaced it with a snooping-interference complex, with future presidents ramping up BOTH.)

Most of both halves of the duopoly, and not just elected officials, appointed leaders of agencies are the grifters and grafters H.L. Mencken and Counterpunch warn, and have warned, about.

Beyond that "bigger" spilling into foreign policy?

Fifth, it's wider on the domestic side.

If Chopin did care about social injustice, you have to fight for a minimum wage, with a COLA. Unionization re-empowerment. NLRB re-empowerment. Things that the national GOP and half of more of national Dems don't. (I blogged in early 2007 about wanting Nancy Pelosi to attach a COLA to the minimum wage hike then. Didn't happen.)

Sixth, re some of what I see on Twitter, you have to be critical thinkers for yourselves. REALLY don't accept what anybody else proposed.

Besides, Flatty said:
All posts are satirical and/or in the nature of parody. Nothing posted should ever be believed by anyone, ever, at any time, for any reason.
And, riffing on that, that may have applied to his own comments about the system.

And, drop the conspiracy thinking while you're at it, some of you.

Related? Drop the quest for Twitter or Facebook "likes."

"Speak the truth to power," per an old journalism phrase.

This post first appeared on SocraticGadfly, please read the originial post: here

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A real #RIPSmithee — take #VoteGreen action, #DuopolyExit


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