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My Two Cents Worth – August 11

I Can Double Down Too

Lest we forget about the other Democrat on the ballot, Hillary Clinton has doubled down on her claim that Director Comey not only exonerated her legally but purported to declare all of Clinton’s comments on her email scandal as truthful.  Well, it takes two to tango.

Executable Emails

Keep an eye on this one, there’s some noise being made that Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured email server may have compromised an Iranian Scientist passing information to us about their Nuclear program.  He was recently hung by Iran for treason.

Evan McMullin

An independent’s never won the presidency before, but then again neither has an inherently crooked woman who stayed with her cheating husband for political gain or a compulsive lying plutocrat who’s only consistent policy stance is “It’s all about me.”  A lot of pundits are counting McMullin out before he even gets started, but if he gains traction in the circus-like political atmosphere we’re seeing this year, you never know what could happen.

Cracks In the Armor?

Every day brings more and more Republicans jumping off the Trump train, some just wanting to wash their hands of this disastrous year while others are throwing their lots in with Gary Johnson or even voicing support for Hillary Clinton.  Many news sources are now asking if this reflects Cracks in Trump’s Armor, but I don’t think Emperor Trump had any clothes on to begin with.

Trump and Putin

Bosom buddies, mortal frenemies, or just two loudmouths with a grudging respect for the strong arm tactics each uses to get there way?


I think it’s safe to say that the foreign policy wing of the Republican Party is in full revolt against Donald Trump. Say what you will about neoconservatives…they refuse to Know Nothing.

What did he mean?

Did Donald Trump hint at Hillary’s assassination? Was he just commenting on the power of the NRA and the Second Amendment voters?  Boy, wouldn’t it be nice if the Republicans had a candidate who didn’t speak in Haiku?

Other Options

Both the parties are seriously trying to tell us that our choices are down to a dishonest Washington insider or an unqualified hot head…no thank you.

Trump On the 2nd Amendment

Don’t give him a real gun, he can’t even talk about firearms without shooting himself in the foot.

What to do with the Dirt?

The two main candidates in this election have chosen very different tactics in dealing with the collected dirt of their dishonest histories, one has swept so much under the rug the kids play king of the hill in the living room while the other has turned the kitchen floor into a sandbox and dares you tell him it’s a mess.

ISIS Founders Day

I suppose tomorrow we’ll get to hear Trump swear up and down that he saw a video of ISIS fighters bowing and preying to gold enshrined pictures of Obama and Hillary. Would anything surprise us at this point?

Reset the Reset

For someone who says he’s non-interventionist in policy, Trump sure requires a lot of…interventions.

Catastrophe or Extinction?

It’s getting the point that we’re not talking about Trump’s chances of winning, we’re talking about how lasting the effects of his loss will be for the Republican Party.

Quote of the Day

“If Reagan was the Great Communicator, who is Trump? The Great That Was Just A Joke Taken Out of Context And I Really Didn’t Mean It That Way Give Me A Break Dude?” – Jason Taylor

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My Two Cents Worth – August 11


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