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Open Letter To Ted Cruz

To The Honorable Senator Ted Cruz of Texas,

We are in agreement, sir, that this election is unlike any other. The difficult decisions before us have strained the bonds of friendship and in many cases are threatening to untether life-long political affiliations. I do not begrudge you your decisions of conscience, nor do I seek to make little of what must have been a tremendously difficult struggle of heart and soul that led you to your present stance.

However, after reading and contemplating your letter of endorsement for Donald J. Trump, I have serious questions regarding your justifications and grave concerns concerning your rational for capitulation.

You list six key reasons that inform your decision: the Supreme Court, Obamacare, immigration, national security, and internet Freedom. I would like to quickly address these concerns.

As to the Supreme Court, I cannot reconcile your citing of this concern with your obvious knowledge of the role that Congress plays in the selection of justices. Nor I can I fully comprehend your assertion that our nation has fallen so far that the precious freedoms and liberties fought for and preserved through the untold millions of victorious dead can pass like a wisp in the night due to the actions of a single black-robed ideologue. If the nation is truly in such dire straits, abandoning all hope of a principled stand against what we know to be wrong is the last thing that will save us.

As to Obamacare, you chose once before to make a principled stand against insurmountable odds, ignoring naysayers from within your own party and ground the cogs of federal government to a halt in your declaration against this unconstitutional legislation. Such is the power of Congress when wielded as the founders designed. You yourself have indicated that the candidacy of Donald Trump immediately puts the Republican majority in the Senate at jeopardy, and if Donald Trump proves to be the con man you have declared him to be on numerous occasions there is little doubt that the House of Representatives may very well follow suit two years later. In your determinations, have you asked yourself how Obamacare will be defeated after losing both Houses of Congress?

As to energy, Trump’s comments on this subject have been token at best. His focus on promoting Fear of the “undesirables” whom he blames all the nations woes upon has distracted the public from this issue almost completely. If you have received assurances which have not been communicated to the public, sharing such assurances with us would be prudent.

As to immigration, the illegal amnesty you cite has already been halted by the courts, and you have communicated in the past with no uncertain language that the promises of Donald Trump to construct a wall on our southern border and forcefully remove all illegal immigrants from our country not only surpasses the realm of reasonable accomplishment, but that in the attempt of such an enterprise the government would expand exponentially and civil liberties would be sacrificed.

As to national security, I am shocked that you choose to cite only a single concern out of the midst of one of the most complicated and delicate foreign policy situations our nation has ever faced. What about resurgent Russian influence in the Middle East and elsewhere? What about the rise of ISIS and their encouragement of home-grown terror? What about the unchecked aggression of our enemies on the high seas? We are facing a full spectrum of threats both from without and within, and Donald Trump has offered only vague platitudes of strength with no substantive plans behind them. And yet you cite only the fears of a single threat that has yet to actualize?

As to internet freedom, Donald Trump is the last person we should look to for defense of freedom of speech or freedom of the press. He has openly embraced fallacious publications that serve his own means and asserts their rights, but has proven ready and willing to amass all his collected powers of wealth, influence, and leverage to silence any freethinking organization that dares speak ill of him or his empire. You yourself have been at the receiving end of such treatment. I would think we would need more assurances than Donald Trump’s passing word that internet freedom is even a blip on his massive radar.

But all of these concerns I bring forward matter little when stacked up against a single damning fact. All of the reasons you cite in your endorsement existed before the moment of your eventual capitulation. They existed yesterday, when your core of followers believed you would be the last one to endorse a man who personally attacked you and your family. They existed last week and the week before, when it seemed you had removed yourself presently from presidential politics and focused your efforts on Congressional action. They existed in July when instead of endorsing Donald Trump you declared “Vote your conscience” and seemingly braved the gnashing of teeth from those who desired your servitude. They existed the moment you suspended your campaign and yet still loudly proclaimed your resistance to the candidacy of Donald Trump.

But I understand your dilemma. Above all else, your greatest unspoken concern must be that of not wanting to go down in history as the man who nudged just enough people the wrong way and gave the election to Hillary Clinton. It is an understandable fear. And, like many have been compelled to do in such a difficult political situation, you have attempted to build a foundation upon which you can support Trump without abandoning your principles. You want to vote your conscience and keep the presidency from Hillary Clinton. And, because I believe you maintain an earnest desire to do what is right and because I believe you to still be a principled man, I believe you will listen and consider my final points.

First, I fear your capitulation will not move the dial in the direction you desire. The abuse that NeverTrump voters have suffered thus far is far to great for your endorsement to effect very many of them. I fear you have sacrificed your political effectiveness for something that will not come. It would have served you better to maintain your principled stand, once you had made it, and became the leader of a resistance in Congress prepared to keep in check whoever wins in November and wage a four year campaign that could culminate in a successful run for president. The time to endorse without the consequences you now face, would have been in July.

Second, whether true or not, your capitulation has justified the accusations made against you of self-serving political maneuvering. You have built a career upon the narrative of a constitutionalist with uncompromising principle unafraid to stand up to anyone who does not toe the line of true conservatism and until this present capitulation you have had a steady record to rely on in defense of those who claim your hard-line approach is merely a front to move the masses in support of your desire for the presidency. Your narrative and your defense are regretfully shattered.

Lastly and most regrettably, this fateful decision you have made has given Donald Trump the final and lasting victory over your resistance to him. Donald Trump has built a candidacy, not only upon fear of undesirables, but upon the assertion that all politicians are spineless pawns to be bought and sold. There was a time, before Donald Trump completed his conquest of the Republican Party, when all the political capital that could be mustered was gathered against his candidacy. You, as well as others in the Republican Party, warned us that Donald Trump would not keep his word, that he was a con man, that he represented a true threat to our political party and to our nation, and through it all Trump just smiled because he knew above all else that he was right about the spinelessness of politicians. It was not with money, or promises of power, but with the leverage of your fears that he has bought you. I pray you reconsider the message your capitulation sends to all who believed in you.

Still Yours In Freedom and the Hope for a Better Day,

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Open Letter To Ted Cruz


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