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Trump, The Hero

” I am Batman” – Donald J Trump 16 Aug 2015

Everyday the assault of the left continues makes me happier that Trump is the President. Any other person would have caved to the demands of the left and abandoned his base and all the promises made to them. Which is of course what the left wants as they desperately need to score big wins in 2018.

The left is now on a worshiping spree of the President Bush in an effort  split the party and convince them that they are not against conservatives or Republicans in general but are against Trump. This is the same Bush that they labelled a war criminal, liar, fascist, nazi and all around evil person. In fact the nicest they said about him is that he was intellectually challenged. This is not a unique situation. As I mentioned in a previous article it is a common tactic of the left to praise the Republican candidate from last cycle, who is not politically relevant anymore, to virtue signal how reasonable they are to the right. When Bush was running they preferred Reagan, when Mccain was running they prefer Bush and when Romney was running they liked Mccain.

The truth is the left would have revolted against any Republican. Take a look at their complaints. First you have the repeal and replace of Obamacare which every Republican was running on. Second you have various cabinet members who want to rollback the overreach done by the previous administration. Correcting executive overreach and excessive regulations has been a core conservative belief for the longest time. In fact this cabinet has been called the most conservative one in a while, which is not strange given that Republicans have a majority in the house and senate. Third you have enforcement of existing immigration law and stronger border security which Republicans have been wanting to do for a while. Lastly a more stringent vetting process for refugees and countries which have governments that barely function which again is a Republican priority. The only thing they have added with Trump is Russia and they would have just come up with something else for another candidate.


At this point in time the democrats hold the lowest number of seats since 1920. This shows that the democrats have not just lost one election but they have been steadily losing a series of them. Despite this history of losing the ctrl-left still cannot accept that they have lost last election and have been consistently losing since Obama became president. The ctrl-left is in a difficult spot. Since they have gained control of the media, educational institutions, Hollywood, and other institutions of culture they have been able to indoctrinate their members into thinking that their cause is always correct and that there can be no counter argument to it. Any wins by the Republicans can only be because of gerrymandering, fraud, cheating, and other things of that nature. This makes it very difficult for their leaders as the rank and file are not convinced they need to change anything to win again.

The dirty secret about the ctrl-left is that they don’t even like elections. Most of the time they achieve their agenda thru executive orders, agency decisions, or supreme court rulings. It was Gorsuch who mentioned that they are addicted to the court. There are a few notable exceptions like Obamacare where the ctrl-left actually passed legislation.Most of the time they feel entitled to have their agenda passed and treat the elections with contempt as mere formalities. Why would you do any different when youve been told that you don’t need to do anything because demographics is destiny.

At this point the ctrl-left will bring up Mcconnell and his statements saying that he wanted to make Obama a one term president. Notice the difference between the reaction of Mcconnell to Obama and the ctrl-left to Trump.By his statement Mcconnell was recognizing Obama for his entire term and declaring that the Republicans would try to win the next one as they should. The ctrl-left has stated that they would like to get rid of Trump before his term is up by using scandal after scandal from their unnamed sources. Cenk of the Young Turks has even declared that Trump would not make it 6 months. Some journalists have even floated scenarios where Hillary would take over the presidency as they try to cope with the loss.


Depending on the poll there are around 5-15% of Republicans which are not supportive of Trump. President Trump may not be the candidate you want but he is the candidate the party needs right now. Rubio, Kasich, Jeb!, Romney, and anyone else you could name would not have the skill set to fight back. What we are now witnessing is the ctrl-left in its final fascist form and if it is allowed to succeed using these tactics then they will use them on the all the Republicans after Trump. We have to break them now and do so by showing them that going on a temper tantrum like this will cost them seats and power and not gain them anything. If you do not support Trump now then your preferred candidates will not be able to have productive presidencies in the future. When I first supported Trump it was because of his populist economic nationalist policies. Right now these policies matter much less than the fact that Trump is willing to fight back against our enemies instead of retreating inside his shell like others would have.

Think of Trump as Logan or Batman. You may not like him but you need him to restore balance to everything so that future nicer heroes can take their place.

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Trump, The Hero


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